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Rishi and Tannu hide behind a truck dodging the goons. Rishi bends down the pluck the glass off Tannu’s foot, she holds her scream back. The goons figure out that Rishi and Tannu are in the bus, but couldn’t find them there. They watch Tannu’s blood and goes to look for them nearby. The goons call on Rishi to come out, this way they may leave them both. Rishi and Tannu had hidden in the base of Ravan’s idol. They hear the goons going away and runs the opposite side. The goons spot and follow them.
Raaj’s family hear Savitri shouting at Saloni that its only because of her that Pavan has to do this all. She know what Pavan is upto, he will find and kill Rishi and drag Tanvi here by her hair. Then he will marry her and after she gives birth to a child he will throw her out. She walks out and was

shocked watching Raaj outside. Raaj was enraged and tells Savitri that he will arrange for them to go to jail. Savitri qualifies they might have a misunderstanding, but Rano interrupts that their eyes have not been opened.
Bee ji accuses Savitri and Saloni to be liar, it was good Tanvi ran away else her life would have been ruined. Savitri warns them about revenge of all their insults. Manpreet promises to shed Pavan’s blood if Rishi is scratched even. Savitri tells them to get out of her house, Rave comes to her confrontation and keeps a gun behind her. She warns her of shooting her, as she is a mother and can do anything for her son. If she doesn’t tell her about her son’s whereabouts till the count of three, she will shoot her. Savitri utters she is at the Kaal temple of Veerar. Rano straightens as they all head towards the temple, she had no gun but only pointing fingers. Savitri rings Pavan, Ahna returns to clutch Saloni’s neck, and asks if she wanted to kill her sister. Manpreet comes from behind and holds Ahna insisting to come behind.
Rishi and Tannu had succeeded to flee, they arrive at the stream end. Rishi asks Tannu to stay as her foot was hurt, Tannu insists on him to walk away but Rishi assures they won’t come. He wash his hand from stream water and wish to have a phone, he would inform Raaj that she is the real Tannu. Raaj loves her dearly, and would accept her all at once. Tannu was also hopeful he would accept her at once. She was worried they are going on an opposite direction from their home. Rishi assures Tannu that once they get away from the goons, everything would be fine. Tannu says until Rishi is with her, she is fine. Rishi stares into her eyes, holds her hands tight and says she said everything. He can feel this love, Tannu says if he can feel she doesn’t need express. She won’t be able to. Rishi says she always called love as wind breeze, but today he understands. After today, even if she isn’t in front of him, she is in kitchen and he is in office and he is struck by a cold breeze, this breeze would bring her closer to him. She laughs, he accepts being crazy for her. He says he feels this wind would let them meet. He says I love you, she smiles looking down. They hear horns of the car and goes in search of main road.
In the temple, the lady had been tied to the pole. Pavan holds her responsible for everything and inquire about Rishi and Tannu’s whereabouts. He signals a goon who throws kerosene over the lady. He tells the lady there is still time, she must tell him. The lady accepts she made them run away, had she even known she would never tell Pavan about their whereabouts. Pavan gets a fire lit log and warns to burn her alive. They lady was afraid as Pavan walks closer to her, Pavan counts from three as he moves closer to the lady. Someone comes to hold his hand back, it was Manpreet. Pavan turns to see the Raaj and whole family there. Raaj comes inside to confront Pavan. He spits towards Pavan saying he know about his and Saloni’s reality, if he was going to spoil his daughter’s life and was after Rishi’s life? He gets Pavan by collar and comes to punch him. The goons attack Raaj but UV and Manpreet get them. Raaj comes to Pavan’s confrontation and slaps the fallen Pavan again. Bee ji hands Raaj a rod to beat Pavan. Savitri watches this from a corner, Pavan reaches the end of stairs and finally holds the rod, swirling Raaj towards the stairs clutching his collar.

PRECAP: Rishi tells Tannu he is enjoying being in this forest. He wants to be with her forever, he would even love to die here. Tannu beats Rishi for talking about death.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. nice…. hope raaj knws d truth soon..

  2. Oh no! Tannu is going to die so soon…..

    1. Mona146

      Yeah it is confirmed. Sanday will kill her. Gadha………….I want to killl him. I hate these people as they ruined my hope that they will postpone the death or change the script. I’m worried for bedi family as well.

  3. So wanted more of Tanshi moments
    Love this serial

  4. Oh no..I heard that thanu is going to die so soon…
    But hope there had more romance between them….

  5. Luvleen

    Yeah I think the bedi family will find out but it will be too late! Tanu will be dead by then. Sigh…tragic ?

    It’s sad that it had to be this way…but I guess this is the plot of the serial…but just so unfair they have to change Kratika. She is actually perfect for the role. It’s going to be like Ishk rang safef when the main actress got changed after 5 years leap. The serial is going down hill….

  6. No luvleen where ishq ka rang safed &where kasam..pl dont compare also
    Ya really sad for tannus death

    1. Luvleen

      No I use to like it when the original actress was there…I’m actually not enjoying ishk rang anymore after the leap.

  7. Yeah Tanu will die. Its confirmed and Sivani Tomer is new Tanu. She looks like Kratika. But still I wish if Kritika is Tanu in her reincarnation. We all love her alot. She is apt in that character and we can’t imagine any other face named Tanu. I am sure that after Tanu’s death all the viewers of Kasam will cry and worry about Rishi ‘s situation without Tanu. But I think we can see more interesting sequences after Tanu’s death. I mean reincarnation of Tanu and her entry infront of Rishi after 20years and they again fall in love and unite. Waiting for that.

  8. how will tanu die/??????A rejoin after 20 years………..kya bhakwasss!!

  9. Luvleen

    But seriously speaking…it’s disgusting really 20 years apart…yes it happens but imaging if it was a woman 40 yrs apart with a 20 yr old boy…what sort of hungama will that create huh?! Do hypocritical.

    1. Luvleen


  10. This will not happen with a woman being 20 years older, it is quite natural for a man to be older than the woman. Even if the age difference is not 20 years in most serials we wat h the father looks 55/60 and mother looks 35/40 – often she looks young as the daughter/daughter inlaw

  11. Awesome episode.

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