Kasam 18th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Kritika makes first call to Ranbir

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The Episode starts with Akki asking Ranbir to come as Chacha and Chachi are waiting for him. Ranbir asks if Dad is ok? Akki asks him to come. Ranbir asks him to send the suspense. Akki takes him to Balraj and Mahima. Kritika thinks about Ranbir and thinks my heart says that he is innocent, but the proofs tell that he is guilty. She recalls Pummy asking her to listen to her heart. She decides to listen to her heart and takes phone in her hand. She sees Ranbir’s messages and smiles. Balraj asks if I am not a good father and gave you everything. He asks why? Ranbir says you loves me and asks what is the problem? Balraj says we are friends first and says Akki told me that you loves a girl who is thinking you mad. Akki says it was slip of tongue. Balraj asks him to tell about the girl. Kritika thinks he wanted

to tell me something, but Akki came and I also asked him to end the call. She thinks to call him. Balraj asks if she is the same girl who was about to come that day. Ranbir drinks water.

Kritika calls Ranbir. Ranbir gets happy and tells Balraj that she called him for the first time. He runs to his room and picks her call, but the call is disconnected. Ranbir thinks he has missed her first call and thinks to call her. He calls her and tells that he missed the call. Kritika asks if he is upset with her. He says no. Balraj comes there and asks him to give bahu’s call to him. Kritika ends the call thinking his parents came. Ranbir says hello and finds the phone disconnected. Balraj gives him one week’s time to bring the bahu home. Ranbir says ok. Kritika is restless. Ranbir calls her again. Kritika asks how is he? Ranbir says he is good after talking to her. Kritika asks him not to flirt with her and says she is not his girlfriend, but his friend. Ranbir says you have accepted that you are my friend. Kritika says you regard me as your friend and not me. Ranbir ends the call.

Kritika thinks he is jhalla. He makes a video call to her. Kritika styles her hairs rightly and thinks why she is so concerned, he is nothing to her. She asks why did he make a video call. Ranbir says so that I can see your smile. Kritika thinks her hairs must not be looking bad. Ranbir says it is not that bad. Kritika thinks if he heard and asks him. He says nothing. In the morning, Kritika thinks about Ranbir, Vikas calls her and asks her not to come to office, but go to meet Malishka to her house. Kritika says ok.

Pummy asks Jiana to stay and says she has to talk to her. Kritika comes and tells Jiana that she will come with her as Vikas asked her to go and meet Malishka. Ishani comes and says she is going to that side and will drop them. Pummy asks them to go. They come to the Kapoor Mansion. Ishani thinks Akki haven’t come till now to take her inside. Akki comes and sees them. Ishani says she is leaving. Akki asks her to come inside. Jiana asks her to come. Ishani also comes inside. Ranbir sees them and says three sisters altogether. Kritika says she came to meet Malishka. Ranbir looks at her and asks Akki to show house to Ishani. Akki asks Jiana to get back to work. Ranbir thinks why she is against me when I like her so much. Kritika says she is against her, but not against from her heart. Shilpa cimes and asks Kritika to come to meet Malishka in her room.

Kritika tells Ranbir that she can’t talk to him until the case is over. Ranbir says I will wait for the case to end. Kritika waves him bye. Malishka looks at them.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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