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Saloni calms Pavan down from killing Rishi, she says Rishi is going to die in the next five days already when he will marry Tanvi. Only Rishi and Tannu were left for the game tossing the parcel. Rishi keeps the prize, if he win Tannu win he will clean his room himself for one week while if she win she must prepare tea fro him. The light go off all at once, everyone settle aside. Rishi goes behind Tannu and hold her on a side. She says there is everyone around. Rishi says to save her from trouble. Tannu reminds they are at home, there is no problem. He holds her back, saying I love you. He loves her very much, they look into each other’s eyes. Rishi says he know she can’t also live without him, just as he can’t stay without her for a moment. He holds her hand promising it to be true, he will die else.

He can only see her everywhere, every moment. Pavan comes there calling someone to fix the fuse, lights the lighter just near Rishi and Tannu. Raaj comes calling Rishi to check the fuse. Tannu tells them about the fuse box location, Rano stops Tannu and asks Rishi to go and fix it. Rishi smiles towards Pavan and leave.
In the way, someone stop Rishi. It comes out to be Pavan, he light the flame again and demand Rishi what he was doing there, that girl is his wife to be else he would tell Raaj as well he is being Tanvi. If Rishi doesn’t understand he can explain well. Rishi demands where he is leaving? He tells Pavan if he has forgotten he is already married to Saloni, or may be how many girls? He will open his secrets, though he was dizzy but he recognized him in the hospital. He is aware of his filthy intentions, he will throw him out of the game he has been playing with Tannu. And he will think a hundred times over before ruining someone else’s life. Pavan says he doesn’t understand if he must laugh at Rishi or cry, he has tried everything. All the proofs have been ruined, now he has no proofs so he must now attend his wedding well, and not misbehave with him. if he is happy, he will think about letting him meet Tanvi after wedding. Rishi clutch his collar and demand how he ever thought about marrying Pavan. Pavan boasts that one day Tanvi herself would confess he is a nice man. Rishi pushes Pavan back wrestling with him. Saloni watch Pavan being beaten up by Rishi and come to stop them. Rishi asks Saloni to be ashamed of ruining a girl’s life. Saloni tells Rishi to go and tell the family about their truth, Raaj is calling him to fix the fuse. Rishi says they must enjoy the dark, their filth must get hidden but when the light enters, everything gets unveiled. Saloni holds Pavan back, Pavan wish he had died in the accident.
Tannu thinks about Pavan, then about Rishi’s confessions. Ahna brings in candles, Rano hit the side of a stool and hurt her leg. Raaj curses Rishi about not being able to fix the fuse. Tannu thinks about helping Rishi fix the fuse and brings the candle behind. Rishi cheers watching Tannu, he says he is unaware of fixing any fuse in America. He smiles. Tannu asks what it is about. Rishi reminds her when they first met, she was trying to fix a bulb. When he first saw her something happened to him, love at first sight. He laugh. Tannu inquires why he is laughing. Rishi calls his crazy. Rishi says when Raaj and Rano first asked him for marriage, he thought if would be her. It felt he knew her for ages, he had been waiting for her only. He tells her again he loves her dearly, she gets upset as he stare into her eyes. She remember his proposal, their dance in rain and their times together. She think about Pavan’s demand then, Rishi head to try fix the fuse again and it gets joint there. Rano comes there playing romantic songs, she says that she wanted to record their conversation but the song played. Rishi calls her cheap. Rano says it’s just the way he recorded her conversation. She was doing it only because Raaj won’t trust her. Bani calls Tannu. Rishi calls Rano as a stubborn, he accepts if there was someone else he would have run out of all the problems in love life, but he won’t accept a defeat. He will get Tanvi in anyway. He leaves calling her cheap. Rano wonders if he appreciated her or disgraced her. Pavan’s family take a leave. Manpreet asks about the winner, Bee ji announces that Tannu and Rishi won. They all await Rano. Pavan’s mother ask for Bani’s permission to take Tannu, Bani allows at once. Pavan’s mother say there is a tradition in her family to buy a gold necklace and she want Tannu to select it herself. Bani announces tomorrow she has called a new Pandit to find a date about Tannu’s wedding. Raaj suggests they must decide Rishi’s wedding date as well. They all head to leave.
The next morning, Tannu was struggling with her dress. She look behind to find Shagun thaal, remove the cloth from about it. Pavan’s words and Bani’s pleas echo in her mind. She open up the dupatta. Memories from her childhood about herself and Rishi and Ahna and Manpreet flash in her mind. She wonder who would be on stage with her, the one whom she loves since childhood, who is aware her heart string is tied to her or the one who is aware she doesn’t feel for him. Rishi come there calling her. He comes inside reminding Tannu he isn’t aware if he has some three or three and a half day left with him. He has to get a proof against Pavan, he has to do something but if he fails his family would marry her to that filthy person. He says there is a single way, she must not marry. He shouldn’t have gone behind Pavan had he know how much she loved him. He realized her love for him for the first time yesterday, in her worry watching him injured. She tells him not to be afraid, today she will confess how much she loves him. She always insist her answer won’t change, he will do what he has to. He will make her as his, swear to their love. Tannu inquires what he is going to do, Rishi asks if she can’t hear, he will cross all the limits to make her as his.

