Kasam 19th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Tanuja and Rishi get romantic over chilli

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The Episode starts with Maasi asking Rishi about his family members. Rishi tells that he has a parents, wife, daughter etc. Myra comes and asks him about the places to visit in Mumbai. Rishi says he will take her and then on seeing Abhishek, she tells that he has a headache. Abhishek goes. Rishi hugs maasi. Abhishek tells Tanuja that Rishi is feigning pain. Tanuja says he is really hurt, but taking full advantage and teasing us. Abhishek says he is blackmailing me as I am hiding truth of you both. Servant comes and says good morning. Tanuja asks him to take out the plate. She tells Servants that for whoever she is making Parathas, that person wants chilli. She comes and tells that paratha is ready. Tanuja says you have wooed Maasi. Rishi says when I have wooed you, can woo anyone.

Tanuja gives tasty

parathas to Rishi, but after sometime she gives him spicy paratha. Rishi eats all and thanks her. He goes to room and have water. Servant thinks she made chilli paratha for him. She comes to Tanuja and tells that the hero is in pain. Tanuja comes to him and asks him to have honey. Rishi asks her to give him mirchi. Tanuja eats chilli. Rishi asks her to have honey and makes her have it. Tanuja makes him have honey too. Song plays…..tere bina main….Rishi asks her to come home. Tanuja asks why you are asking when you knows my answer.

Tanuja calls Ahana and asks how is she? Ahana says she is fine. Tanuja asks her to meet her and asks when you are coming back from out of station and says Rishi told this. Ahana asks if he is at your place and says she will be soon back. Tanuja asks her to tell. Servant comes there. Ahana turns and sees Rano and Manpreet standing. Rano says your husband said that Rishi went somewhere, but he don’t know where he went. Ahana tells that Rishi went to Chennai and is sending his phone to Mumbai. Rano asks why he will send phone and goes. Manpreet thinks this moti don’t know to lie. He says you can’t lie properly. Ahana gets upset with him.

Servant comes and asks Rishi how is he? Rishi says whoever has burnt my tongue made it fine now. Tanuja excuses herself. Servant tells him that she can see love in his eyes for Tanuja like Rishi used to stare Sridevi in Chandani. Rishi laughs.

Myra talks to her friend on phone. Maasi says these things don’t suit you and asks her to throw chewing gum out. Natasha says you made Myra got angry. Maasi says she was eating chewing gum. Natasha says she was eating it and not your mind. Maasi says whatever I have done is for her betterment.

Maasi thinks values here in India are good. Rishi asks her to sit and says relax. He says parents and children’s thinking don’t match with each other. She asks did you see her clothes. Rishi says even my mum and I have a difference of opinion. He massages her head. Maasi asks him about his wife. Rishi says I love her, but she don’t me. Maasi tells Tanuja that she might be mad. Tanuja says why don’t he love someone else. Maasi says love can happen only once. Tanuja says he will fall for someone else. Rishi asks did you fall in love with me.

Precap: Natasha asks Abhishek, can she tie Rakhi to Mr. Handsome. Abhishek’s friend Rohit says no, as he is your papa. Everyone is shocked. Rishi says Rohit said right that I am her papa.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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