Kasam 13th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Rishi gets flower shower on Tanuja

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The Episode starts with Rishi asking AK to leave them and asks who are you? He says you don’t trust her and is not her boss or friend. AK says I gave her time to think. Rishi says you have brainwashed her, you have feelings for her, one sided feelings are dangerous. AK says once you sign on the divorce papers, she will not look at you. Rishi says he will not file. AK says he will see him fast track court. Rishi says I am seeing fear in your eyes to lose Tanuja. Tanuja thinks Rishi haven’t returned. She sees him playing with a little girl. Her mum comes and asks for his number. Rishi gives his number. Woman tells her friend that the guy was flirting with her and gave his number. Tanuja thinks she is lying. She goes behind the woman and asks her to give the card. Woman says she is his girl friend. Tanuja

says she is his wife. Woman says he don’t like married man. Tanuja says see how lucking I am and says our daughter calls him Mr. Handsome. Manpreet hears her and gets happy. Tanuja asks him not to tell Rishi. Manpreet asks what I will get. Tanuja says Ahana is right and slaps or pats on his face. AK hears them.

Rishi comes and praises Tanuja poetic and says our togetherness is of soul. He makes flower petals falls on her and says happy valentine’s day. Tanuja says I came to get divorce from you. Rishi says I don’t want to know and asks her to live the moment. He says I will not force you to come with me, or love me. He says he will have selfless love with her. He says I will not trouble you and asks her to decide if she loves him. He takes the papers and signs on it. Hamesha tumko chaha plays…He gives papers back to her and asks if she would like to have icecream. He orders it. AK thinks I won’t let Tanuja leave with Rishi and wonders what is happening. Waiter gives them icecream.

Woman asks Waiter to tell her who showers flowers on his wife. Waiter says they are on that table. Rishi asks Tanuja to have icecream. Tanuja eats it. Dil dilya plays…..Rishi asks her to make him have it. Tanuja makes him have it. Rishi says our divorce appeal will get rejected. Tanuja signs him to clean his mouth. Rishi asks her to eat. Tanuja says no. Woman comes there and says so she is your wife and tells that she snatched your card and told that she is your wife. Tanuja says I asked Manpreet not to tell you. She says I am mad to tell him that I am your wife and you are my husband. Rishi smiles and says you are not mad, but heart is mad. Tanuja thinks without him, her life is not life. AK comes and asks if the papers are signed.

Rishi and Manpreet see papers kept there. Rishi says he will go and give divorce papers to Tanuja.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Wow….!!!! What an awesome episode it was…

  2. i love rishi for me he is the best father and husband and so handsome

  3. in this whole crap and garbage atleast todays episode was nice ,hope the writers change the track and first remove ak pk, abbu jaan. i dont want him to unite tanshi and be great by sacrificing his love and daughter which is not actually his family but rishi because if at all this thing happens then tanuja will although love rishi but will consider that pk as best friend and will always remember him , praise him and blah blah ,and also will force rishi to consider him as god and rishi will also do ak aarti and puja because he took care of tanuja for 7 years ,and whole credit will go to abbu , seriously i hate pk, so jealous even knowing that she doesnt love him. this character getting on my nerves ,no other serial other than kasam showed leads as villain and villains as great compared to leads of the show , also remove rano and netra,then show will get some positive vibe.no show has sepration track for 7-8 months ,dont unite them in last episode. seriously who watches this whole crap and ears and tolerates all pkshit.

  4. Tuesdays episode,very interesting. Please quickly reveal the truth to tanuja. That rishi is cutie pie’s only father.Mr rishi really handsome. Make him clean shaven he will look more smarter.fans really like rishi.they will like if rishi will be with tanuja.reply soon .Valentine’s episode awesome episode.

  5. Alfia

    Dear Hasan! We want to watch new episode but update is coming too long:'(

  6. If telling about rishi,rishi is a mad man. He only gives tanuja pain. He only love his family.He is not worried about others feelings.He didnt think about netra and her daugther.Rishi betryed all.l dont like that stupid.In reality this will not happen.He is betraying all womans.netra sacrifices her life for rishi.but he betrayed netra also.

    telling about tanuja,she is the worst girl.tanuja is character less AK helped her truly but tanuja always betrayed Ak also.If she is a girl she must know the feelings of other womans.she is not thinking about netra

    I can conclude that these two idiot rishi and tanuja will match because they 2 know how to cheat and betraying all.

  7. I saw some stupid fans said that rishi betrayed netra n tanuja betrayed ak..oh god i think they didnt watch kasam serial.. rishi already said to chipkali that he only love tanuja n tanuja wthout knowing ak love her, still she clearly told to ak that she only love rishi,so how can tanshi betrayed them. The stupid fans said that tanuja characterless ..so what we call d orginal characterless chipkali? The one did cheap things seven years back n still staying wth others woman husband.. the cheapest character in kasam..

    1. If their love is true how they separated.If their love is true they won’t be ready to marry others.THIS STUPIDITY WILL NOT PRACTICAL IN REAL LIFE.

  8. Love d episode tanshi rocked..n aso tanuja wth manpreet..really nice..

  9. agreed to lovely , they are not fanz but haters, and at end tanshi will only unite so crap people if dont like kasam stop coming to page and give knowledge, we fans of kasam dont watch serial becoz of story but krasha chemistry and the chemistry is too awesome if youwatch preleap tanshi , so dont abuse and bash characters but bash writers ,they degraded the show and made it worse , nobody would have watch the serial if sharad ,kratika , zuber aditi and awesome cast would be not part of it,still hoping that the story track changes ,if rack will change happy moments and family moments will come when whole bedi family will be together trp will increase or else 0.8 is result like today. where are the other episode updates not coming, plz give updates fast

    1. Once i am also a fan of kasam but now i am not.I can asume the story.Atlast they will live together

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