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Tanuja holds Rishi and help him towards his room. A chauffeur was working, Ahana comes downstairs calling Melvin and complains why he didn’t send milk for Chintoo. Tanuja hides with Rishi, Ahana feels someone’s presence in the hall but walks upstairs. She calls Melvin for help, he comes concerned for him. Melvin judge he was drunk, but Tanuja didn’t know. Melvin asks her to go, he will take Rishi to his room. He fell halfway, Tanuja comes to help Melvin.

In the room, Rano was lost. Raaj asks if she is still thinking about the girls. Rani says he was thinking about her family, Rishi leaves home at 8 am and will come back at 10 pm. They have tension about Rishi, but there are other people as well. They taunt each other for bringing them at home. Rano notices that Raaj liked that simple girl and

wanted to have a daughter as her. She makes up to Raaj that they are daughters of their far away relatives. Both consider them to be each other’s relatives. Raaj prays that Rishi never meet these girls.

Tanuja and Melvin bring Rishi to the room, Ahana comes calling Melvin again. Tanuja assures she will take care of him, but Melvin advices her to go away till he gets conscious, else there will be huge problem. Tanuja helps Rishi lay on the bed, she turns to leave; then thinks about removing his shoes, watch and glasses. She bend to keep Rishi’s head over the pillow but her own hand was stuck under his head. Rishi opens his eyes to look into her eyes, then shuts his eyes again. Tannu tries to straighten up, her pendant was stuck with his button. Some flashes from Tannu and Rishi’s childhood comes in her mind. She could recognizes Tannu’s pendant in his neck. Melvin comes to thank her help him, Tanuja turns again to look at Rishi and the pendant in her own neck.

Bani tries Neha’s number feeling angry at her for sleeping so early. Sandy receives the call, Bani says she called to inform him they reached safe. Sandy asks to speak to Tanuja, Bani was speechless. Sandy suggests that Tanuja, Nidhi and Vidhi must have slept. Bani tells Sandy that they have gone to Rano’s house. Sandy questions how she dare send his daughters there, does she realize what Rishi will do to his daughters if he discover they are his daughters. He was ready to come right away, Bani forbids him come here. Sandy complains to Bani he trusted for his daughters over her, but she pushed his daughters to fire bed. Neha stood behind, Bani tells Sandy that Neha was aware of all this. Sandy drops the phone, turns around and slap Rishi hard.

Nidhi questions Tanuja where she went. Tanuja tells Vidhi that someone came here, and she went to drop him to his room. Melvin also stays here. Nidhi forbid Tanuja mix with the males here, she won’t spare Tanuja otherwise. Tanuja explains she was just helping him. Nidhi sends her to get water from inside, and thinks the youngest master of this house will only belong to her. She orders Tanuja to get done with the cleaning till morning, else she will complain Nani about her. She leaves, while the bulbs begins to blink again. Tanuja turns around thinking about Rishi’s face.

PRECAP: Rishi questions Rano and Rishi about the girl who brought him inside last night. Tanuja comes to dining hall from behind. Rishi comes to store room, while Tanuja was hiding behind a wall. Her stroller touches Rishi’s face, he recognizes the fragrance at once.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Mukti.H

    hey everyone I am new here.. and I am a big fan of kasam….. can I join u….

    1. Sriranjani

      Ofcourse dii

    2. Siddhi

      Welcome mukti to kasam family

  2. Sriranjani

    Precap was awesome but Rishi will not see Tanu’s face as Tanu will sit down and hide her face. and this time too Rishi will miss to see Tanu as when he Miss to see old Tanu.

  3. Now is cleared , the reason of story leap and reborn of Tanu,, as, the sick writer has no new story line, so, for surviving and staying on , she has changed , Neha , with her daughters, Pawan with that young boxer cousin of Rish , TANU WITH THE TANUJA, AND 23 YEARS OLD, HAPPY BUBBLY AND PLEASANT RISHI WITH , A 43 YEARS OLD , BITTER AND OVER ACTING MIDDLE AGE MAN, BUT, THE SAME NONSENSE STORY AS BEFORE.

    1. Luvleen

      Why do you keep watching it if you are not happy with the serial? I don’t understand why put yourself in such negativity n get your self upset over silly melodramas. I mean watch of it makes you happy and don’t watch if you don’t like the concept. Easy as that. ??


      serial are bakwas but,this serial not a too much bakwas compare to other…

      ilike ongoing track kasam story… ??

