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Raaj was angry at Tanvi for breaking his promise. Rano complains Raaj for not believing in her. There, Bee ji prays that the birthcharts of Tannu and Tanvi may gets switched.
Pavan brings photos of Rishi and Tanvi to the goons, and asks about their whereabouts in next two hours. They must not hurt Tanvi at all, but bring Rishi atleast alive to him. The goons head to work.
Tanvi was upset that everything was dispersed. Rishi requests her not to cry, else he would also cry. Tannu push him back and says she will marry Pavan and make everything fine. Rishi holds her back and insists she won’t go anywhere, he did alright. Tannu insists on him to understand that they will lose their relations this way, she can’t let Raaj’s Guljeet’s and Pavan’s families disperse. Rishi insists

on Tannu not to leave, else everything situation will worse. He holds a fist full of Sindoor and rub it over her head. She was shocked and recalls telling him that sindoor makes one bride and groom for life.
Neha complains Bani why Rishi did this to her when she tried to adjust with him in every situation. Rano hears her accusation, she comes to insist that it was because of Tannu. Neha asks her to leave as she is the main villain of their love story. Rano understands that Neha is upset and promises to bring Rishi to marry her. Bani asks Rano to stop it, it was her mistake to trust Tannu. She accuses Rano of being ignorant of her son, no one including Raaj, Bee ji and her sons listen to her at all, she has no worth at her home. Raaj calls Rano and informs her about talking to comissioner, he will find Rishi as soon as possible. He comes inside and speaks to Neha, no matter he apologize or not it won’t join her broken heart; still she must forgive him. He tells Bano that he is aware what Tannu must be going through, Rishi must be blamed along with Tanvi. He is here to improve this mistake, he will get Rishi married Tannu (Neha). He requests Bani not to break Rishi’s proposal with Tannu. Neha was worried for her insult in society, people will accuse her only. She can’t promise him, she will think if she can marry Rishi or not and leave. Raaj was worried and pleads Guljeet. Rano requests Bani, Bani smiles that the game went to her side now. Raaj will make sure Rishi marries her daughter and this way they will settle in America.
Rishi reminds Tannu of her words, and enforces she is married to him now. What she was going to do was wrong, she can’t always sacrifice herself. Did she evern considered him? No words can explain how much love he does to her, more than his life. People talk about fate, if he marries Tannu he will not die but he know if he stays with Tanvi for a single second he will die. He might stay alive with Tannu but might not be able to live. Tannu silences him, these love, promises and Kasam are good in books only. He is only thinking about his own happiness, what about other’s. He might not be concerned, but she is. Weddings don’t take place filling in sindoor in someone’s head partition, wedding takes place with all the social rituals.

The lady temple comes there announcing it to be a lie. Rituals are only show off, they have been created by society. The true wedding is the one done in front of God, and she and Rishi have been connected to each other in childhood. Then and even today, Kaal Maa is here. Rishi demands the lady what she has been doing here? The lady qualifies this is her home, didn’t they come here deliberately? She was elated, and calls it a miracle. She wonders what she must do now, there must be some reason she met here. She looks around towards the worsening weather, then smiles understanding the signals.

PRECAP: Rishi happily puts the vermala around Tannu’s head, as they take rouunds and wedding vows. Tannu was elated as Rishi put in sindoor in her head partition.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    After 6 weeks missing show dumb rushi maay dumdbell tannu.waste of tym bakwas….

  2. I hope raj would know all the truth about pawan and chachi.

    1. Nope. This is going to be another run around. Who knows Tanu might even die before he finds. Then, he’ll neva find out.

  3. kisiko pata hea kya tannu or tanvi ki jagapar kon punar janam bala role karega?

    1. I saw in some websites that it may be krystle dsouza…


    Hey bhagwan!!!!! When will they are going to find truth of pawan and chachi and tannu reality; i think not in this birth!!!!
    May be after new birth of tannu….

  5. OK rishi came to know that tanvi is thanu.. But what about raj and rano… Will they ever come across the truth or thanu will die before all this..
    Anyways I don’t want any replacement of the lead.. Kratika is best for thanu..

  6. Luvleen

    I realise Indian serials are all about galat phemi sorry don’t know how to spell it in Hindi…what I mean in misunderstandings and hidden truths …it’s all about that until someone clears it all up. In this serial it’s full of that! I read a spoiler that Rishi n tanu goes home and the truth will be revealed…don’t know if that’s true…

  7. blah blah blah blah blah……2 months later…blah blah blah blah blah……that it, can’t waste time anymore.

  8. Will rishi reveal the truth that thanv I is thanu….
    …. ??

  9. Nice drama

  10. Padhma Sahithya

    Bakwas soap opera ever!

  11. Pah!when will the truth will be come to screen after 1 year

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