PRECAP: Rishi pours Sindoor in Tannu’s head partition, though she tries to hold his hand back, it still fell in the right place.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Tannu mar jayegi or dusre janam m kristal disuja roll play karengi

    1. tannu didn’t want to leave the show but directer want another girl for playing the role of tannu …. tannu is saying if director will stop her for the role tell the end she will like to do it because she luv the role of tannu..

  2. Wow is precap true or is someone dreaming?

  3. Sriranjani

    woww……. Tanshi Rocks in Epi and Precap

  4. ahaaana manpreet

    nthng happns….. Kya he yaar….. Pavan saloni ka such kabhi nayi expose hojayegi he kya???

  5. tasnia mahmod

    I have recently read that after post leap krystal dsoja can be seen in reborn tanu role.there is also the news that kartika sengar can alsn play the role with different look.anyway this is not confarm till now.but both are my favourite.

  6. Is krystle dsouza the new tanu?

  7. Zuha Fatima

    No, krystal does not suit for the character of Tanu, altough Krystal is more stylish amd good than Kratika but the charm of Tanu only lies in Kartika, and yeah guys anpther flaw noticed by me look when the scene of Tanu, Rano nd Rishi was going on, Bani called Tanu but that time she reffered her as Tanu not Tanvi, Look they were on the terrace I guess but where ever they were but Bani shouted … and that time Rishi and Rano were present why didnt they hear? Many flaws!

  8. ivar randuperum nte favourite aan. first episode mjan muiss cheyyathe kanarund. adipoli. bt enikkoru doubt. nnenkilum ivar kalyanam kazhikkumo nthoo

  9. ivar randuperum nte favourite aan. first episode thott njan miss cheyyathe kanarund. adipoli. bt enikkoru samshayam. ivarennelum kalyanam kazhikko……aaarkkariyam. pakshee ithrem rubber pole valich neettalle. pleaaase.nalla borakunnund

    1. malayalaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

      1. Dudette Lollipop

        Aha malayalis finally

    2. Hello…dear…i also accept ua dailogue..
      nthoru veruppikkalaa???alamb scene..????

  10. Wow I con’the wait for Monday

  11. omg finally they are joining

  12. Really Krystal is not fit for the role. As we are watching Tannu from the beginning of the serial. I will stop watching the serial.

  13. I have to say the daily soap is getting boring. First of all Tanvi should not be so stubborn. And atleast she should be smart like her sister Ahana, and cant she see how desperately Rishi is trying to get Tanvi and reveal the truth of Pavan. And really I have too say its now looking like Tanvi has no belief in Rishi. And its a request to the director that the precap should be true. Cause if its a dream then everyone will lose interest for Kasam.

  14. i saw a onscreen pic of kratika where she was in a after marriage look in a saree with mangalsutra
    even i heard krystal might replace kratika and during gold awards red carpet krystal said she is going to return to tv very soon by the end of july and krystal is also a very good friend of ekta kapoor
    but i started watching this serial just for kratika
    you can change her look even it is enough no need to change face

  15. ahaaana manpreet

    i am also agree with wizard….

  16. what is going on ?

  17. Are you serious? ? After 3 weeks I thought let’s see if the track has moved on….and I can’t believe it’s sooooo slow and I feel I’ve not missed a thing!! ?? come on!!

  18. Kasam mein Kratika rahegi to jada achcha hoga Sharad Ke saath Kratika hi jaada achcha lagta hai!

  19. Dont you think..this show is getting boring. Every slow

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