Kasam 16th September 2016 Written Episode Update

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In the hospital corridor, Bani mocks Rishi’s line ‘what he must do now’. She dreamed about millions, as Tanuja has turned to be a hen giving gold eggs. She cried when Rishi left her, but now God accepted her pleas. Rishi would now look at Tannu who is still alive for him, when he would look at her something will definitely happen.
Rishi arrive at the hospital, saying he told Tanuja he hates lies. He understood all her planning, but this time she crossed her limits by appointing his name for hospital bills.
Ahana was massaging Bee ji, Bee ji cried in pain because of muscle strain in her arm. Bee ji miss Tanuja who used to play all the games with her. Ahana turns to get warm water for her. Bee ji asks Ahana if she still dislike her. Ahana says Tanuja tried to become Tannu, she shows off

to be like Tannu. When she thought about Tanuja, she decided it is impossible and leaves to get water.
Bee ji looks at Rishi’s call wondering why she couldn’t receive. Rishi had just entered the hospital when he gets her call. Bee ji wasn’t sure about telling Rishi that she had a foot strain, there Rishi wonders if he must ask Bee ji if she promised the hospital authorities that he would make her payments. He thinks that Bee ji loves Tanuja so much that even if she hadn’t promised, she would lie she did. He tells Bee ji that he has come to hospital to meet Tanuja, then ask the receptionist about her, determined to end this story for once and all.
Vidhi comes into Tanuja’s room, she calls Vidhi inside and asks about Bani and Neha. Vidhi says they came, they got shocked looking towards her. Vidhi tells Tanuja that she has understood she now looks like Tannu. Tanuja nods its Rishi’s love. She then asks if Rishi inquired about her. Vidhi says not at all, Bani and Neha tried to speak to him when he was getting discharged. Tanuja was concerned, Vidhi tells her that Rishi was also hurt badly, his case was complicated and stayed here for one month. Vidhi tells Tanuja that Rishi rudely said he didn’t want to see her face and hates her badly. Vidhi leaves to take a call. Tanuja thinks Rishi holds her responsible for exploiting his family, she must clarify it to Rishi. She can’t live without him, she felt for him for the first time in life. She is unaware what she is feeling, but she will meet him and try to remove the hate in his heart. She wonders why she feels for him, why is she always attracted towards him; she was determined to meet him else she would go crazy wondering when she miss him, her eyes and even heart gets filled.
Rishi asks about Tanuja’s room from a nurse. He hear Neha complaining Bani that Rishi left her only because of this Tannu. Bani says now Rishi’s luck will be ruined, and he won’t realize how. Neha boasts that Bani’s mind work as terrorist. Rishi thinks he must listen to their whole plan. Neha says she must have car and bungalow but Tannu snatched it. Bani says now Tannu will get her luck back to her. Neha says she will play with Rishi making Tanuja a player. Both were excited. Neha wonders when would Rishi come, Bani was sure he will come. They were ready to get their daughters set with Nakul, but God got them over everything. Rishi thinks his assessments about Tanuja were right. Bani wonders whom they should start with this time, and discuss about the letter she wrote for Rano. Rishi wonders if they both had planted the three daughters, and now they are back to get advantage of his family. Bani advices Neha to get control over a single member of their family, they will surely give away their money. Rishi wonders what have they got, why would he hand his property to that Tanuja. Neha and Bani were dancing in the room, Rishi enters in rage.
Bani and Neha suggest if Rishi came to apologize them for misbehaving last month. Rishi asks if they have some shame, both deny at once. Neha asks if he has forgotten how much they danced together, why they should feel shame over dancing. Rishi comes to ask Neha if she lost her respect just to get her love back. Bani comes to interfere, Rishi asks Neha if she know the meaning of Tannu. He had clarified to Neha that he loved Tannu. He ruined his life and she is only responsible for this all. Now after twenty years, she returned to send that girl into his home and set with Nakul. He warns them to take their lives if they try to enter his home again. If there is a fire this time, it will burn them both, they won’t be spared in the name of Tannu as well. He has cried 20 years, can Neha even count? When the pain turns to shield it is ready to confront anything in the world. He has turned to fire now, if they even raise an eye towards his house he will beat them to get unrecognizable.

PRECAP: Rishi tells Bani and Neha that he hates Tanuja. He just came to teach her a lesson today. Tanuja comes to Rishi’s house.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. Luna

    Can someone plz tell me why Kratika is acting like Tanu??? She’s playing Tanuja, not Tanu. and why these CVs have again started dragging the show. Really disappointed.

