Kasam 11th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Kasam 11th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Rishi calls the driver who tells him about the hotel.
On the stairs, Tanuja wonders how she would make up Malaika. She must assure Malaika that she holds no feelings for Rishi. In the room, Shekhar and Malaika play intimately. Tanuja rings the bell, Shekhar and Malaika wonder who could come here this time. Tanuja thinks Malaika is so upset that she is staying in hotel’s room. Shekhar was curt at the room service man, then goes to open the door. Malaika comes from behind and drags him behind, demanding to have fun with him. Tanuja was concerned about Malaika, she asks a passing waiter and asks her to get this room door opened as her friend is inside and is upset; what if she does something wrong. The waitress takes the keys and unlocks the door of the room. Malaika and Shekhar were flirting intimately

on the couch, Tanuja opens the door. Malaika was shocked to see her.
Rishi arrives at the hotel and asks about Malaika on the reception, but the receptionist asks him to wait for a second.
Malaika asks Tanuja what she is doing here, and tells Tanuja this is her brother Shekhar. Tanuja says everyone is really tensed at home, why she didn’t tell anyone about her brother. Malaika says no one belongs to her there, Shekhar came for their wedding but she didn’t want Shekhar to get angry with Rishi. Tanuja asks to speak to her for a while, Shekhar goes inside the room. Tanuja says she realizes it’s all because of her, she just want Malaika not to take a decision to return to America. Everyone, especially Rano loves her a lot and considers her worth being a daughter in law. She didn’t come between her and Rishi, it is a huge misunderstanding and was only because of Raaj. She promise to go away from their lives, as soon as Raaj gets well. She requests Malaika to return home, as everyone wants her there. She joins her hands to Malaika, and it would be a huge problem for them. Shekhar who had been peeking through the door nods. Malaika agrees to go, and calls Shekhar outside. Malaika says he has to leave for America alone, Shekhar agrees then warns Tanuja that Malaika lost everything because of her. Malaika reminds her flight is of four, he takes his bags and leave winking towards her. Tanuja requests Malaika to call Rano as she is really concerned. Malaika thinks Tanuja is trying to help Rano who is her biggest enemy.
Rishi comes across Shekhar, who was shocked to see Rishi and leaves from there. The receptionist calls Rishi to inform him that Malaika is in 303. He meets a colleague. Tanuja and Malaika pass by him and leave the hotel.
At home, Rano force fee Malaika, and goes towards Rishi excited that Malaika has returned. Malaika apologizes Rishi for leaving without informing. Rishi says he went to hotel in search of her, Malaika says she is really sorry, had she known she would have never left. She was helpless, as her brother was about to come and she had to speak to him. Then Tanuja arrived.
Tanuja was going upstairs when Bee ji stares at her, and says she wants the answers. She asks what’s in Tanuja’s heart and what she wants to do. Bee ji says till now she thought Tanuja was a part of this house, but today it feels she needs to clear her glasses. She asks Tanuja what she wants. Firstly she betrayed them all, then married Rishi and now she brought Malaika home, inspire of knowing if Malaika stays here she would be pushed out of this house. Tanuja says she did what she was asked to, she herself doesn’t know what she is doing. She only know she won’t let anything wrong happen to this family.
In the room, Rishi questions Tanuja why she mixed her clothes with his clothes in the wardrobe. Tanuja says she did this all deliberately, if by chance Raaj comes here and see his clothes in the wardrobe only he would suspect there is something wrong. They are doing all this drama just for Raaj. Rishi asks Tanuja where his album is then. Tanuja goes to show it to him, he keeps a hand over hers and forbids her touch his album. Tanuja asks what’s this childishness that he held her hand, and gives the album to him. He withdraws his hand, then apologizes. Tanuja argues he found the album where he had hidden. Rishi qualifies he kept it by himself. Tanuja asks him for the album, so that she can take care of it. Rishi says he would take care of it by himself, they argue and meanwhile Tanuja slips. Rishi helps her by holding her. He then walks towards the room wanting to speak to her. He says if she has to stay in the room, she must follow some rules. Tanuja asks what rules?

