Kasam 12th October 2016 Written Episode Update

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Rano tells Ahana that when a son leaves his mother’s hand for a girl it really hurts, and Ahana would only realize why she never liked Tannu when Chintu would do this to Ahana. Smiley comes to call them downstairs. Downstairs, Raaj was restless. He tells Rano about a decision, he wants everyone to hear about it. He is sure everyone would accept this decision, except Rano; she will dislike but other members would soon accept this decision. He announces that from today Tanuja would be a part of this house. Rano objects, Raaj shouts at Rano that he has asked Tanuja to stay here, he stopped her. Rano boasts that this is her house, she can’t tolerate her here and goes to push Tanuja out. Raaj says it was because of Rano that Bani and Neha entered their house, he doesn’t want them to interfere this time.

Rano says his decision would get Bani and Neha a chance to enter this house. Raaj explains that he wants Tanuja to stay here in front of their eyes, this way they can keep Bani and Neha away from Tanuja. Rano disagrees, but Raaj shouts decisively.
At night, Rishi and Manpreet were sitting outdoor, Rishi takes a leave to sleep. Smiley comes to Manpreet and asks about Rishi, she informs Manpreet about Raaj’s decision that Tannu would now stay here.
Rano speaks to Ahana and Divia that she had to accept Raaj’s decision against her will.
Manpreet forbids Smiley to discuss this with Rishi, he has gone to sleep now and they should discuss about the matter in morning.
Rano wonders what magic Tanuja has played with the males in their house, if Tanuja stays here her plan about Malaika and Rishi would be spoilt. Ahana was angry as Rano discuss about Tanuja taking Tannu’s face, Rano asks Ahana not to be a judge if she ever gets confused in Tannu and Tanuja, as she can only handle a single girl at a time. Ahana is always angry whenever she discuss about Tannu. Ahana wasn’t ready to understand, she forbids her to take Tannu’s name. Rano apologizes Ahana in advance to let it go if she ever say something about Tannu. She was determined to play a game with Tanuja silently. Divia asks how? Rano says she will not let her leave the house, but she will have to leave the house.
Bee ji comes to Raaj in the kitchen, he asks if Bee ji wants something. Bee ji asks for an answer, that he would reply in front of Rano. She is really tensed and won’t get peace until unanswered. She inquires the true reason behind keeping Tanuja home, if he has kept her here because her face reminds him of Tannu. They hear a sudden clatter, Raaj looks around. Bee ji tells Raaj it’s a mouse in store room who came here three days earlier and was allowed to stay. Raaj leaves wondering if his family has gone crazy.
In the room, Rishi walks towards Tannu standing beside the door. He says he is sure she didn’t do is deliberately, he cursed her a lot that he shouldn’t have. He considered her wrong, and requests an apology. He finally holds her with shoulders and takes her into his hug. Tannu rests placing her head over his shoulder. It was then that Malaika wakes Tanuja from her sleep, Tanuja opens her eyes and was shocked to look around. Malaika judge she was dreaming, and asks who was there in her dreams. Tanuja was confused, Malaika asks if it’s some lover whom Tanuja loves dearly. Tanuja denies any such possibilities. Malaika says love is really confusing, she then asks Tanuja to go for jogging with her. Tanuja says she doesn’t have clothes, Malaika was sure to help her. Rano comes there to speak to Malaika, Malaika tells about their jogging plan. Rano takes Malaika aside asking why she is going with Tanuja, she must go with Rishi instead. Malaika agrees, Rano asks to speak to Tanuja. Rano was determined not to spare Tanuja today. She asks Tanuja to change her dress and come to kitchen, cook isn’t here so she has to cook. Tanuja thinks she has been close to this house as much as she has tried to get away from here.
She wonders if the old lady was right.

PRECAP: Rishi warns Tanuja that he understands her plannings’, she must stay away from him. He touches her hand and gets a shock.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Avishi

    Today’s episode was nice when tanuja is dreamin??
    And precap was tooooo great??

  2. I like precape..wait for tomorrow episode…

  3. Rishi touched Tanuja’s hand so many times. But there was no spark like Rishi-Tanu felt first time. Now they feel it. How?. Anyway its nice.

    But this rano is sooo cheeeeep

  4. Episode was good.

  5. FINALLY!!!! Welcome ”THE SHOCK ”!!

    1. Ya…divya

  6. good news:

    upcoming story of kasam

    Rishis so much distinctive attitude towrade tanuja of thanking tanuja by embracing her

    makes malika feel a little wiered .

    it would be very ineresting to watch as to how would Rishi explain down malika and wath

    would be malikas reaction upon Rishi – tanujas new love.

    and also upcoming story of kasam :

    at this moment the entire family including Rano and Raji are of the opinion of thanking

    tanuja for wath -so- ever bigger things that tanuja did for Rishi.

    Malika in fit of anger with Rishi and tanujas closeness.

  7. Episode was nice..but i’m waiting for that day when rishi truly hug her….

  8. Waiting for tomorrow episode

  9. I am waiting for pawan’s entry ..so that Tanna remember something which only rishi and tannu knows …

  10. Nice episode

  11. Precap is just awesome again the same SPARK eagerly waiting 2 see 2days episode now undoubtedly rishi will surely understand tanuja is his tannu

  12. Does anybody else think The Mother is a bit of a cow ?
    Just so selfish,I don’t even know why she wants any of her sons married ?
    Finally the sparks have arrived for Rishi

  13. good news :

    upcoming Episodes (new promo)

    tanuja remember all something and say rishi who is his tanu.

    1. ya its a good news i saw the new promo its really interesting now what will rishi do? did he believe tanuja? totally confused anyways we can see wat happens nxt

  14. This episode so nyc….

  15. Rano hate tanu for want herson marriage with malika . I Think rishi mother know that tanuja is rishistanu. cause she want herson marriage with malika before this that rishi notice tanuja is tanu. i think that rishi donot believe tanuja ( while that hisself feel that tanuja is his tanu even after tanshi hug cause mouse) and engaged with malika and next notice that tanuja is histanu. and rishi start jaouls after enter tanuja childhood and pavan in tanuja life.

  16. Tanshi’s hug scene was really nice. And kratika in white dress looking awesome.

  17. @Sia dear. if cannot watch kasam in hours (10-11) and next watch kasam by http://www.cloudy com. in hours 12 -1( what impact has the trap ?
    should I JUST watch kasam just in hours specified 10 -11 that to have impact on trap.
    please please reply me.

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