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Saloni drags Pavan inside a room and asks about his meeting with Tanvi. Pavan says he posed to be so well in front of her that Tanvi will now be guilty of being disloyal to her. Pavan promises Saloni that he will marry Tanvi for her, they both say I love you to each other. Neha hears this from outside and enters, she calls them both as shameful. Pavan and Saloni insist she is thinking wrong. Neha accuses Pavan to be busy with his sister in law, he had advised her to take care of her husband and now he is busy with his sister in law. Saloni black mails her for not telling anyone about it, else she would be left with no option but to die. Neha leaves curtly saying if because of it her and Rishi’s marriage wasn’t endangered, he would have announced it in front of anyone.
Bee ji and Raaj calls Antakshari

to be a boring game, Ahna requests Bee ji to carry on with the game as she has prepared for it. Bee ji and Bani suggest about playing a game that everyone enjoy. Bee ji suggests about playing Truth and Dare, Neha, Pavan and Saloni together say No. Bani also shows her disapproval. Bee ji says she only wants to play this game, no one would opt for dare and everyone will have to disclose their truth. Raaj suggests about playing ‘Passing the Parcel’. Pavan and Saloni take their seats, Tannu come there thinking about Pavan’s promises. Raaj asks Tannu to join them, and announces the rules. They would all pass the parcels, until the music is played controlled by UV. The one at whom the parcel stops will have to pick up a chit and do what’s written in it. Tannu’s attention was at the door, as she was worried for Rishi.
The game begin, parcel stops at Guljeet. He picks a chit, and reads Truth and Dare. Bee ji asks if he chose Truth or Date, he chose Truth. Bee ji asks him for a secret of Bani that no one other than his family know. Guljeet says Bani has hidden a huge secret about her family, the one’s she call as her nieces are actually their real daughters. Bani stands up to explain Tanvi and Ahna are just like her own daughters, else she would have found such a great proposal for them. Raaj agrees with Bani, and says Tanvi is such a nice girl that everyone would love to make her a daughter. Bani sends Guljeet to UV’s place. The parcel stops at Pavan, he reads the task to dance with the one close to him. Pavan forwards his hand to Saloni, UV thinks he has been so shameful in front of everyone. Pavan withdraws his hand from Saloni and goes towards Tannu. He says he was a bit confused, it read to dance with the one near to him, so was it for his heart or not? Tannu denies dancing. Neha and Swati urge her to dance, Bani says it’s a game’s rule. Rano also compels her to, Saloni also asks her to dance. Tannu finally gives her hand to Pavan, they come to center. Tannu was uncomfortable, as Pavan dance with her.
Manpreet and Rishi come inside then, everyone was shocked to see Rishi injured while Tannu swirls to fell in his arms. Both share an eye lock, Neha thinks about them to part away now, then calls Tannu. Rano comes to Rishi and asks what happened to him, how he was injured. Raaj scolds why they weren’t taking his call, he asks where he got injured as he went to try their dresses. Rano watches Manpreet’s injury. Raaj scolds them to tell what happened. Pavan thinks had they not stopped the car beside the temple, they wouldn’t have come here alive. Bee ji forbids them lie to her. Rishi says only Pavan can reply to their questions, because he is responsible for this. They all look quizzically towards Pavan. Bee ji accuses and asks Pavan what he did, Rano also blames Pavan how dare he. Raaj stops everyone and asks Rishi to answer. He asks Rishi what Pavan did to him, and why? Rishi remembers that he told Manpreet in the car, they need proof before blaming Pavan for everything. Rishi says Pavan called him to remind about dinner, now he was driving the car and had to undergo this accident. Raaj blames Rishi, Rishi explains they didn’t accuse Pavan now. Manpreet seconds Rishi, Raaj accuses him to be behind his brother ever. Rani scolds them why they picked up phone while driving, and take their promise they won’t pick up the phone while driving again.
Pavan says he heard Rishi’s voice, but thought maybe he was joking. Rishi comes to his confrontation and says right now he had no proof for accusation. He was joking, but when he gets serious Pavan would then realize what Rishi Singh Bedi is. Neha whispers in Bani’s ear to stop them before they spit the truth. Bani takes everyone’s attention back to game. Rishi and Manpreet go to get fresh. Saloni wonders why he didn’t tell the truth, Pavan says he doesn’t have a proof now but soon he will come with the proof and they won’t what he did and when. They turn around to see Neha staring them.
Rishi and Manpreet were in the room, Rishi was correcting his bandage. Tannu was passing from outside, Rishi watch her and shouts ouch, it pains a lot. Tannu comes in, Manpreet smiles at Rishi to be a drama maker. Tannu asks Rishi to take a seat, he takes it immediately. He says it’s really burning, Manpreet murmurs if it’s for the injury or jealousy with Pavan. Tannu removes his bandage, carefully blowing it and puts another one. She turns to leave, Rishi holds her hand, he says its burning down the bandage and demands her to blow over it closely. She looks towards him angrily.

PRECAP: Tannu tells Rishi she was really worried when he wasn’t around, it felt as if… Rishi asks what?

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Sriranjani

    wow wat a perfect love scene btw Tanshi..

  2. tasnia mahmod

    My tansi.love you .hi frnz.do you know it tannu and rishi pair i mean tanshi has got most popular jodi in ze gold award?isnt it gr8 news?i am so happy.tomorrows epi will rock.they will play parcel passing game and lights will go off so tansi will romance.waiting for tomorrow.

  3. jannat fatima

    awsm yaar
    i really like lst ngt episode
    tannu nd riishi so romanntic cpl yaar

  4. Oh really.. This much of dragging gonna reduce trp yaar.. Such a wonderful story line.. Y these writers are ruining it like this..
    This Pavan had enough time now… It’s time to end his track and also that bani..
    Making the viewers fool my showing some tanshi moments and keep on stretching the story.. Really I love this show so please don’t ruin it’s charm..

  5. do the writer dnt HV a story DAT they r moving to n fro in d same place …I think rishi will not b able prv anything bt sumthng wll happen n tannu wll save his lyf dn raaj wll understand who is real tannu….????????

  6. wht da hell is this………..dddrrraaaaaagggggiiinnnnnnggg drama

  7. Hello guys how are urll?? I’m new here and due to ramadhan I missed the episodes could some1 please tell me an analysis of what happend in Kasam after Rishi and his Bhai manpreet met with the accident with pawan what happend ??

  8. Rishi is so naughty

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