PRECAP: Rishi asks why Tanuja is laughing. Malaika enters the room and curtly removes the bedcover from over them.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. Catherine

    Hey precap was awesome I saw this video by the way wat will happen in tanujha and rishi reception time many videos was there but I was not able to see can anyone say wat was there

  2. Catherine

    Hi ankit so long no see I am no seeing comment ,wat became very busy I and vafa was missing ur updates abt kasam

  3. nayana

    MALAIKA & HER SO CALLED BROTHER SHEKHAR PART WAS SO IRRITATING LAST PART was so nice Rishi & Tanuja’s ishq wala love scene was so cute precap is superb WAITING 4 RECEPTION PARTY SURPRISE

  4. Arbi

    Thank you Sona for FAST update… Today epi was gud …bt ye tanujha ne Kya kiya…phr se uss Malaika ku ghr me laliya…aur Hotel me Sheker eazliy crossed frm Rishi… Oh God as soon unit our TáñShî…plzzz

  5. Arbi

    Hey guyzzz…Hw u all guyzzz..!!??? Hope all r fyn..miss u guyzz ..aap logou se txt karke bahut din hogaya ..jab mai free hun aap sab loag bzzy.. K..tc my KáSàM FaMiLy …Miss u guyzzz

  6. vafa

    u r right .@siddhi dear. i missed u alot. please awlayz be on this page please.

    new man in reception is new nukal that replace old nukal.

    [email protected] happy that see you here.

  7. kasam

    @siddih I am sorry you do not feel completely OK hope recover very quickly ….in my book if someone create an idea which was welcomed from everyone …then that idea does belong to that person for ever.. so you were the very first person who ask the members become a family and one by one joined you and your idea …therefor you are the creator of kasam family ….
    If you all happy with this illiterate vafa who addressed me as she …when twice clear as crystal I introduce myself as 19 years old male …………..now.. I go and believe you me I am very honest and my promise is final…..I can not put up with cheating and fake comments regarding something like a show which is just for sake of entertainment …. look at thapki’s page and how they are friendly with each other without being a family …in fact Alister is a regular member of thapki page and…..I never wittnesed any one makes fun of his/her …criticisem and comments……….. .as this woman and her other fake names did …. the members of this
    running away one by one ….good luck to all of real and good members

  8. vafa

    siddhi dear . if you donot believe me. can asked of @Ankit that kasam already also insult to @ankit and me . becz of this that cathriene share herveiw with us. she fight with ankit and me and insult us. in fact fight ing is work heralwayz .but when other share their views with her . person shouldnot something say her. while herthink is wrong. and if member of thapki page are friend cause that they share their veiws each other and respect each other and donot enjoy of make fun of each other and thapki family and donot insult them with theircommments.

    • kasam

      ignorant woman stop changing me to a woman it is disgusting ……………… whatever you psycho saying about me and insulting you to siddidhi…. ….it is exactly the same words you were using about siddihi and someone else ..I don’t remember this person name …….but the person for very first time opened your feast of…..cheating …saying there were no Ahmad…Ali ..they are all you ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, to anika …this is your usual way of covering your lies ….stop being wrong and pretending to be a victim……….psycho calling someone with wrong gender is extremely insulting ,,,,something you are doing over and over ……and even siddihi did not bothered to correct you or being happy I well wished her..I am not like you nave and I don’t need anyone including siddihi to defend my true comments………….. if you carry on to insult me by pointing me as a woman then me and all people who care about me will repond………..I am so disappointed of this page and siddihi who that ..nobody was remembering her……….. but me …I am not desperate like you vafa to stay on this page …..carry on like this and the real people will leave..

