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Tanuja makes up to everyone that there is fire in office and Rishi must stay. Rishi tells Manpreet to go to Puna then. Tanuja tells Naitra to go with Manpreet as her mother is ill. In the room, Tanuja calls Rohit and tells him that he must act in front of Rishi about a fire in office.
There, Rishi and brothers sat together. Rishi says Tanuja challenged him that he won’t get the project, she is stopping him only so that he doesn’t win his challenge. He decides to go to Puna. Naitra and Rano had been overhearing from behind the door, Naitra runs inside ready to leave with Rishi.
Tanuja and Ahana had tea with Bee ji. Ahana appreciated Tanuja, Tanuja share her fear about Naitra with Ahana. Bee ji goes towards the window and watches Rishi and Naitra leaving. Tanuja hurries outside but Rishi

and Naitra had left by then. Tanuja was upset. Inside, Bee ji puts Prasad into Tanuja’s mouth and tells her to leave behind Rishi and save him from Rishi. Ahana also urges Tanuja to go. Tanuja agrees to go and save Rishi from Naitra.
Naitra asks Rishi how long it will take to reach Puna. He replies 3-4 hours. He plays music and smiles thinking about Tanuja. Naitra tries to hold his hand but he jerks it away at once. She makes up she was changing music but Rishi says he likes this.
Bee ji tells Manpreet that Ahana fall in love with someone else. Manpreet shouts to gather the family. Ahana says she even has two children. Rano comes there and asks about Tanuja. Ahana and Bee ji look at each other, she then says on road…. Tanuja will soon be on road as they are about to win. Manpreet asks Ahana about Tanuja, Ahana says in water… she is taking bath. Manpreet confirms if she still has an affair, Ahana deters him to leave the kitchen. After they had gone, Ahana breathes of relief.
Tanuja calls Rishi, he asks Naitra to take the call. It was Tanuja. Tanuja cuts the call hearing her voice, then wonders why Naitra has Rishi’s number. Rishi asks Naitra who it was, Naitra makes up its John and said he kept the meal in car back. Naitra cuts Tanuja’s call again and says tomorrow she would cut her from Rishi’s life similarly. Rohit laughs watching Tanuja worried, Tanuja tells her to drive fast.
Manpreet comes to Tanuja’s room. Ahana comes there calling Tanuja, Manpreet wonders why he can’t hear her replies. Bee ji comes there faking to give a towel to Tanuja. Manpreet guess there is something wrong, and heads to call Rishi. Ahana take the phone and plays with it.
At hotel, Rishi says he has booked two rooms but only one was available. Naitra insists they will adjust in a single room. Rishi takes the call, Naitra bribes the receptionist Mr. Manish.
Tanuja was on the way. Rishi calls Rohit. Rohit watches the call and disconnects it. Rishi wonders if he has cut the all. Rishi asks if he is bringing Tanuja to Puna. He says yes. Rishi tells him to come out of the car. Tanuja thinks it must be a call from home. Rishi asks Rohit why he became Tanuja’s secretary when he was studying medical. Rohit says only because he wants to win Smiley’s heart. Rishi promises to make it possible in a single day, he tells Rohit to take Tanuja away from main road towards Highway. He only wants Tanuja to come Puna but after the meeting. He insists on Rohit to get a little late. The signal goes green, Rohit hurries into the car. Rishi counts till five as time for him to hear, Rohit says ok, he is ready and gets to his car.
Rishi smirks determined not to let Tanuja win this time.

PRECAP: Tanuja speaks to Rishi on phone that she has reasons for what she did to his family, she confess her love and tells him not to marry Naitra. It was Naitra who laughs on the other side of line.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  6. Congrats kasam for crossing 300episodes KEEP IT UP. The story is going in different way but it ‘ll gain more likes

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