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Malaika comes to Rano in the hall, when they spot Rishi and Tanuja come out of store room together. Rano takes Tanuja in the room and scolds her for snatching the moments of Malaika and Rishi. She says Rishi was neither in Tannu’s fate, nor Tanuja’s. She won’t spare anyone becoming a hurdle between Rishi and Malaika. She has fixed Rishi’s proposal with Malaika, and no one can change this decision. She watches Tanuja’s tears and clarifies these crocodile tears won’t affect her anyway.
At night, Ahana sat lost in thoughts of Tanuja. Manpreet calls on her to switch off the lights, then notices she wasn’t listening. He wonders what she has been thinking, he has a good chance of cursing her. Ahana was fed up of his speech and finally speaks about breaking his face. She turns to give him a

single look and Manpreet gets into his bed. He explains he had been speaking in sleep.
Rishi brings an apple for Malaika in the hall and deliberately touches her hand. He takes his file. Malaika felt for his touch and wish she hadn’t come out of store room, then Rishi must have taken care of her. She was hopeful of getting Rishi.
The next morning, Rano returns home and asks John where he is going. Tanuja comes to explain she made the soup for Bee ji, she would get the strength. Rano tells John to give the soup to Tanuja and get lemon from market. Tanuja goes to Bee ji with the soup. Rano wonders why Tanuja is never upset with anything.
Tanuja was walking down the corridor, Rishi was bathing inside but doesn’t find the towel inside. He calls John, Tanuja wonders if she should go to give him the towel. Rishi takes the towel, and feels Tanuja’s presence. He was angry and asks what she has been doing, she stammers she was taking the soup for Bee ji. Rishi shouts at her not to move, how dare she entered his room. Tanuja screams watching him in towel, Rishi comes to drape himself in clothes but slips over rug and fell over Tanuja on floor. They share an eye lock. Tanuja was the first one to look away, Rishi asks her to get up as he is getting late. He calls her really cheap. Tanuja asks how she must get up, Rishi realizes and straightens up at once. He asks her to go out now, Tanuja says she is leaving. He explains he didn’t slip intentionally, so he apologizes. He then clarifies that John is John and Tanuja is Tanuja. Malaika comes to make fun of Rishi in towel, in front of two girls. She taunts he was really shy of changing in front of her that day, Tanuja felt weird. Rishi tells her to go outside, he needs to change. Malaika tells him to go to washroom to change, he finally gives up. Malaika asks Tanuja to go with her today, they have to go to a hotel that they are about to buy. She says that she wants someone who isn’t much aware of the business, this way she would be able to give the right suggestions about hotel. Rishi comes out wondering why Tanuja would come with them for hotel. Malaika asks if he feels uncomfortable when Tanuja is there, Rishi says yes. He then realizes what he said, then allows Tanuja to go. Tanuja keeps a condition that she wants to give this soup to Bee ji. Malaika goes to get change. Tanuja was leaving the room when she notices Rishi’s stare who turns around at once.
Tanuja brings the soup to Bee ji and tells her to sit on the bed and feed the soup with her own hands. Bee ji compliments the soup to be very tasty. Tanuja was sure she would get rid of her joint pain because of this. Bee ji denies taking the soup, as it smells like medicine. She tells Tanuja her bones are really strong. Tanuja warns Bee ji of scolding her, as she has seen Bee ji getting weak. Bee ji complains no one takes care of her in this family, she is thankful that Tanuja has been sent in their house. She is sure Tanuja doesn’t want to hurt her family, or Rishi. She is sure that Tanuja must have saved Rishi from fire, as she also contains Tannu’s soul and innocence as well. Malaika calls Tanuja from outside, Tanuja tells Bee ji she has to go with Rishi and Malaika. Bee ji cheers and sends her at once, advising to take care of Rishi.
In the hotel, there was a news on television about a terrorist attack on the parliament, there was an announcement that terrorists have flee. Malaika was worried about leaving, as the terrorist might come here. Rishi tells her not to worry, he would take care of the terrorists if they even come here. He heads towards the reception. Malaika asks Tanuja if Rishi is handsome like a hero, and boasts about being her hero. She won’t even be afraid even if Rishi is here. They come to sit on a side.
The terrorists arrive at the hotel, one of the men instructs the other to hide his injury and warns his men to be cautious as they have been spotted by police. The security guard stops them for screening and stops him. The terrorist cuts the neck of security guard with a knife, his mate was worried.
Inside the hotel, Malaika and Tanuja come to take seats. Malaika questions Tanuja how she feels when Rishi is nearby. Tanuja was speechless. Malaika asks her approval of losing her fear if Rishi is there. Tanuja recalls the last night store room event, and looks towards Rishi.
Rishi asks the receptionist about conference room, there is a call for him. The terrorists enter the hotel then. Rishi comes across them, the angry terrorist was about to point a gun towards him but his companion takes him away. They walk aside, and one of them sends the two upstairs to room 1001 for bandaging. Rishi was looking for Malaika and Tanuja, while the manager comes to greet him.
Tanuja tells Malaika that Rishi is really nice and caring, he loves his first love so much; his heart didn’t change even after 20 years. She gets attracted towards him watching his love, she can’t even think about such love. Malaika stops Tanuja and says she only wanted to know if some other girl also feels for Rishi the way she does. She forbids Tanuja even think about this. Tanuja apologizes. Malaika mocks about her fearful face, and says she was jealous. Rishi wonders where has Tanuja gone, the manager asks Tanuja? Rishi clarifies he said Malaika not Tanuja and wonders why he thinks so much for Tanuja. Malaika gets Rishi’s call, and assures to be there in no time. She hands her bag to Tanuja and herself goes to rest room.
Tanuja walks towards Rishi, he saves her from a passing trolley. They share an eye lock. Rishi gets a call and leaves her shoulders, it was Rakesh. He goes to take the call outside. Tanuja walks pass the terrorist, his bag slips and the gun fell off. Tanuja was shocked to see the arms, the terrorist points the gun towards her. Tanuja looks towards Rishi defensively.

PRECAP: The terrorists had held them all refuge, Tanuja watched this from a window. Rishi opens the ropes of everyone helping them run. He and Malaika were left alone when the terrorist opens fire at them.

Update Credit to: Sona

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