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Scene 1
Abhi says to Rishi and Naitra that my wife makes great food. He kisses Tanu’s hand. Rishi gets angry and says leave her hand. All look at him.. Rishi says I mean there are guests at your home, spend time with us, have respect, lets play a game, Tanu says seems like you have games in life, Rishi says life played with us. Abhi says lets play. He gives one wine beer bottle to Abhi and gets one himself, he says who finishes it first will win. They both starts drinking directly from bottle. Kids scream for their mother, Naitra and Tanu leaves. Abhi and Rishi smirks and orders more alcohol.

Tanya and Natasha are fighting over a remote. Naitra and Tanu comes there, Tanu says give remote to her and I will make pudding for you, Tanya says I want cupcakes, Naitra says we will make at home,

Tanu says no we can make it here, Naitra says are you sure? she nods and goes to kitchen, Naitra goes behind her.

Abhi and Rishi are drunk. Abhi says you are sitting on a floor, come here, Rishi says you want me to come to you? Abhi says no go to one who left you, Rishi says she is near, I talked to her, she didnt say anything, there a bone like you between us, you are between us, jerk I want to push you away, you know I love her a lot, Abhi says that girl who keep sticking to you? Rishi says no the one who sticks to you, Tanuja.. Abhi says you are liking my wife? Rishi says she is not your wife, she is my wife.

Tanu and Naitra are working in kitchen. Tanu glares at Naitra. Naitra asks for molds. Tanu thinks that she was getting close to Rishi, I feel like asking Natasha to break your arms and legs. She gives molds to her. Naitra thinks that she became mother a girl and was still eyeing my rishi. Tanu thinks I want to slap her hard, lizard girl. Naitra says what? Tanu says there was a lizard behind you, Naitra jumps away, Tanu says its gone now.

Abhi says to Rishi that she is your wife? Rishi says God sent you and not even someone else, I love Tanuja a lot, when I saw you getting closer to her, I felt like killing you, Abhi says you are talking like Tanuja, let me tell you truth, Tanuja is not my wife, Rishi is stunned, Abhi says one more secret, my princess is my life but not my daughter, Rishi is more shocked and says Natasha is not your daughter.

Tanya and Natasha are fighting, they scream for their mothers.

Rishi says to Abhi that omg, it means Tanu is my wife and Natasha is my wife and you are enjoying for free, I am taking them my home, Abhi says I beg you to not take them, I cant live without them.

Tanu and Naitra stop kids from fighting. Natasha says she cheats in games. Tanya says she stole her mother’s lipstick, Natasha says you asked me to do it, Tanya says you liar.. Tanu ask them to stop fighting.

Abhi asks Rishi to not take Tanuja away, Rishi says why not? Abhi says for Tanuja I have feelings, something happened. Rishi says Tanu is my love and I am her love, there is nothing between you both so I am taking her away, Abhi says have mercy on me, I cant live away from her, I found many girls but not like Tanuja, she is best caretaker, Rishi says she is your caretaker? Abhi says you dont need wife if you have caretaker like her, Rishi says you dont need caretaker if you have wife like her, Abhi says it means Naitra is not your wife? Rishi says no, they laugh and say we are single, they start dancing. Tanuja and Naitra comes there. Rishi comes to Tanu and says he told me your secret, Tanu is stunned, Naitra says lets go home Rishi, she grabs his hand but Rishi says one minute, he leans towards Tanu and says I found it, he leaves with Naitra, Tanu thinks what secret Abhi told him?

Scene 2
In morning, Samar calls Abhi and says wake up, Abhi says leave me alone, Samar says Mr. Kapoor have filed case in London and he has spun whole case for him, Abhi says I will handle it, Samar says I knew you would go so I have arranged tickets for you, he ends call. Tanu brings lemonade for Abhi, he says I have serious hangover, he says I have to go to London but I will return soon, dont worry. Tanu recalls Rishi saying that he knows her secret. She says what you talked with Rishi? he was saying that he knows about us, Abhi says we are talking rubbish, Tanu says what talks? Abhi says I dont remember, Tanu says try to remember, he said he knows our secret, Abhi says he knows my secret? why did you let me drink that much? you could have stopped me, you are my wife, I mean you were my wife last night, I dont remember anything now. Tanu says call him and asks what you told then say that you were lying, Abhi says let it be, I am not scared of him.

