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In the party, Manpreet and Bee ji welcome guests. Manpreet says Rishi hasn’t only invited Rishi’s friends, but doctors, engineers and business tycoons; and everyone has arrived with their family. Divia brings Rano, Rano gets cautious watching Sheetal and asks her to turn the chair around. Sheetal comes towards Rano anyway and presents her flowers. Bee ji comes to meet Sheetal and asks about her son, Sheetal says he must be there somewhere. Rano takes a leave from them, Bee ji takes Sheetal along. Rano was relieved.
Rishi reaches the party with Tanuja. People come to congratulate him, Raaj calls his name loud and comes to the center calling Rishi as his pride. Raaj says in business people get themselves appreciated, he is a successful business man but never got himself complimented. Today, he

has got an opportunity to share with the world that Rishi is not only a successful businessman, but also an obedient son. Rishi comes to touch his feet and hug Raaj. Ahana comes to Tanuja. Rishi thanks Raaj and everyone, he says behind his successes there is someone’s efforts, someone’s brought up, someone taught him it’s really necessary to be a good son and a good person as well. He remembers when he was an angry man, who never laughed. When she first came to take a job from him, he scolded her; but she only trapped him. Sheetal asks who she is. Rishi says as behind every successful man there is a woman, it’s his beloved best friend-Tanuja. Everyone clap as Rishi forwards his hand for her to come forward. Both look towards each other. Rishi says Tanuja is the reason behind his successful life; they must all know the reason they are invited for this party with their families today; i.e. to meet Tanuja. He already announced Tanuja’s decision would be the final one, she might reject anyone but no one can reject Tanuja at all. They have already been divorced, as per Tanuja’s wish. She wanted Rishi to leave her, it’s really difficult for any girl to stay with a curt man like him. He thanks Tanuja for bearing him. He announces that today it’s a new beginning, the one Tanuja now chooses would be lucky as Tanuja is his lucky charm. He will never get disconnected from Tanuja. Tanuja stares at Rishi, while Rishi names the party after Tanuja. Rishi takes Tanuja to meet his friends, some big names in business. He asks for her hand to come along, Tanuja denies but Rishi says a please again.
Bee ji comes to Raaj and asks what Rishi is doing. Raaj says Rishi is connecting himself more deeply to pain. Rishi introduces Tanuja to Arjun Malhotra, his old friend and a business man who was married, but is single now. Arjun takes Tanuja to speak to her. Rishi leaves Tanuja with him. Tanuja watches him walk away. Tanuja keeps her eyes over Rishi who had come to get drunk at the bar and cried there.
Shekhar reaches the party, curt over his goons to have lost. He comes inside. Manpreet and Ahana watches Shekhar, Shekhar whispers with a waiter, the kidnapper in disguise. Manpreet comes disgusted at Shekhar, Shekhar asks about Rishi. Tanuja looks towards Rishi thinking why he is putting herself in trouble, they are now divorced and her birth chart would have no effect over his life. Rishi thinks had Tanuja shared to stay with him, he would never have taken this step.
Shekhar comes to Rishi and says he heard Rishi is looking for a bachelor for Tanuja’s marriage. Rishi says he also heard Malaika didn’t marry him and left him. He asks John to get a free drink to Shekhar, and asks who is luckier in their case. If Malaika was saved from him, or he was saved from Malaika. Shekhar turns to leave, Rishi follows him and asks if he really lost everything. Shekhar warns Rishi to do what he came for, Rishi confronts him telling him to leave.

PRECAP: in the store room, the goons beat and take someone. Tanuja recognizes the hand from the door.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. I will instead write why i used to love this show
    1) rishi with his funny jokes & plans( like running away with tanu, catching pawan red handed,etc)
    2) neha, a dumb but funny spunky vamp
    3)manpreet for being perfect partner in crime brother
    4) ahana for being the tough protective sister (& screaming at pawan)
    5) pawan for being very perfect villain & making me hope he fails. (the new villain shekhar is so plain ???)
    6) tanu for being adoring & naive selfless, taking care of people, hard working girl
    7) tanu rishi chemistry
    8) Bani Rano playing home politics & games at each other.
    8) the whole family being very fun loving, light fun show with theme of love that lives on

    1. Hi,Hope you don’t mind my comments.
      I used to love the chemistry between Rishi and Tanu,All she does now is cry and he just insults her every chance he gets.
      The Mother just hates any woman Rishi likes,And would rather see him miserable with someone she chose than happy with his own choice.
      No matter what happens,Everybody just agrees with the Mother,Even the Dad now has lost his faith in Tanu.
      And you are totally right that spark has gone out of the show.
      The bit I don’t really understand is the temple woman told Tanu they could not be together ?
      Well what a waste of 20yrs if they cannot be together,And what was the point of the show ?

      1. Hey dave, yes i agree with all your points, i will add that most actors are either made to dissapear or their roles dont affect storyline at all, making its plot weak, which is tragic as it used to be a good show !!

  2. Bored of Kasam

    I stopped watching because this show is so boring, haven’t watched for weeks and show is still in the same place. Where did Smiley disappear after finding out she is pregnant?

  3. Wat a pathetic one… i stopd wtchng kasam now. plz yar rano ko sadbudhhi do taki wo ye drama band karwae… ye log ek suspense ka khulasa karte hain or use wahi gad dete hai like smiley’s pregnncy. aage v to dikhao usko!! bakwas

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