Kasam 18th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Rishi enjoys his stay at Tanuja’s home

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The Episode starts with Manpreet opening the door. Netra comes to their room and asks Ahana to call Rishi as he didn’t come until now. Manpreet calls Rishi and says phone is not connecting. He goes out and calls Rishi. Rishi picks the call. Manpreet asks where is he? Rishi says he is at Tanuja’s house. Manpreet says this can’t be possible. He calls via video calling. Rishi shows the house. Manpreet gets happy and asks about his wound. Rishi tells that he has saved two ladies and got hurt. Manpreet asks him to chill and asks him to come in 2-3 days seeing Ahana and Netra coming. Tanuja comes to room and asks Rishi to have milk. He have the milk. Maasi comes to see Rishi. Rishi calls her beautiful Maasi. Maasi asks Abhishek to enquire how is he? Abhishek asks who is he and hugs him.

Rishi says

he is thinking to stay there for few days. Abhishek says driver will drop you. Maasi says you can stay here, we all will take care of you. Tanuja asks him to stop his acting and drink milk silently. Rishi signs her good night and thinks now his vacation starts. Sanaya comes to meet Netra. Netra gets happy and asks how is she? Sanaya gives the card and says she is getting married. Netra says she can’t come as she has a little girl. Ahana says we will take care of Tania. Beeji asks Netra to take along with her and have an outing. Sanaya asks Beeji to come. Beeji says your friend is coming. Natasha asks Maasi if she is stealing her teddy. Abhishek comes and says she is my Maasi. Maasi gives her gift. Myra comes. Natasha says wow seeing her and asks Aaliya Bhat? Myra says she is Myra Bua and takes her to room for the gift. Maid comes to work in the house. Abhishek says if she works well then it will be of some help for Tanuja.

Tanuja comes to Rishi. Tere Bina plays. Rishi wakes up and says he is fine, perfect. He takes the tea and asks her to bring sugary tea. Tanuja says I have added sugar. Rishi asks her to taste. She tastes it and says it is sugary. Rishi tastes it and says it is sweet. Myra comes and says she couldn’t talk to him properly last night. Natasha says she is my Myra Bua. Myra says she likes the name given by him last night, Senorita. Tanuja comes. Rishi and Natasha asks her to make Aloo paratha. Myra says even she will eat that. Tanuja goes. Rishi talks to Manpreet and tells that Tanuja is speaking softly with her. He goes to kitchen. Tanuja asks since when he is going to stay here. Rishi says until she agrees to go with him to his house. She says I will not go with him. Rishi says Sita will go with Ram.

Tanuja makes spicy paratha. Rishi tastes it and looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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