Kasam 13th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Court trial begins for Molestation case

Kasam 13th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Kritika telling Vikas that Ranbir haven’t come to court yet. Malishka asks if the hearing will not happen today. Vikas says if he don’t come then he will be charged with contempt to court. Case starts. Vikas tells Judge about the case. Ranbir comes there and asks what’s up. He talks casually and tells that he came on time, but had parking problem. Jiana comes to Ranbir’s house and asks Mahima if Ranbir went to court. Mahima says he went to play match. Vikas tells Judge that Ranbir called Malishka to his hotel room at 12 and tried to molest her, but Malishka slapped him and managed to escape from there. Akki says my brother is innocent and says this Vikas Sharma is not lawyer, but liar. He says Malishka has framed him. Vikas Sharma insults Akki. Ranbir asks him to behave well

with his brother. His lawyer asks him to sit down. Batra says didn’t someone ask you how to behave in court.

Akki tells Vikas that he is a master in cheat. Ranbir tells that it is wrong to acquire someone’s house by cheat. Judge tells that she will get him arrested for misbehaving with court. Kritika asks Ranbir to sit else he will be charged with contempt of court. Ranbir sits down. Judge adjourns the court and calls both the lawyer. She asks Vikas not to dig on Ranbir’s personal life and asks Ranbir’s lawyer to make him understand to behave well in court. Ranbir comes to Kritika and asks why did she hold his hand in court and why she made him silent. Kritika says she asked him to sit thinking about her family else Judge would have got you arrested. Ranbir asks again. Kritika tells him that she haven’t felt good if he got arrested. Ranbir gets happy and says that is the point. He asks Akki to call her bhabhi with rights. Both of them get happy. Kritika thinks both brothers are mad, what happiness they got.

Batra tells that Ranbir molesting Malishka. Akki says this is all happening because of the property. Batra says why will I risk my daughter’s respect for property. Judge asks them to stick to the case. Malishka cries. Judge asks her to tell about the case. Vikas asks her to tell what happened with her exactly. Malishka says I need justice and tells that my respect is ruined. Vikas asks if she ever felt that his intentions are wrong. She tells that once she held her closely. Ranbir says she is lying. Judge says you will get a chance to speak. Malishka tells that he called her to hotel room and offered her drink and touched her strangely. Ranbir thinks same thing happened with him. Malishka says he tried to get her, but she slapped him. She tells that he was forcing him on her and that’s why she kicked him and scratched him to save herself. Ranbir says she is saying lie, and says on the contrary all this happened with me.

Pummy tells that she heard her heart and married Arun. Kritika says that’s why you are not happy. Pummy says she is very happy with Arun and says he loves you also.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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