Kasam 15th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Kritika misunderstands Ranbir

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The Episode starts with Kritika asking Ranbir why you come behind me and who are you to me? Ranbir says who are you to me? He says sorry and says you are not the one what you are thinking. Kritika says she is BA, LLB from Punjab. Ranbir says thank God. Kritika says your ego must be broken because of rejection from the girl. Ranbir asks which girl? She says she is talking about her. He is about to call her Babes and then tells that she thought and understand everything wrong and says bye. He says you are mad and psycho. Kritika says what a master piece. Akki asks why you are angry? Ranbir says I can’t bear Kritika and says she searches for the chance to think me wrong and tells that she thought him wrong when she saw him with celita. Kritika is also upset. She comes to Jiana and tells her that she dislikes

Ranbir. Jiana asks her to tell something new. Kritika says when I saw him standing outside the window, I felt as if I know him since years and thought him good. Jiana says you can never like him. Kritika says why girls are always stuck to him and asks why you are getting affected. Akki asks Ranbir why you are affected? Kritika says I am not affected. Jiana says you are jealous. Kritika asks her to sit alone and goes.

Ranbir says I am not affected and is perfectly fine. He says I will go and talk to Ishani. Akki stops him. Ranbir says she told me so much and you thought I will not be affected with my girl. Akki asks what did you say? Yash comes there and says sorry. He says you had a fight because of me. Yash says you both shall not fight and says I don’t understand how one can dominate other. Kritika says she is elder. He asks where did you meet Ranbir first? Kritika says what to tell and says why shall I tell you. Yash says why did you love a celebrity if you want to keep your life personal. He says I know that Ranbir is your boyfriend. Kritika is about to clear him, but then his friend calls him and he goes. Kritika thinks who spread this false rumour. Malishka tells Shilpa then they have to make Ranbir drink so that she can enjoy night with him. Ishani comes to Ranbir and says hi. Ranbir says good to see you. Ishani says I thought to talk to you. Ishani thanks him for making her Ms. Ghatkoper. She says I am a big fan of yours and asks do you have a girl friend? Ranbir says I have a girlfriend, but Akki doesn’t have a girl friend. She asks what is your girl friend’s name? Ranbir says Tanu and gets Kritika’s flashes. Kritika sees men taking some stuff in cold storage room. He says Ranbir told me.

Yash comes to Kritika and asks why you are his girlfriend? Kritika says I am not Ranbir’s girlfriend. Yash asks then we can meet for coffee. Kritika sees Ranbir and go to him. Ranbir thinks who is this Tanu and just then Kritika comes infront of him. Ranbir looks at her. Kritika asks did you tell him something. Ranbir says what are you saying? Kritika says he said that I am your girlfriend. Ranbir says it was for your betterment and says his eyes..and tells that he was staring at you and asks her to maintain distance with Yash. Kritika says your eyes are bad and asks him not to think others as him. Ranbir says nobody can become like RBK and says you are an attractive woman and he was attracted to you. Kritika says so whenever someone stares me, you will be my savior. She says you got hurt and I don’t like you and that’s why made a story. Ranbir says psycho and crazy.

He tells Akki that angry bird is thinking him wrong. Kritika tells Jiana that Ranbir is thinking Yash is having bad sight on me. Jiana says everyone is watching. Anirudh asks Ranbir to come on the stage. Ranbir goes to stage. Jiana gets excited and says I am so lucky to perform him dancing. Anirudh says Ishani Kohli will dance with him. Kritika tells Ishani you can’t go. Ishani asks why?

Kritika asks Yash not to come near her. Yash tells her that nobody will hear her voice because of the loud music and says he will get her. Kritika asks him not to think her weak and says she is a strong girl. He tries to get closer to her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Mona146

    nowadays kritika character has become too unbearable. moti is not that beautiful all the time. common itna mat chadao.