  2. Luna

    Again Bani and Neha doing planning and plotting, again they using Tanuja to hit the jackpot. Same story again!!!!!!!! Same rehash of season 1!!!!!! The leap of 20 years was totally useless, 20 years has went into drain and is Rishi suffering from bipolar disorder??? It looks like that.

  3. Sia

    Congratz Vafa u r the first to comment….Anyways i luv the way rishi shouted at the idiots (neha n bani)….as he is first tym shouting at them….i wonder is vidhi is nice or bad as sometimes she behaves like her mother n sometimes she cares for tanuja….i’m just waiting for monday to see the reaction of the bedi family after seeing tanuja….

  4. Luna

    Its really unconvincing for me to believe that Kratika and Shivani are the same girls. The CVs are desperately trying to put this plastic surgery track down our throats.

  5. A malayali veiwer

    This serial is so… Draging,i suverly agree with luna.Tanuja is not tanu,but she is acting like old tanu.Serial has only romance,not a good story.

  6. Adithi

    Oh no.. This shouldn’t happened.. Now if rishi see tanu in tanuja his anger will be more like a hell.. Bechari tanuja gonna have bad time.. Bani and Neha idiots planned worst..

  7. Pradishma

    After plastic surgery i cant remember tanuja at all…
    Kratika is back as Tanuja ,but her presence ,behavior everything is like Tannu only..
    Writers its ok u got back Kratika with face surgery where face, body(due to medications) and even skin tone and voice changed…But do remember , this show has taken leap 0f 20 years and Tannu is dead, now its Tanuja…So do something for us to understand its tanuja…

    Personal view- Just wish Kratika reduces wait if not much atleast i wish to see her like aarthi of punar vivah… If Kratika is to behave like tannu now itself, then there was no need for re-incarnation, After plastic surgery its just like Tanu is back after some being in coma for 20 years.

    • Anu

      I agreed wit u Pradishma, kritika is back as tanuja not tanu …so at least for some episodes 4b she remember her previous life she shud behave like tanuja… a vibrant spirited young girl… 20years difference between her n rishi shud just disappear bcos she had plastic surgery… This is just a show yes but made it worth watching dats all we asked… Do whatever the writers want to do for the story but don’t make it redundant it will b jst sad to make just a lovely show to go wrong way like “ashique tum se hai “

  8. Maahiswt


    |Registered Member

    this bani n neha r so stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!! agar plan karna hi tha toh ghar pe kar lethi rishi ke saamne kyun??????????? bt in 1 way they r wishin 2 bring rishi close 2 tanuja………

  9. nina2

    i am a silent & impartial kasam watcher but those who are obsessed wit weight of tanu 2 cover their disappointment & anger 4 shivani’s leave i say look the world is facing with a huge disaster of young teenagers being under pressure of go 4 size 0 otherwise they get abused bullied & pushed to commit suicide or become anorexy. do u know how many parents lost their children due to this horrible obsesse? please find another topic for ur disappointment of shivani’s leave . think of maybe she has medical reason 4 not going on diet or her husband does not want her lose weight or she is more happy with as she is . is it fair to make her feel guilty as a public figure does not or can not put in practice demand of you people? & d other young generation think by that not being size zero would be a shame or even a crime?.

    • Luna

      Sorry to say but though u r saying that u r impartial but its clear from ur comment that u r quite biased. First of all the people who r saying Kratika to loose weight is bcoz as the doctor said that her body became heavy due to medicines and she will again become thin after some time. So if Kratika does’nt looses weight then it will be another plothole in the show. That’s it, no one is making fun of Kratika’s weight and we all know the problems faced by overweight people.

      • nina2

        I am extremely more than you sorry firstly I did not take side of any of these two actresses so you can not make me a negative prejudice towards the two actresses’s fans including you secondly if you are sincere to claim , asking ekta to ask Kratika loose weight is due to Dr’s diagnose of she is heavy due to medicines …….. then changing metabolism of our body due to operation or pregnancy…….. wouldn’t need to ask that person go on diet as after a while our body will amend the problem as part of art and mystery of nature and everything will go back to normal , so asking over and over she loose weight has one reason and that would be that person has been counted as naturally over weight.
        Thirdly I have lost a very close member of my family a 15 year old girl due to being bullied and under pressure for not being size zero , she commited suicide. please
        next time don’t jump into conclusion so fast and unfair.

