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Manpreet reads Rishi the messages of Pavan’s girlfriend. Pavan had requested the girl not to come here, but she said she was coming in ten minutes. Rishi asks where he got the phone. Manpreet says he had stolen it. He tells Rishi that when he went to take a bite from Pavan’s plate he read this message and got tensed, he realized it then that there was something wrong.
Ahna and Swati have an argument with each other.
Rishi and Manpreet look for Pavan, Rishi hits Tannu whose foot twists. Rishi apologizes her that she has been hurt because of him for more than once today. She say she is fine. Rishi asks her to come silently, else he will take her holding hand. Neha looks for Rishi and watches him go behind Tannu, she curtly thinks if he is still behind Tannu.
Manpreet spots Pavan and wonders

how he must return it. He thinks that Bee ji asks to tell truth always, if he must tell him he had stolen the phone; then jerks the idea away. Manpreet comes to Pavan and secretly keeps the cell phone behind him on table. While leaving, he asks whose phone it is. Pavan says its his, Manpreet puts it back in his pocket and advices him to take care of it.
Rishi brings the first aid box in the room and asks Tannu to keep her foot up. Tannu says thanks to him and smiles. Rishi says he is sorry, he said a lot in anger. Sometimes he just seems to be that childhood… he behaves childishly. Rishi asks her to keep smiling always, he won’t allow anyone to hurt her. Tannu asks whom is he talking about. Rishi says he doesn’t like Pavan, Tannu leaves saying she doesn’t want to talk about him. Neha hits Tannu in the way, Tannu apologizes and leaves. Neha was curt and goes behind Tannu.
Pavan’s father stops Tannu and introduces her to some friends. Neha comes behind her and asks her to stop playing this double game, she must stay away from Rishi else she will tell Pavan about her and Rishi. Tannu was worried.
Manpreet looks around for Rishi when Ahna comes behind and thinks he must be looking for some girl. He stops her and asks what she said, if she has seen her brother in law to be. Ahna says no she didn’t and head to leave. He calls her fat from behind, she turns irked. Manpreet says his Bee ji always ask to tell the truth. Ahna leaves calling him names. Rishi comes out of the room, Manpreet asks what happened. Rishi says Tannu doesn’t trust him. Manpreet says until they find a proof, everything is useless. He asks Rishi to go to Pavan. Pavan’s mother asks Bani to do the marriage of Tannu soon. Raaj and Rano look at each other on a side. Bani brings them near, Raaj says it seems Bani wants to push Tanvi from her house to theirs. They were all shocked. Raaj says he was just joking. They laugh. Rishi and Manpreet watch Pavan getting shocked as a girl had arrived at the venue. Pavan excuses himself and goes out. The girl goes behind him, Rishi and Manpreet follow. A girl stops Rishi, Manpreet holds the girl back while Rishi follows Pavan and girl.
Pavan asks the girl why she came here. The girl complains. Pavan says it will be a problem if someone watches her here. The girl asks why he didn’t tell her. Pavan says it all happened so soon, he understands what she is going through. He has to speak a lot to her. Rishi was curt and thinks about showing this to Tannu. He goes to bring Tannu.
Raaj was upset and denies having sweet. Rano asks what happened. Raaj says he doesn’t feel something right. Rano asks if Pavan is his son, and Tanvi his daughter; no. Raaj says what’s wrong is wrong. He asks to look at Tanvi, it seems they have an old relation with her. She is a nice girl, takes care of them. He feels something wrong is happening to her. Rano says she doesn’t like it that he is thinking about this Tanvi rather than Tannu. Raaj says sometimes he sees a lot of pain in this girl’s eyes sometimes.
Pavan’s father comes to ask Tannu about engagement. Tannu asks them to talk to Bani, she will take the decision. Rishi comes to hold her hand and asks her to come along, then turns to see them all shocked and say he is taking his wife to be, then qualifies he is taking her to his wife to be who is ill. Upstairs, Tannu asks where he is taking her. Rishi says to that Pavan, she must come to that room where she will see the reality of Pavan. The girl who came to meet Pavan has an affair with him, he holds her hand and takes her to the room. They were shocked to see inside.

