Kasam 18th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Ranbir and Kritika feel past connection

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The Episode starts with Kritika stopping Ishani from going to stage. Ishani goes to stage and dances with Ranbir. Song plays. Yash takes Kritika to the dance floor. They also dance. Kritika comes to Ranbir when partners change. Ishani and Yash go off stage, but Ranbir and Kritika continue to dance with each other. They get flashes of their last birth in black and white. Kritika goes away. Everyone claps. Malishka thinks how to trap Ranbir. Kritika thinks why did I feel something for him. She thinks she is not like other girls. Yash comes to her and tells her that he likes her and that’s why he likes Ishani and her life is set. He asks when she will come with him for coffee, dinner etc. Kritika thinks if I do something then Ishani will lose the advertisement. Ranbir tells Akki that he felt something for kritika and says he wants to just see her.

Anirudh comes and calls him, but Akki goes with him. Yash tells Kritik that the party is his and also the night, and she is also his. She sees waiters and asks for help. Kritika sees bedroom and gets tensed. She pushes him and runs threatening to go to police station. Yash gets tensed. Malishka collides with Ranbir and asks him to take her to her hotel room. She tells that she has booked room for some work. Ranbir says ok and takes her with him. Kritika collides with Yash’s friends and asks them to save her, but they laugh and ask Yash to enjoy. Kritika runs from there. Yash asks his friends to catch her. Ranbir takes Malishka to room. Malishka thanks him. Ranbir says where is your friend? Malishka says she went to get the file and offers him drink. He refuses, but agrees. Malishka adds some medicine in the drink. Kritika thinks where to go? Yash and his friends search her. Malishka gives him drink and tells that she will drink juice. She thinks you will get unconscious now. Ranbir hears kritika’s voice and goes out. Malishka tries to stop him, but in vain. She thinks her plan is spoiled.

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  1. The Undertaker Justin Bieber

    Looks like kritika is having marag dosh instead of ranbir to me. Cause ranbir is saving kritika all the time. The show was meant kritika saving ranbir from maragdosh right. I think writers have gone mental.

    1. Marag dosh ka kissa last janm mein hi khatm ho gaya ab wo lautein hain apni kasam nibhane

  2. Yes I think so too he even hears her screams. I think this time after Ranbir saves her she will show appreciation. Freezing in the fridge will teach her a lesson to say thank you to those who risk their lives to save her. The whole was intertaining today.

  3. Kasam Tere pyaar ki

    I even think that ranbir will die saving kritika and will rebirth again.????

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