  10. habib


  11. neda

    . I LIKE SERIAL DEADLY AND EIPOSED IS VERY GOOD. i realy love acting kratika .beacuse heracting is amazing .but ekta mom please talk with and requset OF kratika that reduces her weight.please please ekta mom.

  12. MARYAM

    VERY NICE. I AM AGREE WITH NEDA. PLEASE REQUSET KRATIKA REDUSE HER Wieght .please please please please please ekta mom.

  13. karaj

    i am so happy that kratika is back . she and sharad play very dood and amazing in kasam. i love jode roks(sharad and kratika).

  14. amine

    eiposed was good and amazing thank uou somuch for bring kratika .thank you ekta andthank you colortv and thank you cv.

  15. Sia

    @Nina2, U r rite….its good to see that u hav a good n positive thought….i understand what u r trying to say as i was also almost went through weight problem….where people bullied n taunt me for this….n it used to affect me but i never give up…then i regularly started workout….not only for loosing weight but also to stay away from diseases…..

    • nina2

      Thank you, good for you and hope you and everyone else stay healthy and happy . I always judge people by their purity of heart as any kind of beauty will not last long but beauty of personality never dies or gets boring . If just size of our body or beauty of our face could get us permanent happiness , then so many symbol of beauty like most of actors and actresses weren’t multiple divorced. Dear friend out side beauty may attracts the others attention but whatever makes any relations keep going would be the beauty of inside .

  16. james

    you are right nina2.
    persons that said kratika should reduce her weight because just want cause exuse .then why they in kasam season1 donot want that kratika ruduce herweight.donot say foy doctor said .because donot believe.becusethey upset thtat shivani leave .for cause exuses. and donot deny truth.

  17. fatemeh

    my best friend with her family at herhome fuel.but only she endured alot of apain after

    perform plactic sugre due to the effecttiveness of medications her haevy and people

    ridiculeed my friend because heavy herbody and she never donot returned to bodys normal

    my mean this is that donot changed after fuel.

    my mother also suffering a romanticisms disease and because effecttiveness of medications

    herbody become heavy.but herbody isnot back to normal.guys by your talks I become very

    upset and please donot talk about effecttiveness of medications because reminds me of bad

    memories and please please donot mock others. donot think defened of kratika or kta.

    I donotlove ( kratika and shivani) I love sharad but I RESPECT both actress AND THIS IS SERIAL


  18. Luna

    Nina2,I’m really sorry for the loss of ur sister but even u r jumping into conclusion fastly. Just bcoz ppl r asking Kratika to loose weight does’by mean they r Shivani fans. And eVen I’m not a Shivani fan. No one is a medical science student here but let’s face it, plastic surgery track was very illogical. Yes, I’m disappointed with Shivani’s exit but I’m not nitpicking. I’m sorry if I hurt u. And to those who r chanting that its show, not a real life shud know that ppl watch this show for different reasons, some for story and some for actors.So don’t force ur opinions to everyone.

    • nina2

      this is my last replay to you . first of all she was not my sister ,but a very close family and yet her parents are still in mourning , and regarding your last words of don’t force your opinion to everyone
      are we talking about d same subject ? I don’t think so as your bitter command just come out of your anger not the fact. please read again my first comment and see , I never asked anyone anything a part of not put pressure on anyone regarding their weight .

      even out of anger you ignored my point and fact and twisted to something that enable you bitterly order and command me , don’t force your opinion on everyone which is untrue and irrelevant .you are not going to see what I say but what you like to be and on that base say whatever your anger asking you that is why I will save your and my time by closing this chapter with you from my side .

  19. nina2

    Luna if I made a mistake by taking your words in wrong aspect then sincerely I am sorry as admitting to our mistake and amend the damage makes us bigger person not otherwise.
    I am young not over weight and up this very day nobody told me I was ugly , but I have learnt life is so hard and cruel , nothing will last long a part of having a beautiful heart and mind and love the others through them and I promise you if you invest such a feeling on the others the result and return will be amazingly satisfying and rich , in most of occasions. being the person that believe in MY WAY OR HIGH WAY WILL HAVE A VERY BITTER AND PAINFUL BACKLASH . GOOD LUCK AND GOOD BYE

    • Luna

      Hey listen, no need to mock me. Okay. First u properly read what I have written”and those who r chanting that its a show not real life shud know that ppl watch this show for different reasons, some for story and some for actors. So don’t force ur opinion to everyone”. This line was for James who was talking shit about us and not u madam Nina2. So u think I’m being bitter 2 u??? I’ll tell u what is my real bitterness. So listen u fool, even if someone does’nt like overweight ppl then its their opinion. U r no one to judge them. No one is a saint here, neither u nor me. We all r humans and all have flaws.

