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Neha and Sandy argue, Neha tells Sandy she sent her daughters there only to get fame, money and comfort. It was her life’s biggest mistake to marry him, Sandy says he killed Tannu just for the sake of her love and is now going to get his daughters back. Neha warns Sandy if he go there, he will find her hanged body. Sandy reminds Neha if Rishi come to know they are his daughters, he will revenge them.
Rishi wakes up in the morning, he recalls he was drunk last night and came from the back door wondering who brought him inside last night. He looks around thinking who put off his shoes, watch and glasses. He remember a girl and was sure. He gets his shoes on.
Nidhi and Vidhi were ready to leave the store room to buy Varapao. Nidhi scolds Tanuja for not done with the cleaning till now. Tanuja finds

a wallet on floor and goes to give it back to him. Rishi comes to breakfast table, Rani recalls the tension between them tomorrow. Raaj calls Rishi to join them, Rano comes to his service with her own hands. Raaj corrects, its serving. Rishi apologizes Rano for misbehaving in hotel, Rano accepts it to be her mistake. Raaj reminds he is also here. Rishi asks about the family, Raaj tells him Manpreet is out, Bee ji must be joining them in a while. He interrupts and ask how he reached his bed room yesterday. Rano lectures him about being drunk last night, and wonders how she didn’t hear the doorbell. Rishi says he came from back door, and there was a girl in their store room. Raaj and Rano consider it impossible, it must be John the butler. Rishi recalls the face, and insists it was a girl. Tanuja comes with the wallet then and there, Raaj and Rano were shocked watching her. She recalls their instructions and runs back.
Raaj scolds John for going in store room last night. Rishi insists it was a girl. John was leaving, Raaj scolds him to make a bad juice. He comes to whisper to John to go and tell the girls hide somewhere. Rishi heads towards the store room to check. Rano and Raaj were worried for the girls.
Tanuja runs into her room, John comes from behind. He conveys Raaj’s message to Tanuja to hide somewhere, painting Rishi to be a beast. Rishi comes calling. John instructs her to hide somewhere behind the wall. Rishi spots his wallet in John’s hand and says this means he came into this room last night and there was a girl. He takes the wallet from John’s hand and walks inside. Suddenly, winds begin to blow. The bulb flashes again. Tannu panics behind the wall as Rishi walks underneath it, remembering Tannu and his first meeting. Tanuja peeks from behind the stroller, while Rishi thinks about Tannu. She thinks Rishi is smiling watching a bulb, why is he fed up of people then. He is getting emotional while fixing the bulb, which rich person fixes a bulb himself; how can he be a beast then. Rishi was hurt in hand, Tanuja hides sitting down. Rishi comes to scold John for not fixing the bulb since yesterday and sends him get an electrician. Tanuja peeks from behind the wall, thinking Rishi is really a beast. Raaj is so calm, and he is so fuming . How can two people, living in the same house, be so different?
Raaj tells Rano they never asked the girls once not to introduce about their parents to someone at home. Rano was tensed, Raaj offers her a sandwich to get her prepared for the storm. Manpreet comes there complimenting their romance, as Rishi won’t come here at this time. Raaj informs Manpreet Rishi is home, he keeps the sandwich and leaves for office. Rishi goes to fix the bulb, Tanuja’s stroller flow over his face; memories of Tannu and her strollers flash in his mind. He pulls the stroller while Tanuja resisted.

PRECAP: Rano argues that such strollers suit only girls. Rishi says yes, that’s the point. Only girls wear such strollers, he is now sure that girl is somewhere around.

Update Credit to: Sona

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    aaj ka bada blooper…

    STORE ROOM itni achche se aur sundar se dikh raha( i mean bed, chairs, dining table totally clean ???) tha phir bhi RISHI ko abi tak patha nahi chala ki kohi hai yaha…???❗❗

    chodiye yeh sab bade bade serial mai chote chote galthi hotha hai..???…

    aaj ki episode mai tho RARA ki tashan aur tannu ki kadoos dilouge achcha tha ..???
    agar rishi new tanu ko dekh liya tho kya hoga… ❗❓
    gussa ya pyaar…❗❓

    i like new tanu she is so beautiful and her acting is very well and also ferfect pair for SM… ..

    waiting fir tomorrow episode…. ???

    1. Luvleen

      Hilarious good one mate ????

  2. Tamil therinjavanga yarachi irukingala

    1. yes enku nala tamil therum

    2. hi shu and rani ….
      naanum Tamil thaan… 🙂


    source from IF …

    extract from article–
    Tanuja (Shivani Tomar) hide away as Rishi (Ssharad Malhotra) come to find Tanuja in the store room-Tanuja’s fragrance make Rishi remember Tanu (Kratika Sengar) in Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki
    In the upcoming epiosde there will be high voltage drama in the daily soap.
    Rishi come looking out for Tanuja in the store room.
    Tanuja hide herself out from Rishi.
    The coincidence such happens that Tanuja’s stroller goes swinging on Rishi’s face.
    Rishi identifies Tanuja by Tanu’s fragrance.
    Tanuja in tention as Rishi had discovered Tanuja’s presence in the house
    In the upcoming episode there will be lot of tragedy seen in Rishi’s life.
    Tanuja and Rishi will be clashing amid Rishi’s house.
    Rishi will at once identify Tanuja as Rishi’s Tanu.
    But what if Rishi comes to know about Tanuja’s father Sandy and mother Bani?
    How will Tanuja escape Rishi’s anger as Tanuja is the daughter of Rishi’s biggest enemy.
    Stay tuned for further developments in the story line.


    SBB segment news and SHIVANI THOMAR iv…


  5. Nice episode. Super at bulb scene
    Luv u rishi

  6. Siddhi

    Loved the episode

  7. when will rishi realise tanuja is real tanu???
    i am seriously waiting for that moment…
    at that moment i really want to see what expression have on rishi’s face;-)

  8. Loved today’s epi. Tanshi ? when will u guyz unite !! Eagerly waiting for that day.

  9. It is not Sandy and neha’s daughter. She was sandy’s friends daughter. Or someone related to Sandy.,I rember watching. And rishi had helped push the ambulance van out of the mud in the rain becos her mother was in labour and the van was stuck in the mud.


      yes u r rite this is article problem…

      and bani is daughter in law for sandy…??????

      yeh article likne wali log bhi na teek se dyaan nahi dethe yaha par bani ko sandy ka patni banadiya hai ???, maine bhi check karke paste karna chahiye tha…

  10. Siddhi

    Hey kasam family can u tell ur age and Birthdate so that we will not who is the smallest in kasam family

    1. Luvleen

      Let’s say a woman never reveals her true age and it’s not polite to ask someone’s age. ? Lol

      1. Siddhi

        Okay if u don’t want then it’s okay and I am a girl.My age is 13 and date of birth is 23rd March 2003

    2. Luvleen

      But since you seem very young Siddhi, we make you our youngest Kasam family member ???

      1. Siddhi

        Oh means u are younger then me


      hai siddhi…
      fake date of birth…❗❗
      sunday is holiday, but how it’s possible….❓❓❓
      (just for fun )??????

  11. i remember tanu is sandy’s brother daughter…..
    after tanu was born , in a few days
    tanu’s mom and dad were died in the accident..
    sandy loves his brother very much…
    thats why sandy treats tanu as his own daughter and gives more priority than his own daughters….

    1. Luvleen

      Not brother, best friend who had helped sandy Alot.

  12. This serial is based on the topic of “Kasam”. I love the story like hell and congrats to the director and the story maker..

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