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Rishi calls the girl from behind as Excuse me, if they have met before. The girl says may be, it was Neetu and says off course. Rishi says there was a girl here sometime ago. Neetu says she was her friend and came here for job. She asks he makes so many numbers. Rishi says there is nothing like that, it was just a strange feeling, then goes to flirt her. She says so he didn’t get her friend so he is flirting with her now, she assures him to keep in touch. He opens the door and thinks about the feeling again. He wonders what was it, it was really strange.
In the way, Tannu recalls the lady’s words that today her life is going to change. Rishi’s word echo in her mind. She looks at her hand and then as if some revelation, she wonders if that airport man was the one written in his fate. There is a

storm, she thinks why she felt so strange after touching him. She notices the horn of a car and curses herself for coming in the talks of any stranger. Someone keeps a hand on her shoulder, it was Ahna. Ahna asks if she found some handsome guy at airport. Tannu says they must hurry towards home, Ahna says their parents are running away anywhere. Tannu says in the morning maa wasn’t home and she lied to papa as well.
Raaj asks Rano what she had eaten when giving birth to their sons. Rano says he and his sons are same to same. Rishi and Manpreet come there. Raaj asks if he even hold an eye on another girl? And her sons only look at the girls around, it is just because of her. Rano was annoyed, while the sons enjoy. Rishi says it is Rano who take them to boxings, she takes them to watching wrestling while eating popcorns. Raaj was irked and tells them to move on now. Rano and sons laugh behind.
Veeru comes home calling Shanta, he watches her lying on the floor he throws water on her face, she opens her eyes. He helps her get up, helps her on a seat and asks who did this. Shanta says Guljeet and Bani. Veeru leaves Shanta, he asks what she is saying. Guljeet is his brother, how can he do this? He holds her head again. Shanta stands up, she says she heard their talk. She tells him about the talk of Bani and Guljeet and cries that she couldn’t stop them. Veeri says in disbelief how his brother can go to this extent. Shanta tells him to listen to her, they are going to leave Patiala. They must stop them. Shanta says they are taking their daughter’s future, happiness and dreams. Veeru and Shanta run out saying they won’t leave them.
Raaj tells family about Veeru and himself playing and spending time with each other. Raaj shows them a garden where there was a love point, Veeru taught him ways to propose Rano. He shows them the hospital where both were born. Rano and sons were getting bored on the back seat. Raaj says that they used to sleep in the same blanket, Rishi and Manpreet makes fun that this was the limit of love. They finally puts in cotton in their ears. Raaj stops the car at the college. Rishi and Manpreet ask how he met Rano here. They say if their mom went to college, still she doesn’t know English. Raaj asks them to think in 17 years she has this level of English, what would it have been in two years of college. This time Rano minds. Raaj says they aren’t making fun of her. Rishi says their mom couldn’t understand him. They have an argument. Rano asks Raj to let it go, but Raj says not let it go, but let it come. He watches the chaat vendor outside the college where they ate the chaat in the same plate.
Bani tells Guljeet that now the property has been named after their daughters. She reads the paper and is enraged that he got the property named after the four girls. Guljeet says they must have gone to jail if they had done this. Bani tells him to think now about how they must get it named after their daughters. Veeru followed them in the tractor. Guljeet says he is really worried what if Veeru gets him. He watches Veeru and Shanta following them and asks the cab driver to hurry up and drive fast. Veeru and Shanta followed the cab. Guljeet watches them come near. They watch some boys running out of the college, they were injured. Shanta and Veeru ask the children, they tell them that there was a terrorist attack in the college. Veeru runs towards the college. Shanta follows him, but there was bullet fire from inside. Veeru tells her to stay out but Shanta says she will also come with him. Both run in the college.
In the way, Tannu and Ahna hears on radio about terrorist attack on college. Tannu tells Ahna to go to college, may be they are able to help the students in anyway.
Veeru and Shanta comes in the building of the college. Veeru silently takes her towards a corridor, someone shuts the gate. The armed men come downstairs, they hide with the walls. Veery and Shanta runs upstairs, Shanta says she can’t let him go alone. Veeru insists on her to stay here, he asks how he will find his daughter otherwise. Shanta says she wants to see him and her daughters back. Veeru goes upstairs.
Raaj eats pani poori. Rishi enjoys the drink. Rano blows fan sitting nearby. There was police movement nearby. Raaj asks why police came to college. The sons make fun that it must have come to meet the hero Veeru. Raaj shouts at them.
Police comes to the college. Inside, Veeru comes upstairs. He hides himself while the terrorist shoots a security guard in front of him. The media had arrived there. Tannu and Ahna also arrive to the college. The police stops them. Tannu says they are the students here, police say they can’t let them go inside. Tannu asks the police to go inside then, students are stuck there.
Inside, Veeru comes to the guard and asks for the safety of his daughters. Tannu was worried.

