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Raaj curses and scolds his sons for wandering in between the fire. Rishi walks in pain, they notice about the injury.
Ahna asks Tannu why Shanta talked about Rishi, Tannu says may be she wanted to tell them something. Ahna says he isnt going to come. There, Rishi comes looking around and keeps the hand on the glass of ambulance behind Tannu. He comes behind and has a back at Tannu. The ambulance doors are closed and it leaves.
Bani and Guljeet were in train. A passenger comes to join them, he tells Guljeet that there was an attack on UR college and many innocents died. Bani wishes Tannu and Ahna also die in it. She takes Guljeet to check on TV about the deads. Virendra and Shanta’s names were also taken in deads, Guljeet was worried. Bani was happy, she asks Guljeet to go to Patiala. She says

to Guljeet when Veer and Shanta are no more why should they take half of the property. She says they are orphans now, they need their aunt. She poses to be crying while leaving the station.
Rishi comes out from the hospital ward after bandage. Rishi tells Raaj that a girl saved him, he was being fired a bullet on but a girl saved him by throwing a stone at him. She got a bullet on herself. He was looking for her to thank her. He says her name was Tannu. Raj says to Rano if she has seen that even today Tannu has saved her. He says he hasn’t forgotten his birth chart, he is going to turn twenty three. They must find the girl. Rishi asks which girl is he talking about. Raj tells him about the predictions from the lady in temple. Raj says his couple is made with Tannu, if he doesn’t marry Tannu he can even die. Rishi was thoughtful at first, then both Rishi and Manpreet burst in laughter. Rishi tells Raj that at this time Raaj looks like a father from a c grade Hindi film. Raj says they have to go to their village right away. Rano says they will go, but right now they must go to a hotel. Rano says how they will find their new house this late, and Rishi is also injured. Raj agrees for tomorrow, but says he wants to knock Veeru’s gate before he wakes up tomorrow. Rano says alright, 4 am then.
The coronation ceremony of Veeru and Shanta is performed. Tannu and Ahna cry. Ahna points at Guljeet to bring tears from his eyes. Bani comes to Tannu and cries that they have to take are of themselves. From today, she and Guljeet are with her. The Pandit asks someone responsible to come to fire the body. Ahna stops Guljeet and says Tannu will do this. Pandit objects that girls can’t do this, Ahna says that for their parents they were son and daughter alike. Tannu goes forward and performs the rituals. Both sisters cry hugging each other.
In the car, Rishi’s eyes tear. Manpreet asks if he is crying. Rishi says no, it is just dust. Manpreet says he is afraid what if that fate girl brings tears in his life, then how he will take care of all the 450 girls behind him. Rishi looks out of the window smiling.
Rishi dreams about Tannu, he keeps a hand on her shoulder and when she turns around she is the childhood girl. He wakes up and watches Manpreet asleep besides him. He come to window, thinking about Tannu’s words at the airport, then looks at the moon and thinks about her childhood words. He asks the moon that he must have seen her, where is she and where he will find her. He wonders if Tannu is the same girl who saved his life, who is his friends’s daughter. He wonders what has happened to him that he is thinking about her at midnight. He thinks that may be it is because he couldn’t say thanks to her. He says one day he will meet her, but where?
Tannu and Ahna watch the moon and stars. Ahna says that these new stars on the sky are her parents. She cries that they are watching them, besides them is the moon as well. Tannu sits turning her back towards it. Ahna asks Tannu why she is silent today. Tannu cries, Ahna too. Tannu says these stars and moons can only be seen at night, her parents are in her heart. They will always be with her.
The next morning, Raaj sang in the car while driving. The family was happy and mocks Raaj for remembering Veeru every day. Raaj tells his sons that Veeru eats 5 parathas atleast in the morning. He hopes that Shanta has taught Tannu to make Parathas as well, when she will come as daughter in law to their house he will get them made from her. Rishi makes a joke, Raaj loses the control of his car. He was about to hit a man on bike, Raaj comes apologizing the man. The old man recognizes Raaj. Rishi and Manpreet thinks that he is Raaj. They go to hug him and introduces themselves. Rishi calls him as Veeru. Raaj recognizes him as Teeraj. Rishi asks if this isn’t Veeru? Raaj asks Teeraj about Veeru? Teeraj asks if he didn’t come in Veeru’s coronation. Raaj says no. Teeraj cries and says he thought he knew about it, he died in yesterday’s attack on college. Teeraj cries. Raaj was broken and says this isn’t possible.
Bani takes the call at home, Raaj says this is Raaj here. Bani was shocked. Raaj says he heard that his friend Veeru… Bani says his voice in unclear. Raaj says they are in Patiala and will be there in a while.

