Kasam 17th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Rishi and Natasha’s Bond Rattles Tanuja

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Scene 1
Natasha says to Rishi that mama asked me to stay away from you. Rishi says if Mama said it then she is right, mama is always right. Natasha says no I will do what Natasha wants thats why I called you here, Tanu says I just said it without thinking. Natasha says I want to go home papa, Abhi says you are not fine, Natasha says please take me home. Rishi says we can hire a nurse for her at home, I mean you people can, Abhi says I will talk to doctor, Rishi says no I will go, Rishi kisses Natasha’s hand and leaves, Tanu looks on.

Rishi meets doctor, Doctor knows him from before. Rishi says Natasha wants to go home, we can appoint nurse for her, doctor says no need for nurse, she just shouldnt go to school for some days, she was murmuring to let her to go school when we were operating

her, Rishi says she is stubborn. Doctor says she takes after her father, she is your daughter afterall, Rishi says she is not my daughter. Abhi comes there and says I have to take Natasha home, Rishi says he is Natasha’s father, Doctor says you can take her home, they leave. Doctor is confused and asks nurse to bring Rishi and Natasha’s file.

Abhi and Tanu starts taking Natasha from hospital. Natasha keep waving and blowing kisses at Rishi as she is in Abhi’s arms. Tanu sadly looks at Rishi but Abhi leaves with her, Kal ho na ho plays as rishi feels anxious, he is confused with his emotions and recalls how Natasha told that Tanu wants him away from Rishi.

Naitra tucks Tanya in bed. She recalls flashback that Natasha saved Tanya’s life, her teacher told Naitra that Tanya was standing infront of a car, she was about to get hit but Natasha ran to her and pushed her out of way and Natasha got hurt instead of Tanya, Tanya cries, flashback ends. Naitra thinks that I would have lost Tanya, the one who saved her today is her sister, Rishi should know that Natasha is his daughter.

Doctor sees Rishi and Natasha’s reports, he says I was right, Natasha is Rishi’s daughter.

Naitra comes to Rishi’s room,she sees him lying on bed and thinks that I will tell him truth today, I dont know how will react or if he will stay with me any longer but I will tell him. Naitra sees Rishi busy on laptop and his back to her, Naitra gulps and says Rishi Natasha is your daughter, your and Tanuja’s daughter, I know you will me now, how will I survive? she cries while Rishi doesnt turn to look at her. She comes infront of him and sees that he is actually sleeping and his laptop have his, Tanu, Natasha and Tanya’s picture, she thinks I am not in this picture, I was never in picture, I just came inbetween, she leaves.

Scene 2
In morning, Naitra thinks that I will tell Rishi today. Beeji asks Rano to come with her for Janmashtami’s shopping. Rano asks Naitra to come with her too.

Natasha asks Abhi to make her ready for school, today is Krishan’s birthday, Abhi asks who is her new friend? Tanu says Krishna’s janmashtami is today, she is playing Krishan in play. Abhi says to Natasha that you have to rest today, you cant go, Natasha says if I am not going school, I want Tanya here.

Tanya is crying, Rishi comes to her and asks what happened? Tanya says Natasha had accident because of me. Rishi says no it was not your fault, Tanya says Natasha was to play Krishan with me as Radha in a play but she wont be there today.

Natasha says to Abhi that I want Tanya here and here only, please please. Abhi says okay let me try.

Rishi asks Tanya to go and get ready. Abhi calls Rishi and asks how are you? rishi asks how is Natasha? Abhi says she is fine, I never request but today Natasha’s papa is requesting, my princess has a demand and only you can fulfill, Rishi says there is no demand that I cant fulfill for my cutie pie, Abhi says Natasha wants to meet Tanya, Rishi says then tell her me and Tanya are coming, Abhi thanks her and ends call.

Rishi tells Tanya that they are going to meet Natasha, Tanya gets excited.

