Kasam 16th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Pummy advices Kritika to save Ranbir

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The Episode starts with Ranbir telling Judge that whatever Malishka is saying has happened with him. Judge asks Defense Lawyer to handle his client. Defense lawyer asks Ranbir to sit. Vikas asks do you want to ask anything from my client. Defense Lawyer says nothing. Vikas calls Ranbir in the witness box and taunts him. He asks why did you molest Malishka? Ranbir says I didn’t molest her and shouts. Defense Lawyer says objection. Judge says objection sustain. Vikas asks him why did he ask Malishka to stay in the party. Ranbir tells that he casually asked her to enjoy the party. Defense Lawyer tells that there were many girls then why Ranbir will molest Malishka. Vikas tells that all girls knew about his behavior so that’s why he chose Malishka to molest her. He tells that Ranbir is a big Casanova and a

flirt. He tells that he must have made many girls silent with his money and says this is molestation case and not property case. He says he has witnessed to proof that he had molested her. He shows the city hospital report and also photographic evidence. Judge sees the evidence and says you have done a shameful sin. Vikas says this proofs that he had molested Malishka. He asks Ranbir to go and relax , probably for the last time and smiles. He tells Judge that he has two witness, one is Shilpa and other is waiter.

Shilpa gives false statement. Waiter also gives statement. Vikas says Ranbir has s*xually harassed Malishka and asks Judge to give her verdict. Ranbir thinks whatever may be the verdict of the court, but Kritika has stolen his heart and have to be there all life. Judge tells that Ms. Ranbir Kapoor has molested….Just then court bell rings and the court is adjourned for till the next week. Malishka gets upset. Ranbir thinks I know you doesn’t want me to get punished. Kritika takes a sigh of relief. Ranbir asks her to meet him at 4 and then asks her to call him.

Ranbir and Akki come back home and are happy. Mahima says my son is back after winning match. Ranbir says I lost my heart and says I am in love. Mahima kisses on his cheeks and says you gave me biggest happiness. Ranbir says I will be on your bahu’s side. Mahima says she is happy.

Kritika thinks why did I hold his hand? Pummy asks them not to step out of house for 3 days and tells about weather report. Ishani and Jiana tell her what they heard. Pummy asks Kritika to have food also. Kritika says she will have food after Chacha ji eats.

Pummy says he will come late and asks her to have it. Kritika sits to eat food. Pummy asks about Ranbir’s case. Kritika tells that he was proved wrong in the court. Pummy asks her to fight from Ranbir’s side and says I am sure you will not let him lose the case. Kritika asks how and why? Pummy says he will give you much money. Kritika says nobody can make him win. She says my client is Malishka and that she doesn’t believe on Ranbir. Pummy tells her that she shall listen to her heart and tells that they all think he is right. She says we can’t fight his case and that’s why asking you. She says Malishka is very clever. She tells that she heard her heart and got married although everyone asked her not to marry Arun. Kritika says that’s why you are not happy. Pummy says who said this and tells that he loves us very much and tells that heart decisions are not wrong. She says Kohli Saheb loves you a lot and now he asks about you. She says he has note down your name in his daughter’s list. She asks her to fight for Ranbir and listens to heart. Jiana and Ishani ask her to listen to heart. Ishani says nothing is impossible and says all guys are not Yash. Kritika says may be my heart wants to know this.

Balraj tells Batra that he was working on his house case when he was working on the drama. He says now nobody can save you and your daughter.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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