    1. O hello…kritika is very beautyfull…
      and she not fate…
      I love kritika

  2. Wow ranbir said his gf name is tanu . Story is actually nice for now just don’t make malishka other chipkali

  3. The Undertaker Justin Bieber

    I’m just too much fed up with this kritika. She always wears same type of clothes and choose the worse stlye by making her hair backside. Man I dont understand why the hell she is doing like that. Look Ranbir he wears different clothes in every episode and always be good looking even Ishani and Jiana be good looking and wears different cloth but this kratika even in party she looked like a total piece of sh!it. I am just real fed up now. Just guess what is good in this character. She is full of anger, Egoful, Irritating, shouting , fighting ,worse looking a total mess. I still remember she used to wear many different dress when she was Tanu in preleap and she used to look beautiful and young but after that when Tanuja and kritika came they both looks like a mess. I dont understand Why the hell writers r doing this. Due to low trp comeon man writers make the show as we said and we guarentee that the show’s trp will be like what it was back in 2016.if not i cannot expect anything from this show more than it will completly drop one day and goes off air.

  4. Kittu looking so gorgeous n cute in short tops wth jeans. Loving kritika n ranbir scenes. Loving kittu character so much..her expression always on point. Loving kittu scenes wth yash.Tbh, yash looking so handsome.

  5. I really love kittu outfit so simlpe yet beautiful. She looking so pretty amongs other girls. She dont like party all so its acceptable if she wore simple dress. But ranbir is party wild but wore worse outfit..always same type of jacket with that old jeans. He is footballer but wearing totally a worse dress. Look at yash, his outfit was cool.n he looking handsome. This ranbir will never change always wth girls, egostic, shouting n fed wth her character.

  6. Looks like lotus you are blind , ranbir was looking very nice in that jacket and the jacket was different than other rbk ,rsb jackets , kritika s outfit was also nice but her hairstyle was problem , her hairstylist should either straighten her hairs and cover one side with forehead or like initial tanuja hairstyle bouncy hairstyle but not pin her hairs tight . That stupid yash , now kritika will kick his ass or ranbir will break his bones . That tanu moment was also cute and jiyakkishani love triangle is ok but no triangle or any quadrilateral in kribirs love story

    1. Lilly i think u r blind. Kritika hairstyle was nice. Y should she do the same hairstyle like preleap? She has thick beautiful hair..tats y she try different hairstyle. I loving she keep changing her haistyle, sometimes straight n sometimes curly. Whatever hairstyle she do, she always looking beautiful.

  7. Nothing new still kritika is always misunderstanding ranbir . When will there be trust in their love .ekta kapoors every serial has this problem of trust issues alwys whether abhishek or raman . But preleap rishi tanu were so amazing . Really Miss that days . Dissapointed by current track

  8. Kritika is beautiful but I think Ishani is more hotter and s*xiest than her.and kritika become double beautiful when she put on some weight.I Think fate kritika looks more beautiful and gorgeous than smart kritika.It suits her personality.earlier in her career she was not that gorgeous beautiful but after gaining some weight her figure has changed a lot to perfection.

    1. No way…kritika is more beautiful than ishaani..
      loving kritika character

  9. Well said The undertaker Justine Biebir and Lilly. She always mis understand and is judgemental of other pple. As a lawyer she has already jumped into conclusion that the Kapoors are up to no good instead of trying to find the truth abt who owns the property. Let Ranbir live his life instead of accusing him all the time.Right now i dont like her character. Even on style other girls look polished and classy than her. She is pretty but she lacks class, if they dont style her they will keep having lower ratings. Is like i am watching a low mortion of a car crash.

