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Tanuja asks if Rishi is saying this all because he promised Rano. Rishi points a finger at her saying he know about her intentions. Malaika comes to hand Rishi the log sheets of their new hotel that they would discuss in the morning. Malaika climbs down the stairs happily, she tells Rano that she is sure she would get Rishi one day, he clarified Tanuja they can never be one.
In the room, Tanuja speaks to the moon asking if she is so bad. She didn’t marry out of some wrong intention, then wipes her tear. Rishi asks her to keep the window open, but Tanuja says he doesn’t sleep well otherwise. She says she follows his rules, but this doesn’t mean she hasn’t a right to speak. Rishi was annoyed, and tells her to go and open the door. They argue with each other. Tanuja shouts at the presence of

a bat in the room. They hide under a sheet. They firstly blame each other for being responsible, Tanuja tells Rishi she used to speak to moon a lot. She always thought whenever she would meet her love, the moon would tell her this is the right man; as they can both be seen by the moon. Rishi removes his hand off her shoulder, recalling Tannu. He checks at the bat and shouts again in fear. Both were worried what to do, Tanuja assures him she is here. Rishi says even the bat is here. Tanuja was moved by Rishi’s hands over her shoulders then remembers his promise about not touching her. Rishi argues that the bat doesn’t know what he promised his mom, then says she and the bat must have planned to tease him. Tanuja exclaims if he has known they are best friends. Rishi says the bat is blood sucker and everyone calls Tanuja as money sucker. He apologizes as she stares at him.
Smiley was going towards her room when she hear Rishi and Tanuja, Tanuja asked him to leave her. They argued that the bat is her friend and won’t hurt her, but him only. Tanuja was about to leave the cover, when the bat moves again. Rishi holds her tight.
Smiley tells Malaika that she heard Rishi and Tanuja, it seems Rishi has accepted Tanuja as his wife. Tanuja asks Rishi if they would spend the night this way, under the cover. She wonders what if someone comes in the room. Rishi says she is his wife, who cares; then realizes and explains they are spouses. Rishi says no one comes in his room. Tanuja says the bat came in, and laughs calling him a coward. Malaika comes in their room, curt watching them laugh under a single sheet and remove the cover, staring towards Rishi. Rishi and Tanuja get away from each other. Malaika questions what was happening here. Rishi explains there was a bat in the room, they hid under the cover; Tanuja was afraid of him. Tanuja taunts saying Rishi is really brave. Malaika holds Rishi’s hand saying she trusts him, about his promise with Rano. Rishi explains Tanuja was afraid of the bat, Tanuja shouts the bat! Rishi hides near his feet. Tanuja shows Malaika who is fearful, then comes out on terrace laughing about Rishi’s cuteness and cowardness. She looks towards the moon again, and says it’s all wrong, their wedding is fake and she has no right over him. But she is helpless about feelings for Rishi, she is unable to stop herself. If they stay together, her feelings would build up more, she forgets everything when Rishi is near her. She wonders how she should make her heart up to understand, that these feelings are wrong.
The winds blow heavily at once. Tanuja recalls her times with Rishi.

PRECAP: In the office, Malaika was upset that she has nothing to reply to what people are talking behind her back. Rishi promises to marry Malaika.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Rishi n tanuja scenes are awesome in today episode especially when tanuja shouts bat! Rishi hides near their feet.

  2. Thanks for fast update. .☺

  3. Thanks for fast update. .☺ krathika looks so cute

  4. nice epi!! thnx for written update!!

  5. EXCELLENT EPISODE but precap is not good

  6. Wat a beautiful episode. Rishi. Thanuja rocking….. Precap bad.

  7. Kasam…!!!
    Tanshi moments were so cute…..
    Damb that wicked malaika….
    Guys can anyone update the spoilers i don’t think that spoilers are available. I just want to know the future twists in the story line….

  8. Kasam…!!!
    Tanshi moments were so cute…..
    Damb that wicked malaika…. Hate rano….?
    Guys can anyone update the spoilers i don’t think that spoilers are available. I just want to know the future twists in the story line….

  9. @nayana dear .rishi willnot marriage with malika . in upcoming eipsode it so happens that with help to tanuja ,rishi gets to know the reality of malikas plan after entering bedi family.
    rishi get to know that malika was just t a bad enemy to rishis family who had returned amid
    rishis life just to spoil and his family.

    1. THANKS VAFA now iam relieved i hope everything gets sort out b/w Rishi & Tanuja

    2. why is Malika after Rishi? is she related to Pawan?

  10. Siddhi

    The episode is super amazing good night kasam family

  11. Wow nice episode with tanshi cute moments….

  12. @sia and @siddhi daer i be very happy that see you and yourcomments. please alwayz give yourcomments.

  13. excause me : in my comment : it isnot daer. it is dear.

  14. ***************guys please go and vote for kratika best indianactress and sharad best indianactor for iochoice . for link vote and explain vote referto : http: //instagram.com/omg-its-kratz-dheer/
    please guys hurry up and go vote .

    thanks kasam family

  15. Nice episode

  16. Both are looking so cute in this episode

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  22. Hi!! I’m new to the Kasam parivaar… can I join?????
    Wowww…. ? after a loong time…. superb scenes of Tanuja n Rishi…. keep on rocking ??
    But the precap was bad

    1. Siddhi

      Welcome twana ?

  23. Super cute

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  25. Very nice episode, too funny episode,love you tanshi.

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  29. I thought Malaika was a visitor ?
    Or at least a guest ?
    How come she just comes and goes as she pleases,Nobody knows where or who she is with ?
    And I still think Rishi is a wimp,His Mother messed his love life up first time around,And he is letting her do it again ?

  30. Guys if anyone knows the upcoming story please share it…

  31. tia dear . upcoming story we will see more romance scenes and tanshi romantic dance and nok -jok tanshi in theirreception and after also see nok -jok them again for raji through hisplan for honeymoon tanshi try that let they go a trip that through close each other because raji wants that rishi and tanuja to be together and also will see nok jok and hairmassegein the up coming with help to tanuja rishi get to know the reality of malikas plan

  32. Kasam sprl love u thanuja rishi

  33. msD dear. i donot know that she is or isnot related to pavan .because donot clear something about related to pavan and only clear that tanuja help rishi that get to know the reality of malikasplan and only had said that she is bad enemy to rishisfamily.

  34. Lub uh vafa …..really…..lovin ur comments…..lub uh…….

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