  9. Siddhi


    |Registered Member

    Guys please dont fight.No one is listening to me.Listen to me or else i will get angry and will nit talk with anyone 😠

  10. Catherine

    Vafa leave it some people will talk like this only if we started answer them then waste of time only u just ignore it vafa she say whatever she don’t give importantance to that is siddi ur friend vafa hi siddi I am Catherine

    • kasam

      you don’t exist and trying to provoke me by calling me a woman ……….OK what about I call you ……transgender… be quiet and true ….then I never look back this cheating page

  11. MSD

    Who are you people..acting like [email protected].I wouldn’t even bother replying [email protected]! This page is not for your fights..and none of really care! Only comment on the show…we can only handle one drama and it is not yours! Grow up! @[email protected].I don’t know if you are a female or male..19 or 39 or 59 and to be honest I cudnt care less! @kasam..yes I know ur a boy…so don’t panic! Someone needs to an adult!

    Sorry but I’m tired of all this fighting that makes no sense! LETS keep this to discussions on the show not your bantering!

    • kasam

      I don’t know you MSD and your comment is very unfair….and a little rude as well …if you don’t care about something then don’t talk about that ……..but just for sake of my point……..
      I don’t know you are a male or female so if someone address your father as a woman how you would feel ? I already corrected them a few times but they continued to address me as she ….so please first think and then make a judgement out of fairness in which is a basic part of being a human………….I have been with kasam since day one and I never crossed with your name …. you don’t need consume your valuable time to show my way as I am in second year of law course therefor not only I am enable of defending myself…..but defending the others will be my future job….hence thanks for your trouble but I know my way better than anyone else…I want to forget about this page totally ..but unkind comments like yours…makes me to get a response…

      • MSD

        Congrats for being in law school! All the best! you all are miss understanding me..all I’m saying is let’s stick to the topic we are here for..comments on the show! Simple as that!

  12. Siddhi


    |Registered Member

    Guys it seems that i should not start this family.If i would not start this family then no one would fight.Now i will not comment till no one tells sorry to eachother and live like a family!If i have done something wrong then sorry to all but i will always see the page and if i see no one saying sorry then will not comment

    • Siddhi


      |Registered Member

      I am now very much angry with all!Will not talk to anyone 😠 i told not to fight still all are fighting.I hate this because we are family not enemies.If you think i am talking rudely then a big sorry!kasam control your anger 😠,vafa dont reply to the comments you feel bad about them 😠,Catherine dont give angry comments 😠

      Whoever fight with eachother tell sorry to eachother or else forget me,forget that i am a member of kasam family 😠 i will leave this family and will not vome bacj till everyone say sorry to eachother and again if you think i am rude then a big sorry to all

      • Tanshi

        Hii sidhi, can I be a part of your family. It’s just a question
        Anyway I love kasam tere pyar ki, isn’t tanshi awesome

      • MSD

        Don’t be sorry..it’s not your fault that people can’t control their anger and feel the need to act in such manner! It’s not like you know these people personally! Live love and laugh! Life is too short!

  13. Snow White

    Siddhi yaar u don’t leave commenting on this page nor leave this family as u r the back bone of our kasam family….

  14. kasam

    MSD I replied to your arrogant and rude comment regarding me …I love to forget this page ….but until unfair and unkind people like you ….who very rudely ….advising the source of all the problems ….. to ignore me……. when I don’t know who you are …. I have to come back and defend myself…….where were you all during last couple of months … when I was the only one …who was remembering miss siddihi? as I said I can’t wait to leave this cheating page for good if I don’t see any wrong comment about me … therefore I don’t need anyone including miss siddihi …

  15. katerine

    @MSD u must be one of group of that obsessive vafa to be so rude to kasam .first go back and see what happened then come and say and flatter siddihi. just because you did not like these comments become so angry and made such a rude comment ,then why blaming kasam to be angry? this woman has created so many fights with a number of members including siddihi and me then you come from nowhere and cherishing the trouble maker vafa and rude towards kasm what a good person

    • MSD

      I’m not cherishing anyone! I don’t think there is any need to insult people or fight regardless of who they are! I am new here and can’t believe the insults that are being thrown around! People are acting like they are in high school and maybe they are! I would like to read comments on the show not the child like fights!