Naitra comes to Rishi, she wakes him up, he says I have headache, she gives him lemonade, Rishi says give me pill. Naitra says what did you tell Abhi last night? Rishi says what you mean? Naitra says you were saying that you told your secrets to Abhi, did you tell him that we are not married? Rishi tries to recalls but has hazy memory, He thinks that I dont remember anything about last night, he says bring medicine first.

Abhi is ready to leave, Natasha says I will see you off on airport, Abhi says you have to handle house, dont irritate mama, Natasha says she irritates me, comeback soon. Abhi says I will miss you. Abhi asks Samar to take care of my family. Abhi says to Tanu that nothing should change when I comeback, she nods.

Rishi is in his office, he recalls Abhi announcing Tanu as his wife, recalls Tanu saying that she became mother after leaving him. he recalls Abhi kissing Tanu’s hand. He gets angry and crushes glass in his hand in anger, his hand bleeds. Manpreet comes there and asks what happened? he puts cloth on his hand and calls for first aid, he says I know it must be paining, Rishi says the pain Tanu have given me is way more than this.. Tanu remarried.. Manpreet asks who? Rishi says Abhishek Khurana, Manpreet is stunned.

Tanu is in her house and says so Rishi married Naitra, Naitra is lucky to get a family like that, good daughter, beeji, that family.. she may have good family but not good guy, I did mistake by loving him but I wont give my love to Rishi anymore, I wont give Natasha to Rishi ever, Natasha is very happy with Abhi, he loves her too, I wont let my heart come inbetween.

Manpreet says to Rishi that life doesnt stop for anyone, she moved on too, you should too. Rishi says I am still where I was 7 years back then how can she move on? Manpreet says she is a girl, girl needs support of someone, Rishi says not my one, she got Abhishek Khurana only? he gets angry and leave.

Tanu is in her room. She opens drawer and finds anklet which Rishi gifted her, Natasha comes there and says I am sleepy, what is this? Tanu says this is anklet, Natasha says can I wear it? Tanu says its big for you, Natasha says then you wear it, please please wear it, Tanu says fine, she wears it, Natasha gets happy. Tanu tucks her in bed and puts her head in her lap, Natasha sleeps. Tanu thinks that I wanted to throw this anklet away and now I am wearing it, I never wanted to see Rishi again but I am seeing Rishi everywhere but what I wanted never happened, God give me strength to not break infront of Rishi. Rishi arrives infront of Tanu’s house and looks at her room’s window. Tanu comes near window and is starts setting curtains, Rishi smiles seeing her and waves at her when she is not looking at him, Rishi gets call, he looks at his phone, Tanu looks up and is shocked to see Rishi in car infront of her house, she hides before Rishi can turn to see her, tu thori dair or ther jaa.. Rishi comes out his car and tries to spot Tanu but she hides. Tanu thinks why Rishi is here again?

PRECAP- Tanu gives file to Samar, Rishi is there too. Samar says to Rishi that you want her to sign papers? Rishi says yes, Tanu says I wont sign any papers like that without Abhi here. Rishi says why dont you trust? Tanu glares at him and says no I dont.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. At the end of the day tanshi will be together poor Abhi has to suffer. In kaisa yein pyar hain ( cant remember much cause i was much younger) Amit(Abhi) played same type of role. Tanshi’s chemistry always looks beautiful even in their argumenting scenes. Many people hate Rishi yup he has some faults but its really amazing that he waited 7 years for Tanuja. In real life may be people doesnt wait. today’s episode was really funny . Always download the songs which I hear in kasam.

  2. I love abhi and Tanu jodi. ..Abhi is so cool and too good and moreover he loves natasha a lot. ..perfect family ?

  3. Loved rishi – Abhishek in drunken state
    They were hilarious ?

  4. VINAL

    Nice episode

  5. i love rishi and tanu and natasha great family

  6. Abhishek leaving for London asking tanuja to keep everything exactly the same when he comes back …. is it hinting something ??

  7. i love rishi and abhi they are amazing and funny lol

  8. i love rishi and tanu jodi. please let them ask to join

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