PRECAP: Rishi tells Tannu he loves her a lot. Guljeet comes to Tannu’s room and watches them together.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. I like rishi-tanu pair they look cute together, I think in the end somehow rishi-tanu will get married for sure after all it’s ekta drama, one thing I like about ekta dramas is that she never seperates te Jodi

    1. And they will be together in the end but then in between there are so many negative tracks, dragging, seperation which makes the show dull after a great start

    2. There love story is like JANAMO JANAMO !!
      Tannu will definitely die soon as per those advertisements that came before the show has started!

  2. Thank you for the fast update…
    Good going.. But please get all the truth out… It’s so long hide and seek game… Manpreet ahana scenes I loved it…

  3. Nyc story

  4. hi guys!! what is this ..when this will end…I was thinking to comment when truth came out but it seems impossible for some more weeks …I think pavan is good guy ..so rishi plan may fail…and more heartbreaking emotional episode with scene of tanish will go on…

  5. Wow hope tanu agrees to rishi.
    I just hate that neha.
    I think Manpreet will fall in love with anha
    What do u think guys?

    1. I too think that manpreet-ahana will be pair….i like to see them together…

      1. I think so too..just like preet and meher?..

  6. Thanx 4 the update

  7. I thought there was going to be some big reveal today… But no. Just more D R A G G I N G!!!

    I really thought Ahana was going to spill the beans so to speak, but as usual our Bholi Tanu fell for bani’s emotional blackmail.

    Neha is an evil witch just like her mother

    The chashmesh is also an evil witch

    I was a bit excited when Raja said that he felt Tanu was being badly treated. Just wish he would hurry up and have a quiet word with either her or Ahana.

    Tanu and Ahana have heard for 17 years about how raja would look after themi F anything ever happened to them. Why are they not angry about this.

    Also, neha and chashmesh’ spica are everywhere in the house, but none of Tanu and Ahana.

    What happened at the end… What did Tanu and Rishi see? I can’t figure that bit out, feels like a long wait to tomorrow’s episode.

    1. Neha and chashmeshs pictures are everywhere in the house with bani and her idiot husband.

  8. Wow! Soooo!! Amazing and shoking episode! so finally tanu will get to know about pavan’s seceret,and then the dragging will be end and tanshi will unite.also funny to watch manphana’s cute fight,hope they will also unite:-)

  9. I have a feeling tanu will still want to marry Pavan because if bani witch.?

  10. Hw long to know d truth it hd been so many days . Dis serial is really very draaaaging. Ufffff…… plzzzzzz unite dem faaaaaast

  11. i like rishis love towards tanu. and i dont y tanu is refushing…ops…get marry soon.

  12. This serial is being dragged soooo much that it’s gradually turning into a nuisance. I’m losing my interest in it though I liked this a lot in the beginning.

  13. Kasam has the same storyline as that of kis desh mein hai mera dil..KDMHMD was gr8..i really hope kasam comes out better..??..

  14. Wow I am amazed to read this amazing serial always

  15. Yes guyzz i too agree they r dragging…but its ok [email protected] will be there fr more days in the scenes….i want to see kritaka as new tanu as i cant accept anyone else in her role….

  16. Wow yesterday’s episode was superb
    there was romance,bromance n manpreet n ahana scenes …
    Still i cant decide if the romance shown in kasam is nice ya bromance..
    Ah bromance romance whateva….

    Manpreet n ahana scenes superrrbbb…
    But im not much impressed by the updates here today.there’s nly one line abt tht scene but tht scene was one among the funny or best scenes till date….

    Its good to c the way ahana scolds n fights wth others…its such cute…..n childish….

  17. please don’t change tannu.i like this tanu and i hope thurth will come fast .

  18. Hi guys! Kia hal hain kasam lovers ke? Main to vele logon ki tarha pari thi.commenting karte huay is site par,socha aap logon ka pata kar lon:-)kia hal chal hain mere doston ke?

  19. nice episode.after a long time i’m back here to comment.just reveal the truth that tanvi is actually tanu.if u guys need more trp, then reveal the truth.if u guys take time to reveal the truth when will we go into the actual story reincarnation of rishi’s love tanu.

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