Kasam 18th January 2018 Written Episode Update: AK confesses his love to Tanuja

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The Episode starts with Tanuja telling Rishi that he don’t know about her relation with AK and that’s why asks him not to tell. AK comes there and sees her with Rishi. Tanuja says she saw him and talked. AK says he met Netra and even helped her. He says he bought the mangalsutra which he selected for her. He thinks to end Rishi’s chapter soon. In the car, he asks Tanuja not to meet Rishi and says whenever you meet him, you gets lost and says you got just pain and even me. He says I am serious, I want you to be happy, away from pain. Rishi thinks about Tanuja. Manpreet says that sherwani is not liked by me. Rishi says it was chosen by AK and tells that even they came there. He says there is something going on in his mind and says he will try fullest to separate us. AK and Tanuja come home. They talk

to Natasha. Tanuja says they thought not to disturb her sleep. Natasha cries and says he saw her best friend’s dream. AK asks what happened? Natasha says you came late Papa. Tanuja says Rishi called and said Tania is fine. Natasha says she wants to go and meet Tania. Tanuja says sorry. Natasha asks AK to take her. Maasi says we will go later, they are busy now. Natasha asks AK to take her.

AK says ok and asks her to get ready. Tanuja says you can’t go. Natasha says only I am going. Tanuja takes AK to room and asks why you are sending her to Rishi’s room. She says I agree with your thoughts. AK says she is going to meet Tania. Tanuja says Rishi and Natasha’s bonding is getting closer and stronger. AK says Natasha loves Rishi more due to blood and says we have to accept it. He says he can’t see his daughter upset. Tanuja says she will forget Tania also. Ak says she is my real princess and I will give her all happiness of the world.

Rishi sees Tania playing and smiles. Rishi claps. Tania says why did you see and goes to room. Rishi appreciates her. Tania asks him to play and says if Natasha would have been here then we would have prayed ghar ghar. She says she called her. Netra comes and informs her that Natasha came. Rishi says they will be here always. Netra thinks with her. Rishi thinks if Tanuja came. Tanuja sees Myra and asks if everything is fine. She asks what is bothering her. Myra says I am just wondering how you are so perfect, I don’t know how. She says you didn’t let any emotion come out during Rishi’s engagement and says kudos to you. Tanuja says sometimes there is no value of emotions, and says human can live with broken heart, but not without life. She goes to bring coffee. Rishi comes to hall. Natasha asks Rishi why did he do cheating? Rishi says no and asks who brought her here. Natasha says Papa. Rano comes and asks Rishi to come. Rishi asks where you are taking me. Rano asks him to drive the car and sits in car.

AK comes to Tanuja’s room and says he dropped Natasha to Rishi’s house. He says I want to tell you something and give something. He gives her bangles and tells that it is of his mom. He says it is an ordinary bangles, but there is no ordinary thing in it. He says it was given by Papa and says when his mum met with an accident, she asked him to give bangles to the girl he loves. He says you are my love. Tanuja is shocked.

Rishi is sitting on temple stairs when Tanuja comes there and her dupatta falls on his face. They look at each other.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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