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Manpreet and UV comes to Rishi who ask them to leave him alone. Manpreet and UV say there ae a lot of events in traditional wedding, they will get enough time. May be Pavan himself says no. Rishi says no one can say no to Tannu. Rishi and Pavan come out, Pavan was lost. Raaj asks Pavan about his consent, Pavan says that Tannu told him something that she shouldn’t have. Manpreet thinks she told him she loves Rishi. Pavan says he liked her truthfulness, it’s a yes from him, but if Tanvi doesn’t mind. Tannu looks at Rishi. They all congratulate each other. Rishi denies looking at Tannu. Bani congratulate Tannu and hugs her. Raaj comes to Tannu and says he had said she will be engaged soon. Who will say a no to her and blesses her. Rishi goes out on the roof. Manpreet follows him.
Upstairs, Rishi

was upset and restless. He holds Tannu’s strollers, clutches it in his hand and thinks about Tannu. He cries and fell on the ground, calling Tanvi. Manpreet comes to him and assures him everything will be fine. Rishi cries that Tanvi is getting married, he realized for the first time what love is. He was madly behind her, he didn’t know about love and now he had learned to live. He wants to spend his life with Tanvi now, he doesn’t know how but it happened. He says she can’t marry. He heads to go to talk to Pavan, Manpreet says this will worsen the situation. He must give sometime to himself and Tanvi, may be she understands.
Swati brings sweets for everyone. Ahna comes to face Tannu, both were upset. Swati asks Pavan if he has a younger brother just like him. Pavan says he is single child. Pavan’s father says it is all about luck. Shamsher boasts it is all because of him. Bani suggests about doing their Roka today. Pavan’s father says not so simply, Pavan is their only son. Guljeet says their Tannu is getting married and Tanvi is elder. Bani says this is why they were looking for a proposal before. Raaj asks her to leave about people, and confirms if they want a grand function; it will be done. Bee ji asks how all the preparations will be made. Raaj says there is a huge party in the place where Rishi and Tannu’s engagement took place, they will do Roka in that party today. Pavan’s family takes a leave. Raaj asks them to be in time to the venue. They leave. Rishi leaves tear eyes after looking at Tannu. Ahna watches Tannu also leave crying.
Manpreet comes to Rishi in the room, Rishi wipes his tears. Manpreet says dad also called him to Roka. Rishi asks him to go. Manpreet asks him to fight and prove himself a hero. Rishi says he doesn’t want to be. Rishi asks him to think what he will do, he will start crying during the Roka. Manpreet says no one can take his Tanvi from him, he will not accept defeat so he must get ready.
They all arrive at the party. Raaj goes to meet his friend who welcome them warmly. Kochar says his house is really lucky for him, first his son Rishi’s engagement. He calls Guljeet and introduces his family and Neha. Kochar asks for the girl whose Roka it is. Bani says she must be getting ready.
Tannu was lost while getting ready. Ahna comes to her and watches her lost. She says it’s her childhood love, a wait of 17 years; the pain is there in her eyes. If she is unable to forget Rishi she must deny for this proposal. She must take some time to forget Rishi, she must marry after sometimes. Tannu says its nothing like that, she wants to marry. Every girl has to marry, she also will have to. She asks Ahna not to question any further. Tannu takes her family photo from the bag and touches it.
Bani welcomes Pavan’s family as they arrive at the party. Raaj introduces Pavan to Kocher. Pavan’s parents appreciate the arrangement, as if it’s Raaj’s daughter. Raaj says she seems to be.
Neha and Swati awaits Rishi. Neha says she got ready taking so much time. Rishi arrives at the party, he watches Shamsher standing there and says he won’t leave him as he is the reason for this all. He accelerates the car, shutting Manpreet up. The car hits a lady instead.

PRECAP: Rishi tells the temple lady she shouldn’t have joint this relation, he is about to lose the girl today. The lady says this isn’t possible. Rishi says today is her Roka with someone else.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. No this shd nt happen
    Tanshi r made for each other
    What say

  2. I just wish that the lady would tell who is real thanu……….. And please unite thanu and rishi

  3. I hope the temple lady stops the roka

  4. Omg!Sweetest episode till now and sweetest precap!Just waiting eagerly fr tomorrow’s…Thnku so very much Sona fr the updates…love u Sona.muahhhh..plz keep it up??

