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Malaika tries to wake Rano, but didn’t want to disturb Raaj. She throws some coins in the room, Raaj wakes up and lights the lamp. Rano notices Malaika’s cloth piece outside the door, she tells Raaj to take rest as she would look after who is there. She comes out of the room. Malaika tells Rano that Rishi broke her promise, he and Tanuja sat in their room wrapped under a single sheet. They need to stop Rishi. Rano says it would be of no use, Tanuja is after Rishi. This will continue till Raaj gets well, Rano says if a lie is repeatedly told, it turns to truth.
The next morning, Rishi wonders for how long Tanuja would stay inside the washroom. He calls Tanuja in the washroom, she comes from behind with a cup of tea and says she is fine. She tells him Ahana sent tea for him, and asks if he thought

she is still in washroom. Tanuja says she got ready early in the morning and was working in kitchen, unlike him. Rishi sips a tea from the cup, and remembers Tannu and her tea. He stares towards Tanuja, smiling. Tanuja had been wiping dust from shelves and books around. Rishi turned his head back, as she goes there; still smiling towards her in a trance. She looks towards him, and signals what it is about. Rishi asks who made this tea. Tanuja says she made it, Ahana just asked her to get it for him. Rishi tells Tanuja this is a bad tea, Tanuja argues she had the same tea but she had no problem. She goes to tell John for another tea, but Rishi insists she would have it. The tea spills over Rishi’s clothes, he rushes towards washroom. Tanuja goes behind him apologetic. Rishi comes out of washroom in towel and sends Tanuja to clean the pants and press them. Tanuja says he had forbidden him touch his things, she won’t touch his pants at all. Tanuja was shocked to see Malaika outside, Rishi explains it’s not what she is thinking. Tanuja doesn’t support Rishi saying he removed her pants because of her. Tanuja, while leaving the room thinks Rishi is worth it. Rishi wonders why Tanuja behaves as if she is his childhood friend, then gets silent. Outside, Tanuja thinks Rishi would be enraged one day. She notices doctor in Raaj’s room and goes concerned for him. The doctor assures Tanuja that Raaj is fine, his blood pressure, sugar and a number of other parameters are normal. Rishi also come there, and confirms when Raaj would be perfectly fine. The doctor says if he takes care of himself and takes medicine in time, he would get well in a month. Rano assures to take care of his medicines. Raaj stops Rishi as he needs to speak to him, Rano leaves with the doctor. Raaj stops Tanuja as well.
Outside, Rano thanks the doctor for assuring Raaj that he would soon get well. The doctor appreciates Rano’s decision, as he would really get well soon now. Malaika hears this and cheers, John comes to hand her the coffee. Malaika cheers if this is the lie that needs to be turned to truth.
In the room, Raaj asks Tanuja about Rishi, as he is really mischievous since childhood. Rishi denies teasing Tanuja and is good to her. Raaj questions Tanuja, Rishi signals Tanuja for apology. Tanuja smiles a bit, then says he doesn’t trouble her; but only a few times. Raaj scolds Rishi. Tanuja winks towards Rishi, then says it’s because of situations. They tell him about the bat incident, Rishi makes up that she was afraid. Raaj laughs that Tanuja was afraid of a bat only. Rishi says Tanuja made a disgusting tea today, but he insisted to have the same tea. Raaj blesses Rishi. Tanuja thinks for a while. Rishi says Tanuja must be happy to have got a good, charming husband. Tanuja makes a weepy face, saying Rishi scolded her a few days back. Tanuja confess it was her mistake, as she set her clothes in his cup boards. Raaj holds Rishi’s ear and tells him to take care of his daughter. He tells Rishi he trusts Tanuja to be really nice. Rishi was offensive, that Raaj didn’t take his opinion. Rano comes in, and tells Rishi that Malaika is calling him downstairs to go to office. Rishi bids them farewell, Raaj says he can greet his wife bye in front of them. Rishi agrees looking towards Rano and waves a bye to Tanuja. Rano takes Raaj for medicine. Raaj wish to take medicines from Tanuja, he would get well soon that way. Rano was silent, and thinks Tanuja is more important for Raaj than her.
In the office, Rishi apologizes for being late for meeting. His colleague says he is a married couple, and can be late. They apologize for not being able to attend their wedding. Rishi clarifies they didn’t marry, he got married to someone else and not Malaika. A board member asks if there wasn’t Malaika’s name on the invitations.