      • nina2

        I leave to good people and real humans to judge your garbage . I treated you fool of complex nasty piece of work, who was showing off to a good person like vafa by saying, I am an educated person and you can not understand English ,so write in hindi, who do you think you are to try treat her so cheaply? what low and cheap person are you , to be a human doesn’t need any English language .
        I have my biggest regret that I count you as a person and replied to your rubbishes in the first place. you can bark as loud and as long as your devil nature gets calm , I just said in general not only to you, do not go for weight of people to get out your end less anger that would be a very hurtful subject for many people ,

  20. Alister La Frenais

    Wow!! what a load of unbelievable events. Lets us firstly look at how the wonderful plastic surgeon not only changed Tanuja’s face, he manage to increase her height from 5ft 3″ to 5ft 7″, he also manage to alter her teeth, and body mass. I wonder if I can have the same genius to perform the same magic on me.
    Script writers where are you going with this story line, because it would seem that the old routine is being reintroduced, with the money grabbing witches known as Bani and Neha, together with Neha’s gold digging troll of a daughter, plus Tanuja who will still be in grips of the afore mentioned witches and then there is the prize twat called Rishi. This serial is heading for the doldrums and will end up on the scrap heap.

  21. Reza


  22. reshma rashi

    I think i agree wid luna..
    ppl here are requestin kratika to reduce her weight for the sake of d show..i mean isnt it obvious? Dey loved her as tanu in season 1 so if dey re askin her to change a lil bit dts obvio not bcux dey r prejudiced..it just doesnt fit the show..u see kratika as she os ryt now n u imagine tanu of season 1 n not tanuja..but if kratika ver to lose a lil more weight she d resemble tanuja
    @nina2..ders no need to take offense really..its a free country n ppl are allowrd to state their opinion

    • SilentReader

      Yea me tooo,,,,they simply made Luna a Kratika hater just bcoz she expressed her views frankly,,,,,,U can’t say that those who want Kratika to reduce her weight are Kratika haters,,,they didn’t ask Kratika to quit,,,just to make a change so that we will feel that this is tanuja,not tanvi,,,,,If Kratika don’t wanna loose weight then let it be,bt this is a public site and we can express our views here,,,anyways Kratika z nt gonna read all these cmnts

      • nina2

        dear silent reader , please take a look at my replay to rashma rashi and take it as repay to you as well . there was a few people who were asking for Tanu reducing weight BUT THE ONLY ONE START TO CURSE WAS THE ONE YOU PEOPLE TALKING ABOUT NOW

        COULD ALL OF THOSE PEOPLE WHO WERE FED UP WITH TANU’S WEIGHT BE JUST ONE PERSON?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • nina2


      I am expecting another multiple comment very soon , but my repay answered them all.

  23. Iwaniya


    |Registered Member

    ya even I agree with luna and reshma…I ft like nina isforcing her on luna….luna said her point of view thats it…even nina2 said her view….everyone has the right to express… so dont bash anyone both luna and nina

    • nina2

      No dear you are forcing your dangerous wimp in shape of obsession for smaller size and pushing innocent teenagers to put this cursed obsession in top of their life’s plan to the point become anorexie or dead .

  24. Nikki

    Hy !! Everyone
    Amazing episode wat a episode
    Y did rishi tell tat he will beat Neha and bani he could HV beat them
    Now tannu will go to rishi’s house and ahana will meet her it will be exciting to watch

  25. MARYAM

    you are aright nina2. agreed wid nina2
    serial kasam love story tanshi ass milan .and i realy love serial kasam . thank you ekta thank u colors thank ucv or bring kratika

  26. Luna

    Nina2, my first 3 replies were quite polite 2 u(as i said earlier also that the line was not for u but James, u misinterpreted it dear) I got angry bcoz u were calling me rude and egocentric when I’m just expressing my views frankly . Yes I know its bad to make fun of overweight people but u can’t force ur opinion. There’s something called freedom of speech. And Kratika is’nt even overweight, she’s just healthy. No one is making fun of Kratika’s weight here, they want to lose her weight bcoz that”s the demand of the storyline. I hope u got it.