PRECAP: Veeru watches Raaj, he tells Shanta that he is sure rishi must be there with him. A terrorist shoots him.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Oh no
    Rishi and tanu are the best.
    What u think guys MATHS or KALAM which is better ?
    for me kasam and tanu and Rishi are best couple
    Rishi is so handsome ?

  2. Wow Love u sharad best epi…..
    Exited abt the tmrw’s epi………..

  3. Kasam ……
    Kratika is known for her reality in acting…..

  4. Hey tanishqa!!! No offence but I think u haven’t seen MATSH…The chemistry between Ishveer was far better than this…..and no one can take the place of MATSH…. If u r not yet convinced then just go to any MATSH ff pgs and look at the ppl trending for MATSH 2

  5. Also kasam story is the same old reincarnation story,while MATSH was a fresh story. When MATSH was at the top it was the only show without any long leaps or supernatural phenomena like ssk, yhm

    1. Ya MATHS was good but kasam is capable of taking its place.
      And see Rishi and tanu will turn out to be better.
      No offence

  6. waiting fo TANU & RISHI’s meeting…

  7. I also think kasam is the best……..

  8. i thought kasam s best…i watch MATSH also…but thats bore after ritika enter…irritate ..atlast its end…but i like ishveer pair…something magical their chemistry…but MATSH serial story s bad..they paired someother serial…compare to MATSH…Kasam is best,…it seems interest lot…

  9. Loving this show. Sharad and Kratika make a good offscreen couple.

    I am just having one reservation about this. I hope Kratika plays the reincarnation as well. If it’s a new actress, it wouldn’t be as effective. Otherwise,the show is paced and plotted well and I am loving it already. Waiting for the first meeting of Tanu and rishi.

  10. As for the Kasam vs MATSH debate -to each their own. Everyone is entitled to their opinion as to who likes what better.

  11. arham(a soul of shadika)

    anjali dr..whatever u saying was 100% tru dr..luv dr ummmaaahhh

  12. arham(a soul of shadika)

    kasam will be flop soon..then matsh2 will start soon..at the same time 10 o clok..none other serial can take plac our matsh,s tym..so eagirly waiting for matsh2…

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      He too arham thinking the same

  13. Missing u ishveer…..

  14. Oh godd the story is getting too much interesting….waiting for rising and tannu’s meeting

  15. When matsh was about to end , I thought I would not be able to live , and will miss it badly ! But now I realise that u don’t miss something or someone that stays in ur heart ♥.. It stays into my heart and can never be replaced by any stupid SaaS bahu soap.. Cause it was not just any SaaS bahu drama but an passionate and unending love story of two love birds .. Love u ishveer ?..

  16. Kasam is not stood bad by me cause it has replaced my aashiqui !! But because it has copied the concept of matsh .. Love at the age of a child and confesion of that love ❤ when u grow up !! Its almost the same , but even worse , as it has depicted love enforced through some supernatural powers ,,

  17. rookey rookers - 4 ever the ♡♥lover of ranvi

    ho arham, angali ,naren bro i totally agree with u matsh 2 on the way dont give up i love u guys . matsh the best

  18. rookey rookers - 4 ever the ♡♥lover of ranvi

    and arham dear its already a big flop so no need the word soon my sweet darling . . ♥♥♥♥♥♥

  19. This show is really interesting. Love it.

  20. i dont want to command here… these…. STUPID… BAKWAS….. SERIAL KASAM…!!

    I am so much angry on ekta…bcouz she end my MATSH….




    ekta…. played fans emotions…. after MATSH…. END….. DIE HARD FANS OF SHADIKA….STILL….SUFFERING…. HEAITH…. PROBLEMS…!!



  21. Thanks all who have supported me for MATSH. Can u guys tell me where to comment for MATSH since the official page comments box is closed now?

  22. https://www.wattpad.com/story/48778063-meri-aashiqui-tumse-hi

    Guys please read this story and vote by clicking on the star at right hand top most corner… Drop in your comments too. If the writer can do so much for our MATSH, oughtn’t we show our love and support by doing such a small thing for the writer… You have always supported the ff’s here, it’s time to show our love for this story too… Please guys.

  23. No doubt that tanu and rishi have good chemistry…….but nobody could compete with ishveer….thiugh story was draggin…..bt the lead couple was jst awesome…….stilll in LUV with ISHVEER???

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