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Bani was worried at home, she tells Guljeet that Raj has come here, he will come here anytime. She was worried that if Raj comes to know about what they have done, he will become a shield for the girls. They plan to hide the girls and tell Raaj everyone died. Bani tells Guljeet to send the girls to their house in Mumbai.
Raaj cried in the car saying he never called Veeru, but Veeru also didn’t call him. He says he must have gone to save people in the college, then thinks about his daughters. He is worried what if his daughters had also died. Rishi says nothing will happen to Tannu. Raj asks how he can say this. Rishi says he told him that a girl saved his life, it was Tannu.
Guljeet and Bani tell Tannu and Ahna that this year the crops were good, Veer had to take loan from market. They must

sell this house now. Bani says Veer had a lot of loan to pay, she tells the girls that she will go to Mumbai with them; theirs is also their own house. She hands them their ticket and asks them to hurry and leave for Mumbai. Tannu asks how they can leave this house. Bani says she can’t leave them alone here, she is now their mother. Ahna asks about the astia immersion, Guljeet says they will perform all the rituals in Mumbai. Bani says Guljeet is going to Pandit ji. She tells the girls she will get their luggage and sends the girl out. She pushes the girls towards the back doors. Tannu watches the photo of their family, Bani asks her to take it. She smiles that now there is nothing to worry whether Raaj comes or not.
Raaj confirms from Rishi if he is sure. Rishi says her class mate told him she was Tannu. They pass by Tannu and Ahna. Raaj’s driver asks Tannu and Ahna about Veeru’s house. Ahna tells him the way and hurries ahead. She says she didn’t tell them because may be they came for money. Tannu’s dupatta rolls over Rishi’s face, he realizes at once. He stops the car and runs behind looking for her, but they had get in the cab.
In the cab, Ahna says to Tannu that Bani’s attitude was different. It seemed she pushed them out of their own house. Tannu says she was just trying to console them. Now they are their family.
Bani tells Guljeet they have come, he must say that the girls also died in the accident. Guljeet hugs Raaj crying they left. They come in, Raaj cries sitting in front of Veer’s photos. He asks Guljeet how the daughters are. Bani cries that worst has happened to them. Raaj says he came thinking that their happiness will double, he thought he will marry his Tannu to Rishi. He tells Bani that he had also thought he will name all his property in India after Tannu and Rishi. Guljeet was about to tell Raaj, but Bani tells Raj that they have sent Tannu and Ahna to Mumbai. They were only crying here and were broken, they thought about changing the city. She says the promise done in front of Kali Maa didn’t break. Raj says to Bani it is good she sent the girls to Mumbai, he will fulfil the promise. He says to Veeru’s photo that he will miss him for lifetime, he takes the responsibility of his daughters. He says they must also go to Mumbai soon. Bani says they are leaving for Mumbai today. Raaj says that they are also going to Mumbari today and sends his sons to arrange for tickets.
Outside, Rishi and Manpreet were curt. They wonder how to book a ticket, they haven’t ever done son. Bani comes inside, Guljeet also comes behind. Bani tells Guljeet that she didn’t know they will name everything to Tannu. She says they don’t recognize Tannu so they will introduces Neha as Tannu and will marry her to them. Guljeet asks who will accept Neha as Tannu. A modern girl, bare legged, high heels and heavy makeup is introduces as Neha. Bani says she will have to make her Tannu, to become millionaire. Neha was sending her photo to all 17 girls at a time. She says she is fire, the one who will play to her will burn himself.
Rishi and Manpreet were stuck in traffic jam. They come out of the car. The Kali Maa temple was nearby. Rishi says that in India whatever is prayed for in temple comes true. Manpreet asks if he really will go to temple to ask for that bullet girl. Rishi leaves him behind and runs towards the temple. Tannu sat in the temple, she says that today she won’t cry. But she cries again. She asks why her luck was written this way, why this happened to her. Why she lost both her parents? Rishi comes at the door of temple his past flash in his mind. Manpreet also comes behind him, he says this is a strange place. Rishi goes inside the temple. Manpreet goes out to make a call as there was no network inside. Rishi walks inside the temple. Tannu sat there, face down. Rishi looks around, he watches Tannu crying inside. He asks if she is crying. Tannu sits up. Rishi says he is sorry to disturb her, the weather is worse and he can’t find a travel agent. He hands her his handkerchief to wipe her tears. Tannu thinks to the Goddess that for today she has sent someone to wipe her tears, but who will come to them tomorrow. Her hand touches Rishi’s and both get a jolt again. They were shocked. Tannu reads R on the handkerchief. Manpreet comes calling Rishi, he goes out. Tannu stands up and looks behind, Rish had left. She thinks why she thought this is Rishi, had it been Rishi he would have stayed. It isn’t necessary every name started with R is Rishi. Rishi comes to Manpreet, Manpreet asks whom he was talking to. Manpreet says she must have lost her own in terrorist attack. Rishi says he thinks he has come here before, he recognizes this place. It seems his luck brought him here, he was destined to come here. He wonders why he feels like being owned at the temple.

