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Rishi and Manpreet were shocked to see Guljeet, but Rishi hugs Tannu before he could see her. They make up its Manpreet’s girlfriend and was drunk so fainted. UV comes out, Rishi wonders how he must run away now. UV was shocked to see Tannu faint, hearing them kidnapping. He complains if they told him about the plan. Rishi qualifies he himself didn’t know about the plan. Rishi spots the Victoria cart, and says he would run away on this. UV confirms if he can drive this cart, Rishi was ready to drive anything for Tannu. Manpreet and UV come to the cart man to takes him to enjoy the wedding. Rishi brings Tannu and holds her up on the cart with the help of Manpreet. UC hurries Rishi to leave as soon as someone come there. They bridal chunri was there on the floor.
Neha gets ready then shares with Swati

that if her Sandy was here, he would have gone crazy. She was curt at Rishi staring Tanvi. Swati assures Neha that she booked Great Grand Masti movie tickets for her and Rishi. She laughs at Tanvi’s fate about getting the local guy. She gives Neha the greed about getting American bank balance. They cheer about all they vision for. Swati urges Neha to get downstairs to see Tanvi marry that goon.
Rishi drives the cart.
Bani brings the bride down, everyone stands up for her. Ahna was nervous. Rani thanks for everything being getting well, now Tanvi will leave their lives for always. Savitri comes to greet Tanvi and asks why she kept a veil, Bani calls them their house’s ethics. Ahna was curt why she listened to that Manpreet. UV and Manpreet come in to ask for water, UV asks who that bride is. Manpreet says this is Ahna on the stage, he told her to get there in bridal attire. UV wonders what if she really gets married. Manpreet says he didn’t think about it. Bee ji cheers about Tanvi running away with Rishi. Manpreet and UV were worried what if Bee ji can’t control herself, Manpreet was also worried for Ahna. UV suggests about giving Rishi and Tanvi some twenty more minutes.
Rishi rides the cart.
The temple lady arrives at the wedding venue. Saloni turns around and asks who she is and who invited her here? The lady replies Kaali Maa did and goes inside. Saloni thinks about her bring crazy, it seems she is a beggar and goes behind her.
They all pray on the stage, Neha, Swati and Mamta laugh. Rano inquires the reason for laughing and asks Tannu to go inside. Ahna await Manpreet to come and signal her, so that she can come out of her tent.
Bani shares her happiness with Rano, Rano seconds her. Bee ji also cheers, UV and Manpreet stops her at once. Rano notices something wrong, she demands Manpreet what Bee ji was saying. She asks about Rishi, UV replies he is in changing room. Rano asks her to let him stay there, she can’t see Tanvi marrying Rishi.
The Pandit begins the rituals by asking bride to keep a hand on groom’s hand. Manpreet was worried about getting beaten if Ahna gets married to Pavan. Ahna gulps hard, Pavan was curt and thinks about showing Tanvi his real face; it’s enough of being sweet to her anymore.
Rishi rides the cart, it stops at a Kaal Maa temple on the road side.
Bani asks for bride’s hand, Ahna keeps her hand over Pavan’s finally. Manpreet was worried. Pavan clutches her hand in a way it hurts. He asks if she likes him get insulted, if she again makes a mistake he will break her hand. She must stop thinking about Rishi, she only has to do what he and Saloni asks her to. Ahna finally removes her veil and tells him to shut up. They were all shocked. She demands what he consider her sister to be. Pavan demands where Tanvi is, his bride to be. Ahna replies she is no more his bride to be, she ran away.
Rishi comes down to the temple, and joins his hands to Goddess saying he feels Her help with him always. As if he is being done forcefully what he is doing. He prays for his and Tanvi’s couple as he loves her dearly. All at once, there is strong wind blowing, and says it seems the Goddess made him run away with Tanvi.

PRECAP: Tanvi confesses his love for Tanvi, she shouts at her for being selfish and only care about his own self.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Tannu will be scolding rishi and out of furstation he fills tannus managing with sindoor and they get married is this true ??

  2. I don’t get the precape! someone pls tell me!

  3. They are dragging this serial on and on and on stop doing that it been showing the same pre cap for 2 weeks now!! What the hell??

  4. Precap- Tanvi shouts at Rishi for being selfish and not caring about others’ feelings. Rishi tells her that she alone matters to him.

    By the way they’re in the same place they met in the beginning…under the flickering bulb in the dark room.

  5. silent reader

    plz stop it yaaaaar
    show some peace
    yaar asa hosakta ha ke tanu tanvi aur neha ka such aajae ufff god
    plz stop it
    agar swati ahna ha to real ahna kia ha??????????????????????????????????????????????//
    ik ghar men 2 ahna?

  6. Hope tanvi and rishi will Marry

  7. Hope tanvi and rishi will Marry now

  8. Nice episode. Love Ahana.

  9. Love this show. Hope rishi and Tanu matry .

    1. Hope rishi and Tanu marry

  10. Finally rishi ne tanu ko bhaga hi liya

    Rishi kitna cute lg raha tha cart chalate time

    Manpreet aahana UV rocks

    Loved it……………

  11. Ahana was too good..
    But too much dragging…

  12. i just love this show and dont leave even 1 episode

  13. ahaanaaa u r really superb….. I’ll just luv uuuuuu dr….. Keep rocking……

  14. wow aweaome episode yesterdays

  15. I love this serial. Rishi chart chalate huye cute lagraha tha aur tanu chart me baithe huye rani lag rahi thi. I love you both krasha.

  16. subhadra Mallick

    Ahna u r superb yaar I love you so much……keep rocking…..oh god rishi and Tanvi Ki sari Ho jaye…aur unka sach samne aa jaye……

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