  27. Luna

    Nina2, I was never showing off infront of Vafa. I was not getting what he was trying to say bcoz his comments were not written in proper English. Vafa started the fight with me by continuosly calling me as a Kratika hater and uneducated. He even told me to leave this site. So how can I be polite to him??? I be nicer to them who r nice to me and nastier to them who r nasty to me. As simple as that.

  28. Luna

    Nina2, I was never showing off infront of Vafa. I was not getting what he was trying to say bcoz his comments were not written in proper English. Vafa started the fight with me by continuosly calling me as a Kratika hater and uneducated. He even told me to leave this site. So how can I be polite to him??? I be nicer to them who r nice to me and nastier to them who r nasty to me. As simple as that. Vafa even accepted his mistake that it was him who was wrong.

  29. Iwaniya

    nina I didnt force my opinion on you..even I have the right to express my views the way you do…. so pls be polite…….. I just said my opinion thatd it…

  30. Iwaniya


    |Registered Member

    nina did I say anything about smaller size…. I just said everyone have right to express their views…. I didnt say anything about size…I dont hav any problem with her weight….pls understand my comment before judging me…

  31. Luna

    Iwaniya, silent reader and Reshma, thanks for supporting me and Nina2 just bcoz they r agreeing with me does’nt mean I am commenting with multiple IDs. Not everyone will agree with u all the time. I am speaking to u in the most politest way possible.

  32. res

    nina you moron….fool.idiot…. stupid….. bastard…. go to hell…. I dont care whatever you say….. I have been tokerating ur foolish comments from yesterday onwards… go to hell

    • ZARA

      way u are so rude resu must b a goon or animal otherwise was not using bad word to someon u never had anyting i agry wit nina2 ad yr nam is like me ad those agry wit luna very new but I looked at those mame agry wit nina2 they always was commenting ad can not b multiple

  33. Dave

    Why are people making comments about the girls weight ?
    Surely you should be looking at her acting ability,And the chemistry between her and Rishi ?

  34. hadaegh

    awasome eipeosed . and Iam SO exited TO SEE IT . i am agree with siaa and nina2 and i amnot agree reshma and silten Reader.WISH ALL PEOPLE think LIKE SIA NINA2 fatemeh maryam james jasem hiddhi kobra sbrieh Dave anike and vafa .

  35. Luna

    I’m not getting it why everyone who is agreeing with Nina2 are not knowing proper English. Are they the same person commenting with multiple ID??? It seems like that. If it’s true then u r fooling urself, not anyone else. Sorry if I’m wrong.

  36. ishani

    Hi guys finally the show is now going once again on a correct track.now I have once again started watching the show after the comeback of kritika senghar.

  37. ishani

    Well I’m a new member but ya even I agree with luna…I ft like nina isforcing her on luna….luna said her point of view thats it…even nina2 said her view….everyone has the right to express… so dont bash anyone both luna and nina

  38. honey

    amine reza fatemeh james sia vafa hajar james zara this creature is calling us cheater and false please defend yourselves . I know people are fighting with their weight this creature is like a poison

  39. hony

    Hi everyone I am nina’s sister . She went back to her previous position and being a silent kasam watcher and specially doesn’t want wast you and her time on this sick creature. please look at the list of some of you dear friends who were supporting my sister and I mentioned on my first comment they are all a regular comment writer of this page even this abnormal creature exchanged comments with some of them then calling them none exist people ,cheater , insulting them for not being able to write by this king of English language’s standard , and false people , when those three supporters of king of English has never been on this page.

    Now please you beautiful fair friends tell me who is sick and liar? . I did this because creature gone mad by silence of my sister. Thank you for all supports of fact and this is my very last comment on this page the rest is up to you.

    • Luna

      oh please!!!!!!! I did’nt said that ur sister made multiple IDs. I just said what I felt, I even said sorry if I’m wrong. U saw this comment of mine but did’nt saw my other comments where I’m talking politely with ur sister and trying to give her explanation. It’s ur sister who started fight with me. U both sisters seem to me like egoistic ppl who think they can never be wrong. Even I don’t want to waste my time on u and ur sister but I don’t take crap of anyone. Ur sister did’nt replied me back bcoz she does’nt has anything to say, she can’t argue that’s why she left. I know u will not reply bcoz u r also just like ur sister with a bloated size ego.