      • katerine

        MSD; if u r new then don’t jump to the matter you don’t know from beginning ,now kasam is gone for good,be happy;but I am here who the woman had fight with me and I will not leave or take any nonsense ; if u want joine the family ,then be polite not rude , u can see there are so many kasam members who has been here long b4 u if u realy exist , and none of them intruded or acted so rudely as you did.

        kasam I am going to miss u a lots and I wish your sweetheart the best place in heaven and patience and happiness for you friend of a short time

  16. Ankit


    |Registered Member

    Hey guys… stop all this!
    Be calm.. Be happy.. Huh.. There’s not a damn thing in fighting with each other for no reason..

  17. vafa

    @siddhi dear. all person better know that how sameone is fighting other and also persone that say myname as fighter .they are fighting me . as kratine bring in hercomment herself myname and name tanshi and catherine and ect and insult us. i reply her just when person insult me reply her or his but i am not like her or his that insult that person. and this mycomment isnot for fight but for siddhi dear notice u.and also i donot know that kasam is male not female. and if i call his ,she .sorry. but he and kratine very insult me . i can insult them. but i donot do such something and this is clear that theirage are low as they are very agrronat.because i amnot like them.(msDand siddhi and catherine and ankit) DEAR all are right.

  18. vafa

    @siddhi please donot leave this page u are a kind and very good person.and also understand all kasam family.i promise u that donot reply persons that instult me and also u should stay in this page becuse all kasamfamily need u. so for all kasam family stay and donot leave this page. my dearfriend.

    • kasam

      until you trouble maker stay quiet and leave lies I have to come back……you pointed me as trouble maker , then what was your problem with anika who was most kind to you……just because she said something about your writing?wow you are the reason she left very quietely……who was fighting with miss siddihi …following by someone I don’t remember the name …but the person…. you were fighting with …..in time of anika was taking a short journey and with katerine ….I remember everything ….because I have been with kasam from day one ……….but… never gave any comments until I was out of my patience regarding your endless fake news……false prestory …like those male friend of tanuja and pawan are coming ………..and creating so many none exist people to say ….they missed you …agree with you……thanking you…..and you welcome them……….so trouble maker and seeker attention…… be quiet and let me leave this cheating page for good. for those who are asking stop fighting …….can you make this jobless woman quiet ….then you never hear from me …..I got a life …I am not lifeless

  19. Catherine

    U are right dear and sorry kasam to call u she I did not really mean it I am really I just supported vafa becoz she was my friend and was sad I did not really mean to hurt u by changing ur gender and calling pls forgive me I am sorry I can understand how you feel when people call u as opposite gender I am really sorry once again and sorry siddi

    • katerine

      catherine u seem a good person and I like you ;but please don’t let be influence by nasty people ,your apology to kasam made you so respectable in my eyes

  20. kasam

    @All real and honest member of kasam ….who we took a fairly long journey together from day one up to this very day with me and beyond without me….. I wish you all to have back the peace ,…. sense of friendship and beautiful emotions …. and very honest comments …back….the days miss siddihi was giving us the most emotional good night …..was the first to comment ….welcoming the new members………and congratulating ..the one … who could be the first one to comment.. … and creating kasm family…..
    I have been reading the thapki’s page from day one as well and some of members came to this page like santoush……pooja ….alister….roshani……..but left very quickly….. and you can see I never comment there , because there was nothing nasty over there…………

    I sincerely hope ……. you can have those golden days back and become … a very united members …..with honesty ….concern and love for each other…Good -Bye

  21. Sia

    Hey Guyz What’s up all??? Hw r u Vafa, Siddhi, Ankit, Kasam n all the kasam familyfamily members??? I missed u all….n Plz guyz don’t fight for the sake of our family….

  22. vafa

    @sia dear. i be very happy that see u .and missed u alot. i am fine. hope that u be alwayz happy and fine . iam soooooooooooooooohappy that see yourcomment. please alwayz be here. and see yourcomments

    @catherine dear donot upset . siddhi know that u are very good person and be sure that she willnot leave this page because that all kasamfamily need her. siddhi dear. sia dear backs and you also should stay in this page because all need u. i enjoy when that see yourcommm .siddhidear

    @tanshi dear.all say that today . i think that is today .

