Kasam 15th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Rishi rescues Tanuja from goons

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The Episode starts with Rishi coming to Netra and says you might be sad that engagement can’t happen. Netra says she is upset as she didn’t get what she wanted, but she is happy that her daughter is with her. She says a girl gets married and have a daughter, but her daughter made her home. She says Tania loves her more than he do. Rishi says he knows she will love Natasha too. Netra says he is right.

Manpreet comes to Ahana and asks her to keep water jug in room. She says she will not forget even this time. Beeji asks why she loves the cartoon. Ahana says what to do, she loves him very much. Beeji asks her to use belan on him. They promote the show.

Natasha calls Tanuja and asks her to come home soon. She then calls AK. Rohit says he don’t want to talk to anyone and says he wants

to just leave. Rohit tries to stop him. AK locks him and goes. Rohit says you are heaving drunk. Tanuja sees Rishi standing in the window, but then he disappears. She comes home. Maasi tells her that Natasha cried a lot and slept. Myra says AK haven’t come home and that’s why Natasha cried. Tanuja gets worried. Ahana asks astrologer to come for wedding. Astrologer tells that this marriage will not happen and asks her to concentrate on manpreet, says his life is unpredictable. Ahana gets worried. Kanchal tells Rano that she is worried about the astrologer’s words. Rano asks her not to worry.

Tanuja calls AK and he picks the call and tells that he will never return home. He tells that he will not tell her that he is driving on bandra hill. Tanuja says you don’t know what you are saying. Just then she hears a loud voice as if accident happened. She takes the auto and goes to bandra. She calls Rohit, but his call couldn’t be connected. Rohit thinks AK has broken his phone badly. Tanuja reaches AK’s car and sees him sleeping inside. She knocks on the car and makes him wake up. She asks him to move and says she will drive. AK asks if she knows his feeling and his pain. Tanuja asks him to sit in car and asks him not to make the situation difficult. Two goons come there and ask if they can help her. She says they don’t need the help. Goon asks her why she is wasting time with drunkard man.

Tanuja tells them that AK is a good boxer and asks them to just go. Goons laugh. Tanuja asks AK to get up and says he will beat you. She says both of them have made her mind hot. She asks AK to get up, run and pick a stone and beats them. Goon laughs. Rishi comes to her rescue.

Rishi beats the goons. AK gets up and swirls lifting the goon and falls down. Tanuja asks how come you are here? Rishi says whenever you will be in trouble, I will be around you.

Tanuja asks AK to tell what happened. AK tells that he saw Rishi and her hugging each other.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. seriously tanshi se jyada aajkal ahaman acche lagte hai how cute but plz manpreet should be safe he is charm of show dont kill him and fight bhi acchi thi and last pk tun ho gaya phirse aurgir bhi gaya he should always be like this pk , tanshi romantic fighting awesome

  2. Tanuja must make up her mind. One minute she is on Rishi another she is shouting. She is too proud to admitt that she is jealous of Rishi. She enjoys playing games with too men,very soon there will be a dead body. Writers enjoy that, killing some one on this dying drama. Tanuja will loose both men,who would want to be with an angry woman always shouting. Abishek must send her packing. Its now painful to watch this drama,something that was interesting to watch has sunk so low.

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