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Rano speaks to Naitra on phone. Naitra tells Rano she was released from jail now, a lot more happened here as well. She will tell her about it tomorrow.
Smiley tries Rohit’s number but disconnects the call. She reads his card and tears it apart as she remembers his parent’s words. Ahana comes into the room then and watches Smiley crying and throwing everything away. She makes Smiley relax and tells her every morning has a sun rise and a new chance to begin the life.
The next morning, Rishi wakes up on bed. He finds Tanuja asleep over his hand, sitting beside the bed. He curses himself for getting himself disgraced. He recalls he requested Tanuja to be with him last night, then remembers about Naitra. He wakes up and wonders where Naitra must be. He turns to leave but Tanuja snatches his shirt

not ready to let him wear. She fell on the bed. Rishi struggles her for the shirt and shouts she can’t let him go. Rano enters their room curtly watching them. Both straighten up at once. Rishi tries to explain to Rano, Rano says they can’t do this all and leaves. Tanuja holds Rishi’s face and says what’s hers is his, and what’s his is hers as well. Rishi comes behind Rano who says they can’t do this all, as they are going to get divorced. Rishi tells Rano he told Tanuja he will bring Naitra back, he will go to take her. Rano tells Rishi that police has released Naitra, but what he has done to Naitra will cost him heavily. Rishi accuses Tanuja for all that has happened.
Naitra comes to check out of the hotel. She gets a call from Poorab who compliments her to be beautiful. Naitra looks around and asks why he has been stalking her. Poorab asks if she trusts him, Naitra replies no. Poorab wonders why he must tell her about it then. Naitra shuts her phone. Poorab says Naitra is his, he even loves her anger.
Rishi passes outside Smiley’s room and hears her crying. Ahana comes out enraged that she will not leave Rohit, Smiley has left her smile because of Rishi. Smiley doesn’t even want to speak to her. There was a bell at the door, Rishi recalls he had called Rohit at 10 am. He comes behind Ahana and sends her to get his black diary. Ahana was heading towards opening the door. Rishi pushes her away of the door. She goes inside. Rishi comes to open the door to Rohit.
Rohit comes to Rishi saying he didn’t eat anything since yesterday. Rishi explains he hasn’t spoken to anyone about him, Smiley has been crying. Rishi stuffs Rohit’s mouth and tells him to hide. Tanuja hears Rohit’s voice and comes downstairs. Rishi whistles around. Tanuja asks if Rohit is here. Rishi says no. Tanuja says she heard Rohit’s voice herself. Ahana also comes calling Rohit. Rishi says their ears are ringing as they overthink about Rohit. Ahana spots Rohit hidden under the cloth, Rishi makes up it’s a table of accu puncture. Both move to look at the table, but Rishi sits over the table. Rohit cries. They hear his voice again. Raaj comes to ask Ahana for breakfast and newspaper. Tanuja finds a chance to remove the cloth off Rohit but Rishi requests her a cup of tea. Tanuja was flattered and goes at once.
In the kitchen, Ahana asks John to set the table. Tanuja happily comes to kitchen. John stops by. Tanuja says she came to prepare tea and happily works around, she shares with Ahana Rishi demanded her hand made tea after long. She is happy Rishi isn’t angry at her. She asks Ahana to inform Rishi she is preparing Parathas for him as well. Tanuja thinks she must make everything well by the time Naitra comes.
Manpreet and UV come to greet everyone. Ahana tells Rishi that Tanuja is cooking Parathas for him. Rishi cheers. Divia comes to question Rishi if he has patched up with Tanuja although she taunted them and misbehaved with his brother. Rohit was moved hearing this. Rishi says he would go and speak to Tanuja about the matter. Bee ji tries to stop Rishi but he moves on. Bee ji asks Divia why she is always behind Tanuja, Rano seconds Divia in the matter. Divia leaves. Bee ji thinks if they had trusted Tanuja she must have shared the matter with them as well.
Rishi comes to kitchen and denies drinking tea by her. John comes there. Rishi waits for him to leave and asks Tanuja if she really didn’t understand why he denied the tea. Tanuja says he might not be in the mood, but she is preparing Parathas for him. A chilli seed gets into Tanuja’s eyes, Rishi forgets his anger and comes to blow into Tanuja’s eyes. He asks why she is preparing the Parathas when she doesn’t know. He tries to be angry and says he came to fight with her here. Tanuja tells him to begin, he will get into mood. Rishi says he isn’t in the mood and leaves.

PRECAP: Rishi complains Tanuja that she didn’t give him the Parathas. She offers him a bite, he denies. She follows him and finally stuffs his mouth with it.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Cute epi ?

  2. silent reader 2

    hello dearest omid*butterfly*new good friend Annabel*Dave& all countable members….

    what we can say? the show now become a big shame* even children’s cartoon* is more meaningful & clever than this trash*

    they all acting like slow & spoiled children* there is no topic or story& to make fool of audiences * time to time * useless tanuja dropping in arms of * useless rishi * Ding Dung * 4 or 5 minutes looking at each other* when the magic chemistry between them is gone & instead of enjoying* it is torturing * what a huge pity* but interact with you dear friends is the best out come*see you *my good friends*

  3. Morning,The Writers are supposed to keep us in suspense and excitement with well written story lines.
    But at the moment they don’t actually seem to have a story ?
    All that seems to be happening at the moment is Purabs gang is getting bigger and bigger.
    As more and more of the Bedi household join him.
    Then Rishi loves Tanu,Then Rishi hates Tanu ?
    The one saving grace is the Granny,Her actions and insults to both Rano and Netra are brilliant.
    And how Laurel and Hardy,Sorry Yurhav and Manpreet run a company is a mystery to me.
    Maybe if we continue to air our views on here the writers may listen to us ?

  4. nice episode …
    Netra deserves purab.. In dono ki hi shaadi kara do

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