Kasam 16th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Abhishek finds it hard to propose Tanuja

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The Episode starts with Beeji and Rishi’s conversation. Tanuja finds the bouquet on the door step and calls Natasha.Natasha tells Tanuja that Mr. Handsome have sent it. Tanuja thinks I didn’t think that he can send bouquet here and asks Natasha to have breakfast. She gets Rishi’s call. Rishi says it is good that you have closed door. Tanuja asks how dare you to send me bouquet. Rishi says yes, did you like it and laughs. Tanuja says I will not forgive you. Rishi says I know Jaana. Tanuja asks where you are going? He says Jaanu- Jaana, it is love. Tanuja says she is not his Jaanu and says she is getting angry. Rishi says until your anger goes, I will send you bouquet daily. Abhishek comes and asks where is the bouquet. Natasha says flowers is phool. Tanuja says it is of yesterday and asks him to have


Manpreet asks Rishi about the meeting. Rishi says he wants to meet Tanuja and tells that he loves her very much. Abhishek tells his friend that he told her indirectly many times, but she don’t understand him. His friend asks what you will do if Tanuja loses custody case and then go to Rishi for Natasha. Abhishek says he won’t let that happen and says he will propose her. Later he shows the ring to his friend and says he will give to Tanuja. Natasha hears her and says she heard what he said. Tanuja comes. Abhishek keeps hand on Natasha’s mouth. Natasha asks Tanuja to search her book. Tanuja goes. Natasha asks him to give chocolates. He agrees. His friend asks where did you throw the ring seeing her. Abhishek asks him to find. Rishi comes to Tanuja’s house and is infront of her house. He calls Tanuja while he is calling Manpreet. Tanuja asks him not to come. Rishi says he wants to meet her and seems like her life will go if he don’t meet her. Tanuja asks him not to talk all this and asks him not to come. Rishi thinks what to do.

Natasha tells Tanuja that she has a stomach ache. Tanuja asks what? Natasha says for hiding the truth. Tanuja asks her to tell. Natasha doesn’t tell her. Abhishek comes there. Natasha tells that she didn’t tell anything to Tanuja. She finds the ring which they were searching. Abhishek tells his friend that Natasha is his life and that’s why he is afraid to propose her. Abhishek comes to Tanuja and tries to confess love to her. His friend says actually he wants to tell you something. Tanuja asks why don’t he tell then. Abhishek tells that he likes the noodles. His friend shouts and says he want to go. Abhishek looks at the ring and eats noodles. Rishi thinks to go inside and meet Tanuja. He again sits back in car and asks himself to go back home. Bua and Myra comes there. Goons attack the driver to take their stuff. Rishi sees that and is shocked.

Precap: Rishi fights with the goons. Myra gets impressed. Suddenly other goons attack him with a rod. Tanuja applies ointment on his forehead and gets worried.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Apoorva shetty

    Wow waiting for tommorow’s episode

  2. I wish ke myra rishi ke pecha na pade
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    I love AK TANU JODI

  3. I think myra Ak se pyaar karege
    is bar rishi ke pecha koe ladke nahi hoge

  4. Myra & ak fall in love
    I’ll hope
    Tanshi unite

  5. Rishi love u so much …. Ssharad plse give me ur WHATSAPP number . . ..u know

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