Kasam 14th February 2017 Written Episode Update

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Rano discuss with Raaj if the divorce doesn’t take place today, then never.
Downstairs, Rishi informs Manpreet he needs to go to court for divorce. He asks Ahana to bring Tanuja to court by 2pm. In the meeting, Rishi asks about merger. A man enters the conference room, it was Shekhar Singh Alawat; an old enemy. He confirms Rishi if he still wants a merger, Shekhar says 30 crores. Rishi takes it, and buys 51% shares. He raises the price to 40 crores for 51% shares and had the papers ready. As Rishi signs the papers, he asks his manager to arrange the party as it’s an event for celebration. Shekhar says last time Rishi made him stand again in the market, by paying heavily for his company. Rishi paid double the value of his shares. Rishi says if Shekhar really thought he spent 40 crores for his

company’s potential? He reminds he planned everything this time, what profit could he have from his company, he would only put his company into debts and make him suffer. Shekhar asks what about Tanuja? Rishi comes to grab his collar, forbidding him to take Tanuja’s name. He leaves tapping his collar.
In the family court, a couple left the lawyer’s office fighting. Rishi and Tanuja enter. The lady reads their papers. She hands them a paper to sign, and asks if they can’t even sit together? Do they hate each other so much? Tanuja and Rishi take a seat. Tanuja’s hand was hurt by chair’s nail, she then looks towards Rishi’s bleeding hand. She tells Manpreet to get to doctor, it’s an iron nail and may be poisonous. Her attention goes to the lawyer who observed them quietly, she takes a seat again. The lawyer inquires why they want a divorce, Rishi didn’t realize the pain. Tanuja replies they are one and are made for each other; since ages. The lawyer again asks the reason for their mutual dialogue. Rishi says they love each other dearly, but there are other things in life and relations that need to be taken care of. He now wants to be a good son of his family, he has responsibilities. Tanuja requests her not to force them for compromise, they have done everything but in vain; its better they get a divorce. The lawyer says if they sign the papers, she would forward them through fast track papers. Both stare at each other. Rishi stands up, signs the papers and leaves the office abruptly. Manpreet follows him outside. Tanuja returns the papers to lawyer, the lawyer says it’s the first divorce of her career with love as a reason.
Tanuja comes out, Rishi silently watches her and forces a smile. He says its valentine’s day, the day of love; people express their love at this day. He laughs that he has submitted divorce papers today. Tanuja cries saying it seems as if he daily gifts her a rose. He brings about a rose from his pocket, Tanuja accepts it with a heavy heart. An old balloon vendor run behind some children who had taken the balloons, he cried that these children blew all of his balloons. Rishi pays the man with his amount, take a single balloon and make the children run away. The vendor blesses Rishi to be with his love forever, Rishi let go of the balloon. Tanuja wipes her tears. Rishi requests her not to cry, they will stay together six months before divorce.
There at home, John fell down the stairs with Chintoo’s toys. Divia was brining Rano downstairs, while Rano said her dream would be fulfilled when Rishi and Tanuja would be married to separate people. Divia brings Rano to the stair case when Bee ji calls her. Rano insists on her to go to Bee ji first. Rano’s chair slip off the stairs. Tanuja comes to hold her by arm.

PRECAP: Tanuja was getting ready with sindoor in hairline. Rishi stops her hand, saying there are people for her proposal downstairs. She requests, for one last time but Rishi doesn’t agree.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Love u kasam nd especially Rishi/Sharad
    I love watching u I can watch u even 24 hours but just don’t wanna to lose this kasam…..
    Love luv luv luv u Rishi…

    1. silent reader 2

      u must be vafa or her next door friend * most of members left*&* d rest r so unhappy *& disapointed in kasam*

  2. Todays episode was better. Rishi’s jokes & very light hearted scenes today, next is tanu remarriage track, so lets see
    Bani should be in jail for filling false complaint. But then it is an alternative universe where police takes statement of an unconsious person….

    Also where is sandy ? The man has not been in contact with his most faviorite daughter for ages now.
    And his presence would have made story interesting since he was one who killed tanu. But they decide to make him dissapear.
    Please makers, keep the plot interesting, because so many loose ends yet to tie….

  3. today episode is awesome rishi acts very nice

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