  40. Sia

    Hi Anika…i’m doing gud…i hope ur fine??…Luna dear no one is wrong here nor u n nor nina2….i was not agree with nina2 bcz of what she said to u instead i was agree with her 1st comment n thought….if i always agreed with others then i wouldn’t hav stand for u when my dear friend vafa or some other people said u to leave this page….anyways sorry if u felt bad by my words….

  41. vafa

    hi dear sia and anika and siddhi you vote for tanshi on twitter.in my country(iran)peaple arenot familier with twitter.I AND MY FAMILY (WE IS 40 PERSON)but we cannot work with twitter because in my country (iran) people arenot familiar with twitter.donotknow how vote to tanshi.becsuse all iranian love couple tanshi.sia and anika and please you vote for tanshi please and tell to yourfriends.please please please please lpease.

  42. vafa

    dear ishani .
    you vote for tanshi on twitter. refer to page instagram krasha. to know how should vote for tanshi.please tell yourfriends

  43. reshma rashi

    Well nina2 jus bcuz someone doesnt agree wid ur point of view doesnt mean dat its am issue of multiple id.hilarious..n y is it not possible for u to understand dat we r not mockin her wieght but just dat v think d storyline requires it???v lovd kratika as tanu..but feel dat she needs a makeover to fit d role of tanuja..it has NOTHING to do with her being “fat” vich she is not..i wud neva bash anyone for bein overweight cuz i am far from thin .so nina will u plz stop tryin to twist our wrds!!!n honestly idc if anybody agrees wid me or not..dis is my opinion n i will not shy from stating it..

  44. reshma rashi

    Oh n hony stop tryin to find reasons to make a fight…luna merely stated her dbt dts it.n she sd sry if shes wrong..if u r to blame her den id say ur sis was evn more wrong.she claimed dat v used multiple id s n was not evn polite enuf to say a sry in case shes wrong..so stop tryin to create prblms here!

  45. Sia

    Dear Vafa, i’m absoloutely fine…Sorry dear i don’t hav twitter but i will surely tell my freinds to vote n all the tanshi fans in this page who has twitter plz vote…

  46. Sia

    Dear Reshma rashi, i don’t know about hony as u told he is making reasons to fight but sorry to say that what u were doing by commenting negative against a veiwer that is also a kind of fighting only….i already got it that ur were not making fun krathika….n i respect everyone’s review….i don’t want to hurt u by my comments ….its just my POV… sorry if u get hurt….

    • reshma rashi

      No offense taken sia.but if u take a look at wat hony has sd u can c dat she is askin ppl who r not fightin to fight..she sd i quote”dis creature is callin us cheater n false pls defend urself”.i merely felt dt wats d need to brinh in ppl who r not intrstd in figjtin…as u can c…i merely stated wat i felt is ryt..dint ask other ppl to fight…dts a huge difference right der

  47. MARYAM

    dear reshma rashi . if someones that agree with nina2 this isnot mean use multiple ids but this is mean that nina2 are right and and you frist look at those names that agree with aina2 .you will notice they always were commenting so cannot multiple.please please frist lookat and then defend yourfriends . and yourfriend already that flight with vafa and cause this that alots of agree with vafa your friend had said that she make multiple ids and also insulted vafa . while vafa is right. but vafa she is good person and for respect herfriend say that she was who was wrong.
    I SPEASK Arabic. if donot understan english and ifunderstand arabi for you write Arabic. sorry if you get hurt by mycomment.

    • honey

      HI i Maryam your honesty and purity , made me cry and I broke my words by replaying to you . my brave and dearest friend , when my sister read your comment start screaming crying and said THERE IS A GOD AFTER ALL, FINALLY SOMEONE SAW THE ACTUAL TRUTH AND WAS SO KIND AND REAL HUMAN TO MENTION IT THANK YOU THANK YOU……… SHOKRAN SHOKRAN……..FOR SAYING THE TRUTH AND MAKING MY SISTER SO HAPPY YOU SEE I EVEN GOOGLED .AND LEARNT THANKING YOU IN ARABIC.


    • reshma rashi

      May its cuz u r arabic dat u dint underdtand.my comment n wat u stated is cmplty different.nina sd dat v usd mulitple ids ..obviously she sd so bcuz v supported luna…n i contradictd her..SIMPLE!