  10. Looking beutiful is more important than looking s*xy. Kratika is natural beauty. It doesnt matter whatever she wear..she will always looking beautiful. Even kritika wore simple outfit compare to other girls, but still she looking most beautiful girls among other girls. There is no use if somene looking s*xy but not beautiful..if ishani wear simple outfit, sure she will be out of focus, but we can see, kritika eventhough wore simple dress still she looking gorgeous n cute..Thats is kratika magic

    1. Kasam Tere pyaar ki

      Kritika looked like aunty??? and yeah she didnt looked any thing special. She just looked like common girls or even downward. I thought she is shouting blaming but she knows how to look beautiful and different but i was wrong she lacks it too.And yes Their is no need to be s*xy but pooja u r wrong too because she looked like a down class girl with no knowledge about clothing. I have pointing out that she is wearing the same type of clothes from begaining but the only difference is she is wearing different colors. Missing those old preleap days??????. I want Tanu back i cant watch this kritika’s shit anymore now. Just Fu;ck her character. I have been watch some people who have mind and r thoughful such as The undertaker justen beber, Pops, Fake kasam , mona. But i have seeing some mind less mental people too like this pooja and lotus i have one question for u pooja why r u so irritating . I just have 4 words for u Just Go to hell. And yeah why this kritika is so fat like a buffallo she used to be thin and more beautiful in preleap. I cant figure it out how the hell she became a elephant from a giraffe???. And yes i have seen some mind less people who r telling yash is looking more good than ranbir well i have to say this that u guyz need an eye surgery. Kritika fat aunty don’t know how to dress and don’t have a mind. Well for kritika sengar i have a lot of respect for her but all the thing that i have told up is only for kritika kohli character just fu-ck that character man the character is so irritating man.

      1. Kasam Tere Pyar ki u idiot mind ur language..kritika looking beautiful. She have perfect weight wth her height. No one ask u to see kritika ..u can see tat playboy ranbir sleep wth mom n daughter at same time..what a disgusting character. That ranbir dont know how to dress always wear same begger jeans.. of course yash looking so handsome..he is tall..n so manly. As u said i also respect sharad..whst i said is for ranbir character. So disgusting n cheap character.

      2. Y u always bashing kritika? If u dont like her jus shut ur shittu mouth..n jus watching ur fav playboy ranbir wth the cheap girls. N who r u to body shaming kratika..if i ask back to u y ranbir look like dwarf..y he is short not look like hero. Ya the fact is Yash looking tall handsome like hero tats y, all love him. U jus concentrate on ur fav sharad..dont poking ur nose to kratika matters..Then we all know how to bashing ur fav.

  11. Your are 100% right
    kritika hai very beauty full face.
    she is very attractive

  12. you just said my mind kasamterepyaarki , there are some stupid people comparing yash and ranbir and laughing and mocking sharad for his height , and are calling yash real man, even abhishek was man because he was heighted and such boys only suit kratika . Well these people indirectly taunted sharad coward for his personal life , cheap mentality who are intrested in others life and gossiping about that rather concentrating on own life and even ranbir is not spared , he wears same cloths and not looking nice , like seriously . Some people really needs to learn manners to respect one , and stop commenting s*xual things on a person , you can lose weight but you after a certain age cannot increase your height , some people hereditary are of small height, or healthy stop body shamming here

  13. Kritika sucks Tanu rocks

    Fock u pooja u r a mindless irritating girl. Get out of this page u psycho idiot fool girl u have no right to comment here. I alwoyz come in this page to like the update but when i see the comment i agree with some peoples but some like pooja r irritating me in this page when i visit her pooja u sock u r disgusting and i dont like u go to helll

    1. Who r u ask me to go out frm here?..u go to hell… idiot..such mindless people

  14. Well its pooja vs others commenting on page like pops ,lilly , palavi , undertaker justin beiber , kasamterepyaarki ,kritika sucks tanu rocks . And all others are very correct . The way this girl pooja is using words are so shameful . If a mans height is less ,he is drawf and not a man and also not a hero . So why salman and amir khan working in industry . Becoz of talent and their hardwork . Such people are shipping actress with yash and pk just because they hate sharad , what happiness you are getting by hummilating him for his height ,physics , appeareance or personal life . Nobody is perfect , and has not committed mistakes in life but you have nice mentality to judge others without knowing him personally .sharad is fit , still some of kratikas fan called sharad gay ,loser, fake , what not . Disgusting . Keep it up such fandom . Keep creating new names pooja or lotus , degrading someone is easily but when it comes on you then how unbearable it is you will understand .you and your friends cannot tolerate single word for kratika as she is your idol , if someone calls her fat it hurts and you will scold that person but first follow this rule on yourself . Give respect get respect . Kasam lost its charm because kratika was paired with amit .kratika and sharad both have best chemistry . People watch show for krasha not krish or kramit or whatever .