PRECAP: In the office, Malaika was upset as she has no answer for people. Rishi assures to get it well, and promises to marry her.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. The episode was soo nice.rishi was looking so cute in this episode

  2. Nice episode

  3. Hey the epi was good I did not see the epi becoz I have to sdudy for my mid term test and I just read it vafa and others please pray that I should do my mid term test well

    1. Hency

      My prayers are always with you Catherine. ..don’t worry. ..all the best dear???. ..good luck ☺☺☺

  4. Hi vafa the epi was good but I missed the epi I just read it

  5. Hey guys and vafa pls pray that I should do my test well tomorrow

    1. All the best

    2. That’s gr8 n don’t worry dear I pray that ur exam goes well n just chill….

    3. All the best for ur exam….


    Show is going nice… but pllzzzzz make rishi little mature as per his age as he is behaving as childish like at tym of tannu, now show some maturity as rishi is atleast 17-20 yrs old from tannuja….

    1. Shraddha sharma When one is in love the behave like kids that the power of love. That’s what happens to rishi.


      I am not saying about being childish behaviour Vivian..
      I am saying being little mature as per his age, his age is shown as same as Tannuja, i mean really stupidity.. when Tannuja was not borned he was near 20 or 25 yrs of age when he married to tanni and now after 18-20 yrs his age is still same and tannuja grew 20 yrs…
      Thats my point.. i know team do not want to show him 50+ but show him atleast 30 or 40 yrs who have thinking and understanding capability….
      Infect in this show after tannu’s death only Yuvi’s child Nakul grew and rest team have same age…

      By the way Vivian- nice name


  8. Maryam (etretr forever)

    nice ……..

  9. The episode was nice… Especially their funny wala nok jhok scene….by watching today’s episode I never felt lyk there is any problem btwn tanshi n they made me remember ahana n manpreet as they also used to fight lyk this….uff tanshi looks so cute as a couple….

  10. Nice episode…..
    Tanshi rocks!!!!…..
    BTW Malaika and Rano r really irritating…..?

  11. hi @catherine my dearfriend . donot worry . be sure that i pray that u do best in youreaxam tommorrow.
    [email protected] dear. i be happy that see u and yourcomment because i missed alotttt. i hope that @siddhi also give hercomment. episode was very nice.

  12. **************guys please go and vote for kratika best indianactress and sharad best indianactor for iochoice.for link vote and explainvote referto :http://insstagram.com/omg-its-kratz-dheer/
    please guys hurry up and go vote
    thanks kasamfamily

  13. Nice episode…..but dont u guys think rishi is acting like a kid….he is 43 years old……somewhat like tanujas dads age?…..but tanuja is lot more mature than rishi…….(Dont feel bad that i told tanujas dad….i was just mentioning it)…….anyway i am waiting for more tanshi scenes???
    And Catherine , all the best for your exams….do it well?

  14. Hency

    Siddhi. …where are you dear. ..and how r u. ..I hope everything going good. ..really missing your comments dear. ..

  15. All the best for your exam catherine

  16. Nice episode. Rishi thanuja’s fighting super.

  17. u r right @hency dear. @siddhi promise that alwayz give hercomments. @siddhi kind-heart sister please give we all missing yourcomments.

  18. Hi,I hope you don’t mind my saying I agree with both Shradda Sharma on here and SL.
    Rishi is a grown man and not only is he childish,But he still allows his Mother to dictate to him.
    Is it twice up to now Tanuja has saved his life ?
    How is he going to marry Malaika ? He is already married
    And more to the point,Why would he marry Malaika ?

    1. Dave Dear, I agree with u…as rishi is now grown up n his might be about 40-45 so he should behave atleast like a mature man….anyways he was looking cute as well….

  19. Nice episode, and nok jhok between tanshi was so cute. And all the best Catherine for your test.

  20. Thanks Snow white.
    Ok you can Marry Rishi and I will marry Tanu ? lol
    I must admit the eye contact is something special between them

    1. who is responsible or what is it the cause of sense of hesitation and even sometimes fears among those members , who wants criticizes rishi , or kritika’s part or kasam in general? why those who think opposite can not tolerate these people belief ? and creating such a unpleasant atmosphere ? this is a page for everyone to comment and as long as those comments are honest and does not contains a negative or rude personal’s feeling attack must be welcomed.
      the same as other shows’s update page

    2. oh Dave you have such an admirable test ,as willing marry to the extremely gorgeous and amazingly good actress Kritika. But sadly in point of you , she is already is very happily married.

      1. it is an admirable taste ; not test .sorry

    3. Lol….

    4. Arey Katerine yaar it was just a joke….Don’t take it seriously….if u take out single negative points from a positive things which was actually a joke then how we can have peace in this page(kasam family) lyk other pages lyk thapki pyaar ki, etc….

  21. tanshi dear. we will see more in road noheymoon tanshi nok-jok and romanc.

  22. Right vafa, I also excited for their road trip

  23. Siddhi

    The episode was amazing and how are you guys?

  24. hi siddhui dear . i am fine . i happy that see yourcomment.please alwayz give yourcomments.

  25. hello…..siddi……juzt missed u man……….

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