  4. Bakwa bakwas fazool writer tanu aka kratika ko wapas lao us ke bagair show fazool ha

    1. It’s OK ye wali tanu b chal jaye gi…


      muje tho new pair bahuth pasand hai…

  5. Nice episode

  6. When will rishi recognize tannu?


      iss baar rishi ko nahi tannu ko yaad aana chahiye…

  7. You are trying so hard by sticking your nose to something WHICH IS NOT YOUR BUSINESS, , making somebody of yourself or killing yourself , to be like Roshni, BUT SADLY IT IS IMPOSSIBLE , AS , IN NO CIRCUMSTANCES , BROS CAN BE TAKEN AS GOLD .

    Up to this point I put up with your nonsense and rude intrusion, but today once and for all , I PITY YOU AND YOUR CHEAP , FULL OF COMPLEX , AND IRRELEVANT COMMENTS ABOUT ME.

    This is a page for the comments about the programs and every body else POLITELY LIKE A HUMAN GIVING THEIR COMMENTS BUT you are the only one ,who like a hungry cat ,striking
    by your nonsense , as the food you are craving towards me.

    You don’t worth to be count and addressed anymore, so from now on , write as many as your damaged feeling and anger asking you , I WILL NOT GIVE A MONKEY TO THEM, REMEMBER , THIS IS A PUBLIC PAGE FOR THE COMMENTS ABOUT THE PROGRAMS, NOT SEEKING NAME AND FAME BY RUDENESS AND ATTACKING THE OTHERS..


      cool man ….
      and please u dint take individual name…

      1. Luvleen

        What does Bros can be taken from gold mean? I’m confused ? I don’t get anything you said here in this comment…nothing made sense.

    2. Luvleen

      Was this comment directed to me? Seriously mate, pls don’t take offence on what I said, I’ve noticed previous comments of yours and it’s in CAPS n very negative. Plus pls don’t take other ppls name into this as well. I would have privately messaged you but you are not registered hence I replied here.

      Now pls relax and take it easy. I apologise I might have sounded rude. My apologise to anyone else that was upset with my reply.

      Cheers ????????

      1. SANTHOSH

        hai luvleen…
        (my private page is problem, msg not send)

        wo person ne tho thoda rudely baath kiya hai tum chod dho unki baatho ko, kuch logo ko hum samjaana aur samjna muskil hai, lekin hun hone iss page par ROSHNI ki naam lekar bahuth bada galath kiya, himmath hai tho unki saamne aakar baath karna chahiye tha na..❓
        yaha par unki naam lene ki kya zarurath tha ..❓

        do u know hindi…❗❓
        my English is very poor…???
        isiliye mai jyaada hindi mai cmt kartha hoo…

        my private page problem hogaya hai cmt send nahi horaha hai iss liye yaha par msg kiya

      2. Luvleen

        Hey San no worries…I understood what you wrote ? It takes time to read but it’s not too complex Hindi so it’s ok. Yes exactly I really don’t care much about what was said by this person in his/hers reply…I too didn’t like how Rosh’s name was used cause she has nothing to do with the conversation. Anyways I am up so late doing work so exhausted off to bed!! Gnite ????

  8. miss u old tnu

  9. Siddhi

    Episode was awesome loved it

  10. Hi.I’m new to comment here.The episode was good.:-) 🙂 🙂

    1. Siddhi

      Welcome arora to kasam family

  11. I don’t understand why people comment when they don’t know spelling, grammar, diction….. Anyway, I think Kasam will lead to a third rebirth for Tanu and a second one for Rishi. Somehow their love story will end in tragedy once more, how else will the story go on….

  12. hi guys…. i am new here…… i really want ask you to one qstn about registration……
    i was trying to reg my acnt in tu…. but i am not able to do my registration because of this (please conform you are not a robot)….
    so guys how can i overcome this prblm….. pls anyone tell me the solution about this……….


      TU page is lot of server problem
      u try agai and again,
      problem not solved reset u r phone change the mail id and try

      definitely aap ka registration hojayega….??

  13. gud episode

  14. delshad saifudeen

    I luv this episide..and still missing krathika..but this tanu is also very nice with innocent face…Neha’s daughters is exactly just like her mother ‘selfish’…anyways i luv this show…

  15. thank u @santhosh….

  16. Hii guys i would like to join kasam family


      why not, join with us…
      this is public forum yaarrrrr….
      iss mai poochne wali kya baath hai,

      tho teek hai…..
      welcome to the kasam family mainly TANSHI
      family ….abb kush hua ???

      i am also new here..???

      1. Luvleen

        Santhosh!! Welcome Yaar! ? I’m not officially in the family but lol it is a public domain so I guess we are part of it huh?! Sick of Thaapki n I’m kind of starting to like Kasam even though somethings are weird. But I’m going to open minded n let’s see where this serial takes us. ?

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