    1. Oh if my words r shameful then kasamterepyarki words r respectful? I said single words about sharad height, u cant bear..if i said sharad short its hurt u..then see how badly they body shaming kratika. U all keep bashing kratika, u think we will jus keep quiet see this. So u all first, give respect n get respect. For ur info kasam lost charm coz sharad fans who first shipping sharad wth adaa, netra n now wth ishani. They r reason behind tis fandom fight. This page is only for read updates n comment about d episode. But tat 3 4 haters always bashing kratika here. So first of all ask them stop bashing kratika..then only we stop bashing sharad.

      1. for your kind information , sharad is less heighted , then what kratika is, because she is lesser n height than him.pooja you are having no proper reason of bashing sharad and if somebody said wrong about kratika so you will come on conclusion that the person is a sharad fan only , and he did bashed so i will do the same like tit for tat ,and if sharad was shipped according to you than kratika was also shipped with amit, yash and harshad .the people who are going on ks weight are wrong and you are also wrong . so stop proving yourself right,yes kasamterepyaar ki and few used foul laungage but you also did same and by his words its clear that he liked kratika in personal but he dont like the character which she is potraying , he thinks her better as tanu .both krasha are working hard , cvs are destroying their characters . bash them. why to go on someones personal life , woroty mentioned it correct that , why sharad is being insulted for his personal life , its so common , all the popular stars like ranbir ,salman, aamir , akshay had many girls in their life this does not tells that they are bad and cruel persons. we are none to judge ,his life his choice .here on this page kritika was bashed not kratika but you bashed sharad but fault is with writers , writers should be bashed . but if one starts you also start criticizing because he started first . its not only for you but for all people here who commented , bash writers and characters not actors if you have to give opinion . dont go personal .

  15. Sejal as a girl kratika height is perfect..witout heels also she looks tall. For u info i aso dont like to bashing anyone without any reason. But r u blind? U never see how badly kasamtetepyarki bashing kratika weight said buffalo elephant all. How can u said kasamtetepyarki like kratika, but only bashing kritika character?. If he/she like kratika he/she will never use such words to bash kratika. Im not stupid i know they all r sharad fans. Everytime they bashing kritika character, her clothes, her weight. Can i ask u something y u ask me to stop bsshing sharad? Y u not u ask kasamtrepyarki to stop bashing kratika? I know u wont do that coz u all sharad fans will never saiy anything whoever bsshing kratika. But whenever i reply them. All come to stop me. In this page they not only bash kritika but indirectly n directly bsshing kratika. If they start again bashing kratika then they will get back.

  16. Correct sejal , even I said same things . And we are telling you pooja coz I felt you must be enough mature , if someone bash kratika for height this doesn’t mean he is a sharad fan only , I respect kratika and sharad and never disrespected them , I can just understand you . There are few people who are purposefully creating fights and you become victim by doing same , if someone. Stoops low you will also stoop low .and stop being biased boys and girls both can have tall height or small height , there is no rule that girls can have small height , but boys should not have . Wherever krasha are because of talent not becoz of physical appearance . You are yourself insulting both kratika and sharad by highlighting their names again and again for height or weight . Both are not perfect nor there are perfect humans , everyone lacks in something ,somepeople can overcome that some cannot . Stop it here itself .

    1. Im matured enough tats y i said, here no one will bash kratika none other than sharad fans. As a kratika fans i cnt see tat stupid people always bashing kritika n kratika. As u said, there is no rules also for girls to looks zero size. Talent is most important but this brainless kasamtetepyarki so badly bashing kratika..how long a person can be queit. Tats y i give them back

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