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Neha comes to kitchen and make up Tannu, wanting to learn make tea. She follows Tannu’s steps. Tannu puts in tea masala that makes flavor better. Neha puts in a huge quantity. Tannu demands for cup and saucer, Neha follows Tannu and cleans them. She takes the sieve from Tannu’s hand, pours the tea and suggests Neha to taste it first. Neha boasts it must be good because she made it, she must stay away from Rishi as she is there to take care of him. In the way, Bani tastes Neha’s tea. She comes to kitchen and takes Tannu’s cup. Tannu insists this is Raaj’s cup, Bani asks if Raaj is her father in law to be? She must make new.
Neha brings tea to Rishi. Rishi says he doesn’t take tea in morning, but Neha insists. Rishi takes a sip and wonders why it reminds her of Tanvi. Manpreet comes to him,

Rishi was worried why this tea reminds him of Tanvi.
Bee ji watches Neha dancing and asks if she gets craziness attacks. Neha tells Bee ji she made tea for Rishi and he liked it. Bee ji comes to Rishi and Manpreet and asks if Tannu came? Bee ji offers Rishi to discuss his love with her, she has a lot of experiences with love. She advices Rishi come out from his heart break first. Manpreet interferes, Bee ji holds his ear and asks him to stay away from them. Bee ji urges Rishi to do anything to get Tanvi, he must get ready for a new war as everything is fair in love and war. She tells them Tanvi made the tea at which Neha is dancing. She tells him to throw this Tannu away from his life. She gives him an idea, in Indian movies when heroine watches the hero with another girl they leave his life themselves. Rishi cheers.
Rishi comes to appreciate the tea, Tanvi says Tannu made it. Rishi tells her he wants to kiss the hands that made it. Tannu was irked, and demands him to leave way, she has to go to roof.
A girl stops Rishi on street and tries to flirt with him. He thinks if Tannu catches him red handed with her, she will leave him by herself. He wonders where he must meet her then whispers something in her ear. She assures him to come. Rishi was excited for Bee ji’s plan. He wonders where Tanvi must have gone after tearrace. Neha was making Rotis, Rishi mocks them to be country’s maps. Bani comes to scold Neha and shows her cut the extra pieces with a plate.
Rishi and Manpreet laugh about teasing Tanvi. The girls come in then from window, Manpreet boasts this girl must have come for him. The girl instead hugs Rishi. Manpreet wonders how he got flat over her. Rishi takes Manpreet aside and whispers the plan to him, Manpreet cheers wishing him luck. Rishi sends him to bring Tannu here. He daydreams about Neha slapping him and breaking the proposal.
The girl holds Rishi pushing him into bed. Manpreet comes to Neha and butters her being her brother in law. He gives her a card with a pop-up cartoon. Neha cheers, Manpreet asks her to enjoy and thinks now she would go to Rishi. Neha thinks about going to Rishi’s room. Rishi looks outside the window awaiting Neha. He watches Neha on the door and holds the girl to bed. He looks ahead to see Tannu also watching him from window and was shocked.

PRECAP: Rishi tells Tannu that she might get a thousand reasons to get away from him, but they only have love to get closer.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. I hate u neha..
    Rishi u will get ur love back soon….

    Ur plan will work..
    Gud luck!!!

  2. Please…please…sona always update every song name… Even in 13 may epi you didnt include kuch to hai by armaan malik and hamari adhuri kahaani female version as many people only read the updates so please…

    Why is there so much dragging

  3. i luv rishi plan neha ka muh ban gaya

  4. Very nice episode. Guys I write ff IT’S THE TRUTH if u wish u can read it

  5. Hi friends!! I m New here. I love this serial from the beginning. Can I join?

    1. Hey Louella.

      I’m here too. I keep watching, hoping and waiting and waiting and waiting for the story o move on!

      And I’m still waiting! Lol!

      Welcome on board! Xxx

      1. Thanks Nimisha di for warm welcome. But love rishi and tanu. Yesterday’s episode was very funny. Kept on laughing. Even I m waiting. Hope it does not take a year for them to marry.lol.

  6. ekta kapoor ki kis dil me hai mera dil and kasam same story bilkul same .

  7. Awesome episode

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