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Rano jerks Tanuja away. Ahana calls John to come hold Rano. Downstairs on the sofa, Tanuja asks Ahana to call the doctor. Rano scolds Tanuja to go away, she is in this condition only because of Tanuja. She says had Tanuja not filed the complaint, she must have been on her feet. She cries again recalling the night. Ahana and Divia help her over the chair to carry Rano to her room again. Rano tells Ahana to come to her room. Ahana thanks Tanuja for saving mom. Tanuja thinks somewhere she is responsible for Rano’s condition; had she not been connected this wouldn’t have happened.
Shekhar pays huge amount to some goons to kidnap a girl. It was Tanuja’s photo. They must kidnap her from a grand party by her husband tonight. Malaika comes to hear this. Shekhar asks why she returned, Shekhar never

joins a relation if he breaks it with someone. Malaika comes to plead him forgive her and suggests a new beginning. She was ready to abide by him, and support him in whatever he would do with Tanuja. Shekhar laughs if she would support him in harassing a girl, although she is a girl. Malaika says she hates Tanuja the most, he may do with Tanuja whatever he wish to. Shekhar cheers.
At home, Manpreet and UV greet Rishi. Rishi gives them a news about party in the evening. Raaj comes appreciating Rishi’s efforts and go to tell Rano about it. Manpreet asks Rishi about the merging company. Rishi says he knows well its Shekhar Singh Alawat’s company, he has also invited him tonight. Manpreet objects that company is already in loss, but Rishi says only money doesn’t always give benefit. Rishi goes to meet Tanuja.
In the store room, Rishi knocks at the door. Tanuja allows him inside, as it’s not needed. He brings her a dress for party tonight, it would suit her. He says the party is for her, a few of his friends and eligible bachelors would be there. Tanuja asks why? Rishi holds her hand and says she is the precious most belonging of his life, he wants to hand her to someone who keeps her really well. Tanuja withdraws her hand from his. Rishi says it is possible someone likes her in the party, or she likes someone. He wipes her tears. Tanuja asks if he is exhibiting her, and wants her to meet strangers. Tanuja was distressed and cries with the thoughts of being with someone else. Rishi questions if she thinks it’s easy for him, he can never leave him even for lives. She told him to make his mother happy and wanted a divorce. If she asks him for once to make everything fine, he would turn everything perfect. The old lady’s words echo in Tanuja’s mind, she gets away from Rishi and asks about party timings. Rishi replies its 8.30 and leaves the room.
At night, Shekhar was restlessly calling the goons, shouting at them. The goons inform him they are outside Bedi’s house, and are looking for a chance to get inside. He thinks about going to supervise there. Malaika tries to stop Shekhar as he isn’t even invited. Shekhar leaves anyway, as Tanuja must be kidnapped today. Malaika looks forward to Tanuja’s kidnapping, then she would revenge Tanuja for everything.
Tanuja was ready in front of mirror and was about to put sindoor in hairline when Rishi comes and holds her hand. He says people are there to meet her, and she is putting this sindoor. Tanuja requests him for one last time. He forbids her. Tanuja says since their wedding there hasn’t been a single day she missed sindoor, for one last time today he must let her do this. Rishi asks what about their divorce. Tanuja says divorce was over papers, not of their hearts. She calls it a fashion these days and puts the sindoor in her hairline. Tears fell off her eyes, she asks how she looks. Rishi places a huge Matha Bindi, then makes her wear earrings. Tanuja turns towards him, he assures he is there with her. She says she is really afraid, both hug each other.

PRECAP: In the party, Rishi announces Tanuja’s choice would be the last one, Tanuja may reject anyone but no one can reject Tanuja.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Nice episode.Tanuja looking beautiful in that party wear.

  2. today episode is good in party tanuja and rishi look nice

  3. MAD-FURIOUS -Satya

    Why doesn’t Rishi tell his family that Tanuja was not the one to complain. She was telling the truth regarding the Dr’s report.

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