Kasam 13th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Abhishek plans to Propose Tanuja

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The Episode starts with Abhishek telling Raj that he has realized and will adopt Natasha legally and also….. Rishi says I am her father, how can you adopt her. Abhishek says Natasha and Tanuja are both mine, don’t be in the misunderstanding. Raj and Abhishek have a heated argument. Abhishek says he came here to take Raj’s consent as Tanuja considers him as her father. Raj asks him to go for now. Rishi promises him that he will bring Tanuja and Natasha back home before Diwali. Ahana thinks what he was telling.

He comes home and tells Tanuja that he went to Rishi’s house. Tanuja gets worried and asks why did you go? if anybody called you. He thinks Rishi haven’t called Tanuja. Tanuja says she made food and asks him not to go without informing her. She asks if he is hiding something from her.

Abhishek says I am not afraid of you and says I want to tell you something and says my maasi and her daughter are coming here to stay with us. Tanuja says it is a good thing and asks if they know about us. Abhishek says yes and thinks he hopes Tanuja accepts his proposal.

Rishi gets the house renovated with paints. Manpreet comes. Rishi says I will bring my sita back home after 7 years, this house will be decorated with flowers and everything will be like before. Abhishek tells his friend that he is going to propose Tanuja soon. His friend says Tanuja is here. Abhishek gets scared and turns to look at her, but she is not there. He says he will propose her on Diwali night. Tanuja comes and hears her and asks what he is doing. He gets afraid seeing her. His friend asks if he is really going to propose her. Rishi talks to Natasha on video chat and asks for her favorite color.

Natasha says baby pink. Tanuja comes and asks her to have breakfast. Natasha refuses. Rishi asks her to have food. Tanuja tells Natasha that you are busy in this and asks her to have food. Natasha asks her what is her favorite colour. Tanuja says red. Rishi promises Tanuja that he will take her back home this Diwali like God Ram took his wife Sita home. He ends the call and thinks she looks good being angry. Abhishek checks in his cupboard for the engagement ring and hopes Tanuja likes it. He searches for the ring and wonders where is it? He asks where are you Ms. Ring, my jaan.

Tanuja comes and says forget it. I have thrown it. Abhishek is shocked. Tanuja asks how can you think that I am like other girls. Abhishek says you are good and not like others. Tanuja asks him not to buttering her. Tanuja shows him nunchucks and asks him not to practice at home and says if Natasha sees this then she will try. Abhishek says sorry.. Tanuja asks if there is anything else which you are hiding from me. Beeji gets fever. Netra says she has fever, I have given her medicine. Rishi puts the cold cloth on her head and asks Netra to go. He says you will be fine now. Abhishek asks her to give nunchucks.

Tanuja says no as she is going to throw it. Abhishek manages to get it and closes the door. He thinks it was good that she was talking about you else would have kick me out of house. He searches for the ring and gets it in his pocket while taking out phone. Maasi calls him and asks him to touch her feet when she comes there. Abhishek says Maasi didn’t change a bit. He tells Tanuja that Maasi is coming. Tanuja says I will make her room ready tomorrow. Abhishek says Maasi married an NRI, but she is fully Indian and celebrated festivals and does puja. Tanuja says good. Abhishek says my cousin is also coming and says Myra is opposite of Maasi and is very modern. Tanuja says I can talk to her in English. Abhishek says when you came to my house, I got habitual to stay with you, but once Maasi comes, my freedom will go. Tanuja says you likes it. Abhishek says yes.

Tanuja asks Rishi how dare he to send her flowers. Rishi calls her Jaana. Tanuja says you can’t call me this. Friend suggests Abhishek to propose Tanuja tonight itself. Abhishek says I will propose her before Maasi comes and will tell her I love you.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I guess audiences has gone. Bad real bad time

  2. I guess so too. It is a good drama but I think they lose viewers because of drag They start a good storyline and don’t finIsh e.g Purab and Malak wanting a share in the business and Divya being part of the scam. That was interesting . TAluja and Rish are never happy its one problem after another, yet the stars say they are made for each other . Now I think Abisheck is better for Taluja than Rich I love the too but Rishi is not strong enough to protect Tanuja from being abused by his mother. He has a tendency of playing with her mind and boosting. To date he still pretend to have something going on with Neitra,just to make her jealous that is dumb. The writer is making actors look dumb.

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