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Shekhar scolds Malaika on phone about calling him again and again. Malaika wonders what’s going on in the party, why is Shekhar so angry. She curses herself for taking Tanuja to Rishi’s home. Tanuja looks for Rishi and doesn’t find him around. Arjun was telling Tanuja that his wife left him because his wife left him for his work; he is now determined to give much of his time to his wife. He was happy his divorce took place. Tanuja turns to leave but he holds her hand, she angrily tells him to leave his hand. She clutches her fists thinking if there wasn’t this party, Rishi’s condition, so many people and her liabilities; she must have broken his hand. Shekhar watches Tanuja go outside and points towards his men in waiter’s costume. Tanuja comes to the store room, crying as she recalls Arjun

holding her hand. She rubs it using a tissue, and says she is only made for Rishi. How she can marry someone else, she can’t even think about it.
Shekhar sends his men inside the store room, and goes to get the cars ready. The goons enter with chloroformed handkerchief. Tanuja was alert and questions the waiters what they are doing inside her room. Ahana comes inside then and shouts at them for entering her room. The waiters say Rishi sent them to call her outside. Ahana scolds them to go outside, she then turns saying I swear Dee. Tanuja allows her to call her Dee, it feels happy. Ahana says she saw Tanuja running off that monkey Arjun, she wished to break her face. Tanuja smiles watching Ahana being the real her. Ahana takes Tanuja outside, turning the lights off. Shekhar watches Tanuja and Ahana go out of the room, regretting to lose the chance. Manpreet comes behind Shekhar and asks what he is looking for. Shekhar asks about the washroom, Manpreet takes him along.
In the party, Manpreet brings Shekhar to Rishi and comes to mock him. Shekhar tells Rishi Manpreet is his friend now. Rishi sends Shekhar to washroom; and on a side he says Shekhar has already enjoyed a lot at their place. He warns to bear Shekhar badly otherwise.
The goons watch Shekhar signal them move outside. Rishi turns to see Tanuja stand with Ahana. He asks Tanuja if she liked someone. Ahana leaves. Tanuja asks if he wants to hear from her, there are many good men here and she really wants to marry someone else. The guy he left her with… then leaves curtly. Rishi follows Tanuja and suggests her about meeting someone else, the men here have come to meet her. Tanuja denies meeting anyone and goes inside.
Rishi comes to look for Tanuja in the store room. The goons follow him, beat his head with a rod and ties him inside a cloth bag.
In the party, Manpreet takes the guests attention towards cutting the cake. Bee ji was excited, Rano says its Rishi’s success party and he must cut the cake. They all call Rishi, Manpreet goes to look for Rishi. Ahana asks Manpreet about bringing Tanuja as well.
Outside in the garden, Tanuja cries speaking to the moon that she loves Rishi dearly. She is only made for him and asks the moon about some miracle. She says when she is with Rishi, he is always in trouble; she prays for Rishi in her luck. The goons take the back garden door, Tanuja hear them and wonders who is there. She follows the men.
Manpreet comes to store room where there was no light. He finds a phone there and wonders whose phone is this; after turning the lights on he finds it to be Rishi’s. He comes across a steel rod, Rishi’s phone and glasses as well. He was distressed and hurries outside to inform everyone. Tanuja watches the men carry a bag, she recognizes Rishi’s hand from inside it and runs behind the car. She hits a stone, and fell down.

PRECAP: Shekhar tells Rishi he would offer Tanuja to come to her. He would be a better choice for her, as Rishi would be left with nothing.

Update Credit to: Sona

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