  23. Siddhi


    |Registered Member

    Guys now i feel that i should again start wishing you all.I read everyone’s comment and for one moment i felt emotional.So from jow we all will wish eachother and now i am not angry with anyone.Welcome to all members who just entered in our family and welcome tanshi.Good night and have a sweet and beautiful dream 😊

  24. Raveena

    Hloooo…..mind me too guyz……..i’m….new here…..hlooooiii…..kasam fans…..anybody here…….i’m a malayali……and I think l’m the only malayali here …..yet…2 be found………

  25. vafa

    hi Raveena dear. welcom to kasam family.
    siddhi i thistime will leave this page and donot commback to this page and sia and catherine and ankit and tanshi dear goodbye everyone. i aswear that i dokonw that kasam is male. and god know that tell truth . and i next this notice kasam is male tell sorry to kasam.

    he and kraterine that alwayz insult me .

    kraterina also u first start fight with me. with insult me and tanshi and catherine in yourcommments . and you call me as nasty people . while that yourself are such person and this show that you when the talk at all you do notthink. and you enjoy with make fun of kasamfamily and insult them and other and me witness mytalks is all yourcommentsinthis page and in page 9novmber and and next yourself call .kasamfans. and you catherine . katrine insult you(catherine . and me and tanshi and … and now katrine want show that he is a good person. while thisisnot such person

    kasam you all insult me and i donot something you even siddhi and sia also know . you donot like that yourfriends share veiws with me while that when yourfriend and others share their veiws with u . i donot tell something becuse kasam faily is share theirveiws with each other. but you when see others share theirveiws with me and this that thank of me formycomment. you fight with me and insult me and witness all yourcomments in all pages.
    and also you alwayz are fighting with me and insult me .@sia and @siddhi dear you know
    that i very bear this person and hisinsults me.i am leaveing this page and want to know that how much can bear them. one day you will undaerstand me. @sia and @siddhi @ankit @tanshi @catherine( you alwayz just share herveiws with tanshi and ankit and sia and siddhi because they donotmake fune of kasam family and alwayz tell truth) i very love u and hope alwayz be happy and smileyand i happy that have very good friends like you.i never back in
    page . for all kasam family even persons that insult me wish best for yourlife a nd yourfuture .
    sia and siddhi my kind -heart sisters please donot upset and pormise me that share yourveiws with ankit tanshi catherine and tell update for catherine please and alwayz give yourveiws.
    and you kasam pleasedonot tell anddonot reapt name anika. because hersister in law tell that donot bring hername because she donot like.

    goodbye every

    katrine and kasam are young and want to rule us with pride while they should know that this page isnot yourpersonal property.

    kasam you and katerine are young and wa

    • Sia

      Hey Vafa dear plz don’t say to leave this page yaar….Plz Vafa n Kasam for god sake forget whatever rift happened btwn both of u….After all We r a family I mean Kasam family….Look I know everyone’s review is different n some r similar but it doesn’t meant that we should fight with each other….I also have done so many mistakes but now I think I should n’t have fight with my dear family members lyk Kasam, etc….Plz don’t leave for me n siddhi….

  26. vafa

    @catherine i and you for somethind donot know about that and when that noticed about that tell sorry but they never say sorry us. excuse me forget that say you nayaana and hency dea also are very good person and can asked them about serial and also asked that tell you update my dearfriend catherine dear . goodbye forever.

  27. Tanshi

    Please vafa don’t leave the page please, if I want to know something about the show means I ask to you only,so please don’t leave this page it’s a request from me please.

  28. vafa

    @sia @siddhi and tanshi dear.

    i this time also just for you stay and donot leave . because i had decided that never comback this page just for all kasamfamily because kasam and katerine that all are fighting me and insult me and kasamfaily was upset becuse they also have right.

    @catherine dear someone deliberaterately donot make kasam opposite gendar . he of a small something make abig somgthing just for ceart fight . if person call me man instead woman and also she or he . i donot upset his or her.because i know that that person donot know that i am male or female. but unfoertunaetly alwayz his thinks is negative.

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