PRECAP: In the train, Tannu and Ahna can’t find a seat. Ahna asks if they should go back. Tannu says they can’t go back, they must go to Mumbai and see what can be done.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. And can this be possible Rishi knew that the girl with flowers on the dupatta saved his life and when he found her and did not say thanks and did not recognise her.

    and he got a strange feeling again when he touched her hand so I didn’t he ask that if she was the same person on the helpdesk in airport and why didn’t Tanuasked if he is Rishi what the hell is happening in the show

    1. Am i right? Pls tell

      1. the is not reaching ..thats why may be???

  2. Poor TanShi……..When they will meet??
    Plz make them Unite…….

  3. Omg this is like kis desh mein hai mera dil frm starplus.
    Hope it dnt turn boring like dat did


  4. Omg atfirst itself they started to dragggg.how come this possible at d airport he came again to see that gir and in temple he was very close to her how come he can’t recognize her

  5. Why to unite, even then tanu will die na. Oh god

  6. Yeah . It’s kinda incredulous that she was wearing the same dupatta and having the wrist injury but still he didn’t see her.

    He was talking about a travel agent,right? I guess he will also travel by train now. As Tanu does.

  7. Will rishi meet tanu before they leave to mumbai . I can not wait more to see the epsiode when they meet . I wish they meet in coming Monday episode.

  8. after tanu dies she reborn for sake of love.is this possible?i don’t believe these superstictions.i like the pair of tanshi but they are dragging alot. let the couple meet each other.pls stop draggging…… pls give response about my comment.

  9. Please don’t drag the show. Let them meet

  10. Hope in train they will meet .

  11. Please at least after tanu die s……..don’t change kratika. …..????????

    1. Tannu will be change may be yuvika chaudhary bigg boss contestant play against rishi

  12. Rishi look at ur girl soon… Atleast u may have some romantic dates before marriage

  13. Feeling that kis desh me hai mere dil returned with new faces

  14. according to the news around,tanu and rishi will meet and change his opinion about love.Tanu gets to know that whoever marries rishi will risk her life.she sacrifice her life by taking his kundli dose on her in order save his life. tanu ends up in dying in car accident.Rishi starts living a burdened life,after knowing tanu intentionally safeguarded his life by giving up her life.rishi gets to know from a tantric that tanu will back for thier love and their eternal promises.and then rishi starts waiting for tanu.tanu gets back rebirth and meet rishi after 20 years.
    this is the news i got i posted it.
    PRIYA u are right.they are trying to dragg it.thats it.
    and telly updates a kind request make the moderation fast it is getting too late to get uploaded.and thanks teju for ur response.thanks alot for it.

  15. and i am not sure about their marriage.i think they won’t get married. what do u think about it guys?

    1. Yes i also think like that they will nt get married,

  16. What the crap is this..? Can’t ekta ma’am and her writers find new story line for new serial… Showing same story of Kis desh main hai mera dil…. Are they think audience are fool that they will not recognize the same track of story… I thought story will be interesting but fed up by this episode….

  17. I”m waiting for tanu and rishi to meet. They will meet I know if tannu will die then she will come next janam I’m just waiting

  18. rookey rookers - 4 ever the ♡♥lover of ranvi

    i guys i am back as i had some work i cant com. hope u will curse me and very unhappy abt my arrival but what to do untill the end of this show i will com. where r u ishveerians ?

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      Rookey rookers pls be calm don’t worry this show trp is Less so if it continues soon they will end this show and bring matsh back so pls don’t post any bad as a friend I thought of telling u that is it!

  19. Lve u tanshi .. u r my fvrte .. sharad u r the best

  20. Wow that’s great that tanu and rishi finally meet yes” I’m so happy

  21. Tannu is doing very well and rishi is also doing well

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