Kasam 17th May 2017 Written Episode Update

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Poorab comes to the hotel. He looks towards the watch as he takes his keys.
Tanuja gets bail of Rishi, the lady inspector asks what they must do with Naitra. Tanuja says they must let her go too. The lady reminds the girl tried to snatch her husband. Tanuja remembers about Naitra’s boastings to snatch Rishi from her. Tanuja agrees to lady inspector and tells her to keep her in jail. Tanuja was happy to see Rishi but he runs away at once saying he came to jail only because of Tanuja. He climbs the table. Tanuja makes him up to bring him down and takes him.
In the jail, Naitra was disturbed by mosquitoes. A lady laugh at her. The lady inspector brings food for them, Naitra denies eating this kind of food. She asks her to call Rishi here. The lady inspector tells Naitra that her wife has taken Rishi

already. Naitra was sure Rishi was come to save her.
Tanuja helps Rishi out of the jail and into the car as he had a hangover. Rishi asks if she is really happy that he got the project.
Rishi accuses Tanuja for sending him to jail, Tanuja was driving and bring irritated as he tickles her. Tanuja was about to tell him it was Bee ji who sent him to jail but doesn’t.
UV tries Rishi’s number and was worried why he didn’t take his call. Manpreet offers him a bubble to think what he must be up to. Tanuja had tied Rishi’s mouth and hands with her dupatta, and says they would now be untied at home.
Raaj comes to dinner table. Rano was worried that she didn’t receive Rishi or Naitra’s call. Ahana asks if she must call Naitra’s mother as she went there. Rano at once forbids her, and tells her to serve. Bee ji comes there and says she went to Naitra’s mother. Rano gets a cough. Tanuja brings Rishi home with a severe hang over. He drops a vase down on floor announcing he is back. Rano wonders where Naitra is when Rishi is here.
In the jail, Naitra wonders where she has got stuck.
Raaj tells UV and Manpreet to take Rishi to his room. Rishi climbs over their arms. Raaj asks Rishi where she found Rishi. Tanuja says she had some important work at Puna, she was in the same hotel as Rishi and found him like this. She goes upstairs. Rano thinks this Tanuja must have done something to Naitra surely.
In the room, Tanuja hears as Rishi tells Manpreet and UV what she did to him in the car. Tanuja tells them she only tied the seat belt. Manpreet and UV confirm if she is sure. Tanuja says she used the dupatta as well, he had been singing aloud and she was left helpless. Manpreet recalls the last time Rishi was drunk. Rishi moves to kiss Manpreet and UV’s face, both resist. Tanuja screams as he runs behind her. Manpreet and UV leave.
Rano was worried as she comes to know Rishi and Naitra were caught by police and Naitra is still in jail. She makes upto Raaj that Naitra’s mother had a heart attack and she must go there. Raaj says he would also come with Rano and looks around for his wallet. Rano thinks about calling the lawyer and reads a fake message to Raaj that Naitra’s mother is fine.
The lady inspector tells Naitra she got a bail. Naitra comes excited to meet Rishi but Poorab was there in the cabin. Naitra walks alone on the road, Poorab stops the car nearby and offers her a drop. Naitra denies, she says she isn’t interested in Poorab at all. Poorab stops his car right behind her and says he must not have saved Bedis. He isn’t as bad as Bedi’s consider him, he is actual good. He says he thought she might be interested to know why he saved her from jail, and asks to come along with her. She didn’t turn around, Poorab gets into the car and drives away.
In the room, Rishi assures Tanuja he won’t kiss her, for kissing their must be something in the heart. Tanuja asks what? He says only what happened to Ranjha when watching Heer. They come towards the window, Rishi qualifies there is a moon tonight. He then turns to Tanuja and says nothing happens to him looking towards her, there is only love in his heart whenever he watches her. Tanuja was elated to hear this, Rishi touches her hair strand saying it’s the love for ages. Both smile. Tanuja holds Rishi’s hands as she was happy.

PRECAP: Divia asks Rishi if they patched up again, wasn’t he angry that she told them to leave the house. Rishi says he didn’t ask Tanuja to make the Parathas, he goes to speak to Tanuja.

Update Credit to: Sona

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