Kasam 13th March 2018 Written Episode Update: AK and Rishi save Natasha and Tanuja

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The Episode starts with AK fighting with goon to rescue Natasha. He asks Natasha to close her eyes and asks goon how dare he to raise hand on his daughter. Police comes there and arrests goon. Shiv tells Raju about Police coming inside. Rishi comes there. Raju reminds Shiv that he held Tanuja’s hand. Rishi says I will break your hand. He beats them. Police comes and arrests them. Rishi takes Tanuja to his home, and thinks everything is all good now. He says I told you to come home with me, but you…He asks her to talk to him. Rab ne banadi Jodi plays…..He comes out of room and says Tanuja is sleeping. He thanks AK for saving Natasha. AK says you cry also. Rishi thanks him with a hug. Rano says how can enemies become friends. Kanchal asks Netra to come. Netra refuses to leave.

Kanchal asks Netra

to go to Rishi and tell that she is going and says he will not stop you. Netra asks Rishi if she shall go as Tanuja and Natasha returned home. Rishi says lets talk. Netra asks him to talk infront of everyone. Rishi says you are her mum. Netra says Rishi won’t let me go. Rishi asks Netra to leave house and says Tanuja can take care of Natasha and Tania. Netra says what you are saying? Rishi says Tanuja is here now. Netra tells Ahana to tell how she loves Tania. Ahana says I agree that you loves Tania very much, but Rishi’s decision is right. Beeji blesses her and goes. Raj also goes. Kanchal takes Netra. It is Netra’s dream. She shouts. Rishi asks what happened?

Netra asks AK to have food. AK refuses and says tomorrow he would like to come and meet Tanuja. Rishi says you can come at any time. Netra comes to room and hugs Tania. Tania asks her to let her sleep. Rishi comes to room and thinks why AC is off suddenly. He rotates hand fan so that her sleep don’t disturb. Le jaye kahan plays…

AK comes back home and misses Tanuja, cries. Myra asks him not to be sad. AK says I am not sad. Myra says I am proud of you for saving Natasha. AK says he hugged Rishi and thanked him, but couldn’t thank him for saving his Tanuja and Natasha. Myra asks him to sleep. AK says Tanuja would have loved him. Tanuja wakes up and reads Rishi’s chit that Natasha is fine.

Tanuja asks Rishi if she is his sister. Rishi says no and tells I hate you. Tanuja says I hate you too. Rishi says I love you. Tanuja looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Nice track but poor direction of scenes

  2. I can’t believe this show has been extended for another year! Who’s kissing who arse! Unbelievable….

  3. Good news kasam got extension for 1 year its high time to maker focus on main concept and promot the show,remove netra this happen trp also incrasing even this died time slot

    1. I wonder when this Netra will be removed,as you can still tolerate her,they may with this Netray carried

  4. True Lilly. They want more episodes but fail to show us the reaction of people when Rishi Tanuja etc came out of the shopping centre.and hospital.

  5. I can’t believe I was watching Neitra’sdream. And Please it will be a bore to watch Tanuja’s cruelity and attitude towards Rishi..pple Talk about chemistry between the two..all I see now is this woman becoming meaner and meaner….in real life would u want a brother to marry a woman coz they have chemistry even if the woman treats him like dirty. Stylist are u still on holiday. Why the big scarfs all the time it will better not to saw the scarf on the shoulder all the time.

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