Kasam 12th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Rishi hugs the back of Tanuja’s hand, and intimately kiss her cheek and carries her to their room. They spend a cozy night together.
There at home, Bani wakes up at midnight as Rano’s word echo in her mind. Neha wakes up beside her. Bani curtly says that Rano has ruined her life, she always had a dream that one of their daughter marry Rishi. But now, she doesn’t care about their family. Today, she swears none of her daughters will have a relation with that family. Bani was sure to get Tanuja out of that house, she would use Tanuja to revenge Rano. She will make Tanuja do the sins that will break Rishi’s wedding, and Rano’s respect must also shatter. She swears to revenge her disgrace from Rano Singh Bedi.
The next morning, Rishi wakes up beside Tanuja with her head over his arm. She

was smiling during the sleep, Rishi wonders if she is having him in dreams. Rishi wonders what he would say to her when she wakes up. He thinks when he used to flirt the girls it was really easy, but now only a small confession is difficult. Tanuja changes her side. Soon, Rishi’s phone rings. It was his assistant Sandeep, reminding him about his early morning meeting. Rishi apologizes for having forgotten, and promises to reach. He looks towards Tanuja saying she won’t now see him when she wakes up, but will find his surprise for sure.
The next morning, Malaika enters the house and stops Rano in the corridor. Rano stops her there, wondering how dare she crossed their doorway. Malaika gets to Rano’s feet for coming into Shekhar’s call; she was wrong and has realized her mistake. She has broken up with Shekhar, although he was apologizing her. She remembers Shekhar had left her in the hotel, warning to kill her if she follows him. Rano asks what should she do with her apology, she has wanted her to marry Rishi but Malaika came to be down trodden. She is not worthy of saying a word against Tanuja to her husband and son. Malaika has finished her dignity in the house, and no one must believe her now. Malaika proved Rano Singh Bedi as wrong. She is being pitied by her family, their trusts over her shattered. She can’t forgive her at any cost, and leaves her at the door shouting at John to throw this rubbish out. Malaika curtly thinks John has gone to market, she will now tell Rano what exactly is rubbish and was determined to revenge each one of them. She was confused about what to do.
Tanuja wakes up in the room and notices Rishi wasn’t there in the bed. She remembers about his confessions last night. She wonders where he is, then thinks he must be in washroom and turns the fan on. The roses over the fan fell off Tanuja. She cheers at the flower shower, and walks over the flower bed to the mirror. He has written a message over the mirror with lipstick, calling her the flower petals who filled his life with light, thanks. Tanuja was happy.

PRECAP: Tanuja must face the testimony of planning against them, as Bedi family was sent to jail.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Poojapoonguzhali

    Todays episode was Awesome

  2. Poli. Episode. Now Romance is
    in the air

    1. tanshi excatly ……iss pyaar ko kia naam doon……..osm

  3. Episode was superb

  4. Nice epi…luv u tanshi…i get irritated by seeing neha n bani.tanuja dont trust bani nd neha nd her words at any cost

  5. Oh no..malika phir kya chathe hai..disguistng lady….hi tamil frnds..me too tamil

  6. Esther

    woah…awesome epi…
    LOL…why Malaika want to take revenge from Bedi family,,,,she is the one who cheated them

  7. Wonderful episode????

  8. malika should contact thapki for the revenge track. since thapki is really good at it. Also,she may contact kabir.

    1. Sam I hope you don’t mind my comment.
      Don’t you see the same odd story as in Thapki,How easily it is to steal someones house in these soaps ?
      I thought deeds for houses were kept by solicitors ?
      Who plays a cricket match for their house Sam ?
      Oh with an exploding cricket ball ?

  9. Nila

    superb episode finally rishi and tanuja ek hogaya hai kasam family I am new here(silent reader)

  10. Sema episode .,love u Kartika ,Sharad ,sema acting,,superb

  11. The episode was so cute!!!!!!!!

  12. Wlcm to kasam family..nila..r u tamil?…

    1. Nila

      ya kopz i am tamil

  13. superb episode .romba romantic ….

  14. Ek chotta happy moment picha ek bada trouble ya wala story interesting nahi Thoda mushkil samay ka bath gyatha happy time add aro, ie good. When rishi and thanuja happily lived ?

  15. Hi me too tamil

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