  5. dragging!!! but liked the show

  6. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Ok so now moving on…..are we gona see tanu/rishi as couple n soul mates????

  7. Finally. We see some real emotion from Rishi. Now he knows how Asli Tanu must have felt when she had to watch him with neha.

    But honestly, this show is also really really dragging, it’s sooooo slow. At this rate we’ll still be at this Roma ceremony for another two weeks.

    Really like the story but please expose bani the witch and her churel daughters and her stupid husband.

    Someone tell raja that asli Tanu and asli Ahana are his best friends daughters.

    The guy asli Tanu has agreed to marry seems lovely but is obviously a casualty.

    Oh, and someone please slap neha and her chashmesh evil sister!

    Thank you.

  8. When they two will meat.

  9. I jus saw the previous episode it was quite funny where the boy comes to see tanu and when the actual boy came rishi’s expression was funny haha. I liked this show. But precap is surprising


    1. Heh shrutz did u see that promo in which tanu was wearing a betroot colour dress…even i saw tht promo in which rishi was seen tieing a black thread which actually is not a mangalsutra…n haan it was an old one…..

      1. Yes I saw it two days back

    2. That was a previous episode. When Rishi tied on a black necklace on asli Tanu saying his Beeji had given it to him and told him to put it on whoever he wanted to marry, or something like that.

      I’m sure asli Tanu is stupidly wearing that, plus the double ring necklace the young Rishi gave young Tanu as he left for America when the pay were kids.

    3. Itz okkk yaar u will see infact we all will see much more scences lyk tht of tanshi in the upcoming episodes…bt saddest part is whn i think abt smeone else’s replacing krithika…

  11. The story is dragging but I just love rishi manpreet and ahna. they should team up to unite our pair tanu-rishi?

  12. Plzz dont drag much …… plzz unite them within dis week or nxt

  13. I’m so excited about this episode

  14. Tanu is really conservative but she need to listen to her sister at times. After all thats all she got after the dead of her parents.

  15. Felt sad when rishi cried.
    Oh writers plz somehow expose evil bani and her plans
    And make thanshi together

  16. Feeling so bad to see rishi like this…hope tht everything gets fine soon…previous day episode was awesome….i saw in add yesterday “as tanu ki pyaar ka imtehaan aaj sham 5. 30-6.30″…was there any such episode????telecasted in the evening….

    And sry im a bit late happy tamil new year n Bengali new year to all bengali n tamil fans of kasam family…….

    1. no it was just a brief telecast of what happened in this week from monday

      1. Thank uuu so much dear fdg….

  17. Very lovely episode!!! I loved it very much…….yah Rishi’s expression was amaging after seeing Pavan’s personality…..and that samser he was too funny…!

  18. Very very very very lovly episode….and the exprssins given by rishi and his brothers after watching Pavan’ s personality….

  19. Shruti…….is it true??

  20. Well everything is pacifying in the serial. I really enjoy it seeing. But really I have to admit that the serial is very slow paced. We all know the real story of the serial will start after the death of real tanu. But at this rate its gonna take month, the romantic scenes of the serial is extraordinary. i think that Manpreet should tell real tanu how much Rishi loves him, and hope that the temple lady will reveal the truth infront of everyone. and Rishi and real tanu will get united.

    1. Agreed, it is very slow paced. Also agree that manpreet should speak with Tanu and separately Ahana should tell Rishi that her di loves him very much but is being emotionally blackmailed by the witch aunt.

      Someone needs to do something and fast. Can’t stand neha, the way she suddenly remembers to smile sweetly is actually very creepy and I really dislike her sister, mum and dad too.

      Hoping the temple lady helps clear up the confusion today.

  21. oh nooo!!!!! I can’t see rishi crying like this…
    in the upcoming episode rishi will be watching thanu’s roka with a broken heart… thanu was also crying….
    plss unite thanu & rishi as soon as possible!!!

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