  48. MARYAM

    thaank you so much. dear honey and nina2 you and your sister never shouldnot cry but you should happy and proud of yourself because had said truth and someones againe donot get comment this isnot mean this that nian2 is not right .but this mean that nina2 is right because they dont like speak and argument with luna and herfrinds . I ALWAYS tell TRUTH HOWEVER TRUTH BITTER FOR OTHERS THIS IS MY DUTY THAT tell TRUTH RESHMA RASHAi.
    guys you vote for tanshi : sharad and kratika on twitter .please vote for sharad and kratika #kasam most popular @colortv current couple. and tell yourfriends
    but i cannot vote for sharad and kratika because i donot have twitter.please please vote for them
    thank you so much my dear friends

  49. vafa

    vote for sharad and kratika # kasam on twitter .please dear myfriendS vote for them.(most popular @colortv current couple. please please please not time.
    anika go to twitter and open za production a/c @MadiaZA1

  50. MARYAM

    dear reshma rashi I furthermore arabic very good english UNDERSTAND AND ALSO frasi and vean also can write. and Arabic language is most complete language in the world.
    frist : you good and right read my comment then speak and then luna had said that nina2 use mulitple ids bcause some someones agree with nina2 while nams that agree with nina2 always were commenting and I ALSO one of that someones ARE THAT AGREE WITH NINA2. so you and yourfriends so you and yourfriend slander nina2. but nina2 hadnot said luna that she use mulitple ids and you frist good look at yourfriendcomment and then speak.
    second: always dear reshma rashi support and defend truth .
    I am so sorry if hurt you with mycomment.

    • SilentReader

      I dnt knw abt all other things,,,bt Nina2 said that “I assume u exist” and “I expect another multiple comment soon”
      lyk we all are fake,,,,

    • reshma rashi

      Dear mariam..mayb ur arabic n english is gud but earlier u stated dt it isnt which is y i assumed u misundrstud me..sry if i hurt u wid dat cmnt.furthermore u keep askin me to support truth…dat is exactly wat i am doin..if u take a clr luk at all d cmnts u ll c dat it was nina who sd v used multiple ids first..evn tho luna sd it later she had d minimal courtesy to say sry in case she is wrong…
      n maryam i hav no frnds nor enemies here..luna is not a friend either…all r family to me..kasam family..i saw injustice someplace so i reacted dts all..not bcyz i am lunas frnd..i dint evn kno luna b4 dis.

    • reshma rashi

      N agn maryam….do u feel dat bashing someone just bcuz she stated her opinion is truth??dts wat nina did..n sry but i cudnt stand n watch while she kept blamin luna for somethin she dint do vich is y i reacted…agn u mite feel differtently dt truth is in ninas part..dts fair by me sincd different ppl hv different opinions.but i dont agree wid nina so i will not support her but dat doesnt mean i am not supporting truth..i am supporting wat i feel is right..so stop sayin dat .n yeah dat was offensive wat u sd abt me not supportin truth

  51. Sia

    Dear Reshma rashi, Plz don’t get me wrong as i never favoured for hony….i know what ur trying to say…..as per as about hony, he/she was trying to stand for his/her sister….if i was in his place n my sister was in nina’s place then may be i would hav done something like that only….no one is wrong here dear as most of the veiwers opinions r differ as urs n mine….Don’t feel bad about my words n i don’t like fighting with my family member like u n v r also kasam family rite…i hope u understand that….

  52. reshma rashi

    Yh sia i agree wid silentreader on dat..u r sweet :)… but lyk u sd sia..diffrnt ppl hv diffdnt views…n its wrong to bash someone ven he/she states her view..dat is wat nina did n dts y i suppprted luna.hony defendin her sis is alright by me..but she tried to bring kther ppl who ver not in d fight also fight whivh irked me hence my comment

  53. Sia

    @Silent reader, Its ok dude…u seek sorry for that comment thats a big thing…n thanx for calling me sensible dear..may be u r the first to call ha ha ha just kidding….anyways i luv u r name ‘silent reader’….

  54. Sia

    @Reshma rashi, Ya dear i understand….n r 2 a sweet girl…i’m proud to hav friends like u, luna, nina, hony, maryam, silent reader, vafa, anika, siddhi, ali n ahmad…thats why i don’t like u guyz fighting with each other….i hope u get it what i mean to say….n hav a gud day freinds….

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.