PRECAP: Guljeet and Bani open the door. Guljeet recognizes Raaj, they cry.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Ohh Soo Sad 4 Tanshi………I am worried of their separation…….
    Plz make them one quickly…………….

  2. Please god unite tanu and rishi.

  3. Love u tanu and Rishi
    Fantastic .eager to watch tom episode
    Love it.

  4. This makes me remember kis desh mein hai mera dil, prem and heer

  5. Wat a luv story…hats off

  6. It is like kis desh hei mera dil…

  7. OMG! I am waiting fr tht moment when Tanu &
    Rishi will meet. But evryday I feel
    disappointd….when will Tanushi meet & fall in
    luv?..omg ab tho intezaar bhi nahi ho paa

  8. I am waiting fr tht moment when Tanu &
    Rishi will meet. But evryday I feel
    disappointd….when will Tanushi meet & fall in
    luv?..omg ab tho intezaar bhi nahi ho paa
    raha….but I am happy tht evn Rishi s eager to meet Tanu who saved his life…

  9. So sad for tannu. Their parents left.

  10. Sad for tannu and ahna… I just hope that soon rishi meets tannu… Eagerly waiting for that…

  11. Poor Tanu and Ahana.

    But waiting eagerly for the lovers’ first meeting. I like how Rishi has already begun to feel for Tanu.

  12. Guys kis desh mai hai mera dil is soon gonna be telecasted in star utsav

  13. https://www.wattpad.com/story/48778063-meri-aashiqui-tumse-hi

    Guys please read this story and vote by clicking on the star at right hand top most corner… Drop in your comments too. If the writer can do so much for our MATSH, oughtn’t we show our love and support by doing such a small thing for the writer… You have always supported the ff’s here, it’s time to show our love for this story too… Please guys.

  14. As far i know this story by Akta kappor right? And till now this story remind me her another daily soap “Kis desh main hain mera dil” . Why?? Till now the way they are showing tracks are maximum same. Death of heroin’s parents, hero’s mother does not like heroin, heroin’s cousin sisters will come and they try to get married with hero but failed. just here the difference is re birth concept. 😛

  15. I’m waiting for tanu and rishi to meet

  16. Many scenes in this serial r copied and the same old story heroine parents died and d villan is hero’s mother….just show us some different things…

  17. ravi ramesh Khaparde

    wow kya jardhast tv siriyar he

  18. i am miiting plz tanu and rishi

  19. M just loving this show..
    Rishi is so cute, his acting is superb
    I liked d way whn his dad was xplaining him about his kundli n dosh n after completion of that d way he burst out laughing. I just liked the way

  20. I have read in the plot that tanu and rishi will get married and one day she died in accident and then she will come back after 20 years in rishi’s life with different face but with same nature ,behavior and habbit

  21. Tanu will die….. Yuvika chaudhary play the lead role

  22. same story repeats. it is like a kis desh mein hai mera dil.please unite rishi &tanu as soon as possible

  23. Frnds I think rishi and tanu will meet after 100 th episode.

  24. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    I like both actors alot…now someone mentioned ekrakapoor watch it dragggggg n go from one nice love story to a mundane track….

  25. it is being told that after tanu’s death she will return with new face but i want kratika only to play that role

  26. rookey rookers - 4 ever the ♡♥lover of ranvi

    k . ranagi as u said i will not post any bad com. on this but i will post my com. which supports matsh . like love u matsh 4 ever . because i want to show the bad ekta did to us . . not only by this way but by all mean ways i get

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