Kasam 17th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Tanuja treats Rishi’s wounds

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The Episode starts with Myra and Bua’s stuff getting stolen by the goons outside Abhishek’s house just as they step out of car. They shout for help. Rishi comes there and tells Myra that small things do happen in big cities. He throws her purse on the goons and stops them. He beats them and returns their stuff to them. The get happy. Just then goon hits him on his head. Rishi hits the goon. He signs Myra that he is fine. Myra smiles. Other goon hits him. Rishi raises his hand. Tanuja senses his pain and gets tensed. Bua praises Rishi for saving their stuff. She asks driver to take him inside. Abhishek asks Tanuja if she is fine. Tanuja says yes and feels something is wrong with Rishi. Abhishek says he wants to tell her something. Just then door bell rings. Abhishek opens the door and finds Bua and Myra

carrying Rishi and telling that he got hurt while saving their stuff from goons. Abhishek is shocked.

Bua asks him to take Rishi to room. Tanuja comes and greets Bua. Bua praises her and tells that a guy saved them and asks her to clean his wounds with gulab jal. Tanuja says she will see. Bua tells that they couldn’t ask for his name. She tells about Shiv and Gauri’s story and says I hope it doesn’t happen with you. Abhishek asks her not to tell Tanuja about his feelings until he propose her. He comes to Tanuja and tells whatever happened? Tanuja gets restless. Bua asks Tanuja to apply the lep to Rishi. Myra tells Abhishek that Rishi is a super man and tells that whoever will be his daughter will have an amazing father. Abhishek asks them to have food. He thinks he hates Rishi a lot, but have to thank him.

Tanuja comes the room where Rishi is resting unconscious. She applies lep on his wound and her heart gets wrenched feeling his pain. Rishi opens his eyes and looks at her. He asks how come I am here. Tanuja asks him to sit peacefully and don’t get up and says you are hurt. Tanuja tells him that he fought with the goons and got hurt. She says she made haldi lep to make him feel better and applies on his forehead. Tere Bina continues to play. She feels pain and gets emotional. Rishi smiles as she wipes her tears. She says you will be fine. Rishi says he don’t want to be fine. Tanuja asks him to be quiet and take rest. Tanuja says you will be fine soon and goes. He hopes she takes care of him like this always and smiles.

Rishi tells Tanuja that the tea is non sugary and asks her to taste. She tastes it and says it is sugary. He tastes it and says yes, now it is sweet.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Nakul is back in kasam
    I have seen pic in instagram
    myra and nakul may pairup
    myra love nakul
    we dont have to warry about myra
    love rishi
    rishi bahana se tanu ke ghar pe roka hai yeh bolke ke uske ghar pe koe nahi
    we will see sweet romantic scenes between tanu and rishi
    And especially jallu Ak
    maza aega

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