Abhi tells Natasha that Tanya is coming, Natasha is elated. Tanu says to Abhi that you requested Rishi? Abhi says Natasha is my daughter and there is nothing that I cant do for her. Abhi gets a call from Samar and says I am with Natasha and cant come to office..okay fine, he ends call. Tanuja says maybe there is something important, you can go there for sometime, Abhi says fine, he leaves.

Doctor calls Rishi and says I have to tell him but he doesnt have battery and his phone dies.

Door bell rings, Tanu opens door and is shocked to see Rishi and Tanya there, Tanya says hi, Tanu says Hi, Natasha was waiting for you. Natasha comes there, Tanya hugs her and asks if she is fine? Natasha says yes, Tanya says lets play then, they leave. Tanu and Rishi looks at each other, Rishi says bye and turns to leave but Tanu recalls Rishi saving Natasha’s life, she says will you not come inside? he is surprised to hear it, Tanu says oh you might have to go to office.. Rishi says if you insist, he smiles at her. Tanu thinks that we had moments but sometimes I was not there and sometimes you were not there. Tanu says we dont find time, Rishi says I want to mingle time only. Rishi and Tanu recalls being there for Natasha. Natasha telling him to stay away from Rishi and rishi supporting Tanuja, Tanuja sadly looks at him.

PRECAP- Rishi says I am dying everyday in this love but I love you only and always Tanuja. Rishi says anything can happen but I will love you for births to come, we might be far far away but I will always love only you, I promise. Tanu cries hearing it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Sunanda12345

    Awesome episode….loved RISHI natasha bonding….finally doctor get 2 know that natasha is daughter of rishi??? very exited

  2. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    am sorta glad that Rishi will soon get to know about Natasha ☺ … but sorta sad too because Abhishek will get hurt in the process ………………………..???????

  3. No more dragging CVS . I hope Rishi will get to know about Natasha next week. Hope for the best 🙂

  4. Reunite Rishi and tanu

    1. Hi, mita .Iam also a newl commenter of kasam. A very big fan of tanushi. Please director reunite rishi and tsnuia. Ak will get hurt and dishartened but happy for rishi. Please…………………….. Let ttanushi close(2).
      Naitra and Ak far far. Director please reply to telly updates. Waiting for your reply.Thankyou……….. .

  5. I am so excited…Finally rishi knows the truth…i am waiting for coming episodes.rishi thanu thanya natasha are best family forever..finally the original father gets his child..i am so excited

  6. ….. Nice episode

    @aditi thanks it was only trail to give board exams.. Boards are in feb

    1. Welcome 🙂 Take good preparation for final board exam.

  7. sanjana hardikar

    i just luv this serial from the beginning…………and now i just hope for the best …..reunite tanuja and rishi with natasha and taniya ….i just luv their bonding….but ak will be disheartened due to this,bring a new choice for him….waiting for a happy day

  8. sanjana hardikar

    i just luv this serial from the beginning…………and now i just hope for the best …..reunite tanuja and rishi with natasha and taniya ….i just luv their bonding….but ak will be disheartened due to this,bring a new choice for him….waiting for a happy day

  9. I agree with all of you. Kasam’s writers and director reunite Tanshi.

  10. Hlo kasam fans
    Awsome eps i like natasha & rishi bonding its father – dughter bonding rishi comes to know about truth of natasha and soon tanshi unite

  11. Loved today’s episode but feels so bad that Rishi is crying plz he has the right to know the truth about Natasha just waiting for upcoming episodes love to watch
    Love u kasam
    Keep rocking keep going
    Luvvv uuu Sharad

  12. Does anyone on here now why Rishtey Europe has gone off ?
    Just as Madhubala,Kasam and Balika vadhu strted getting interesting ?
    Oh and why no subtitles on Colours ?

    1. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

      Haan no subtitles … but I watch telly updates for English translation ☺

  13. I prefer Tanu with Abhi as Rishi had daughter with Naitra,Rishi cant please himself as he like to be married with his mum choice.He cant hurt Tanu as he like..

  14. Let the maker of Kasam and the serial Kasam itself die

  15. @wardha didn’t understand your comment.

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