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Bani recalls all the insult she had to bear in hands of Rano. She was determined to turn Rano into a beggar. There, Rano stood worried as Tanuja lay on the couch as injured. Bani was sure she had a black tongue, and her curse would work. She just came here at the time of accident; and calls Tanuja out of worry, running inside crying. The family was shocked to see them.
Rishi was fed up of the presentation. He thinks about either saying a yes or no or take a leave, as his wife must have woken up. He at once watch Tanu on the projector screen, walking out towards him. She smiles while her dupatta move over his face. Rishi breaks from day dreaming and realizes being in the presentation. The company appreciates Bedi enterprises efforts and finalize the deal with Rishi. His manager compliments that Rishi

is happy for the first time. Rishi gets a call from John saying police has taken everyone. He was coming from market, and didn’t know about it. Rishi wonders why Tanuja didn’t call him, if they took her as well.
Tanuja wakes up at Bani’s place. Vidhi was just beside her and goes to call Bani and Neha as well. Bani comes to pamper Tanuja. Tanuja wonders how she came here. Neha apologizes Tanuja, as this shouldn’t have happened if she wasn’t that angry. Bani also apologizes Tanuja for kicking her out of their house. Tanuja tells Bani that Rishi didn’t marry Malaika, but how she reached here as she was at her in laws. Bani insists on her to take rest. Tanuja asks who brought her, and why? Bani says when she had seen her sitting out of Rishi’s house; she couldn’t sleep the whole night. And the next day when went there, she saw Malaika with Rishi. She saw an oil lamp in Malaika’s hands who was planning to make her slip and burn to death. Rano and Malaika wanted her to die. Tanuja denies every such accusation. She says everyone got to know about Malaika’s reality, why she would do this. Neha says she can do this, because she hates them a lot because Sandy had killed Tannu. Bani says Rano hated Tannu and could have killed her, who is Tanuja then. She says when Tanuja was falling off the stairs, she also died with each stair. Neha tells Tanuja that Sandy doesn’t even know in what condition is Tanuja living there. Bani says Rano wanted her to take Tanuja away, as soon as possible. Tanuja wasn’t ready to accept that Rano can attempt to kill her, she considers it a coincidence. She stands up to leave for her home, but feels dizzy with pain in her head. Bani insists on her to take rest. Tanuja lay to rest. Vidhi asks Neha if this was because of the medicine.
Rishi comes to police station, and demands the inspector about his family and wife. The inspector says his family attempted to kill his wife, for not brining dowry. Rishi calls this all a rubbish. The inspector shows him the statement and charges placed by his wife against his mother and family. Rishi wonders what this is. Rishi keeps the file away, as this is Marathi that he can’t read. He wasn’t ready to accept his wife can give such a statement. Rishi requests the inspector to let him meet his family for once. He goes towards the lock up.
Bani was restless in the hall. Neha comes to Bani wondering why she is so enraged since yesterday. Bani says everyone must burn in the fire of revenge. Neha asks why she brought Tanuja to this house. Neha says this time, the real target is Rano. This time she gave Rano such shocks that with every move she will get a 440W current.

PRECAP: Tanuja must face the testimony of planning against them, as Bedi family was sent to jail.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. all those were hugely over rating d show N admiring superb awesome nice kasam rocked it……… c now how CV’S killed a very short enjoyment of everyone. 2 days ago I said wait 2c if tanshi can have a normal life 4 just a couple of days having a party 2 mark acceptance of tanuja N marraige of favorite son of family rishi a few happy N romantic dancing N celebrations but as I anticipated that was impossible N this time not only malaika still there!!!!!!!! but boni N neha have been dragged in wit no reasonable link you new people N those are copy of vafa do a favor 2 yourselves N next time keep your worshiping until u can c something as good as

    1. Esther

      actly yesterday’s epi was good,,,so what’s wrong if they said its good,,,,even I’m new,,,if it’s not about me then skip my comment ……dnt knw what u are talking abt,,,,bt I will say it’s good when it is good and skips the show when it turns to trash again….similarly diff ppl will hv diff opinion,,,,,let ppl cmnt their opinion,,,this page is to comment about the show,,,not to taunt others…

      1. I don’t know u but d reasonable pple suffered 4 a considerable time bcas of dragging N rubbish episodes wen a group of pple were worshiping N admiring them now those members can’t b fool 4 10 minutes nice part of one day episode

  2. chipko chachi with neha is back in action wat a master stroke by chipko chachi 2 destroy bedi family rano deserves this but all others especially raj, manpreet , ahana wat will they do? wat abt rishi will he trust her? rishi is supershocked don’t make rishi hate tanuja pls writers concentrate on reincarination story now trp is high dont lose trp becoz of misunderstandings, hatredness & dragging………………………………………………. poor tanuja HIGH VOLTAGE DRAMA on nxt week wat happns nxt yeh toh dekhna padega

  3. Esther

    confusing update and precap,,,,,didn’t understand anything…Bani should execute revenge plans on Rano only…coz she deserves to be in jail…must skip the epis till somethng important happens,,,

  4. Story is going old track. When truth come out?! Ek hafth ka bath or tho!

  5. Lütfen artık mutlu olsunlar Tanuja ve Rishi…Sürekli bir olay!..Bıktık

  6. Rishi and Tanuja should have had some happy times before Bani’s plot – some fun time, dance sequence, celebration etc…but no ….jail scene and negativity.

  7. Atleast they could have showed some sweets moments b/w Tanshi for a couple of days but writer ko hamari khushi manzoor kahan…????????? blo*dy hell this bani, neha and malaika chipkali. Jaldi se khatam karo yeh yaar. They draaaaagggggg a lot this serial

  8. I totally agree it’s a little cheesy at the moment

  9. Tenal Roshan.

    Again a tragedy this is not fair.

  10. Hii guys, i am new.. but rishi will scold tanuja a lot.. i saw on youtube..

  11. Alister La Frenais

    Does anyone really believe the direction this serial is heading. It is total rubbish, because how can Bani or Tanuja bring a case against the whole Bedi family, what is their proof or evidence. Also is the police force in India made up of morons. No investigation, no doctor’s report and no grounds for arresting the whole family. I have seen some rubbish in my life but the storylines this serial is following is totally absurd.

  12. Rishi always trust mom not thanuja. It’s not good

  13. Alister La Frenais

    Kasam, should be rebranded as how to bore the viewing public. The whole episode was nonsensical.

  14. One minute of happiness,Then disaster again.lol
    This seems to happen a lot on the soaps I have been watching on Rishtey.
    You can get arrested without any evidence,The Police are the thickest I have ever seen,Not to mention you can bribe any of them.
    How could Tanu make a complaint to the Police ?
    Last time I saw her she was out cold on the settee,Unless the Police take statements from unconscious people ?
    What started out as a truly great love story,Has descended in to this ridiculous comedy with laughable characters.
    And now Tanu will become Columbo and track down the criminals ? lol

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