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Rano slaps Malaika thrice. Malaika tries to hold the hand in return, but Ahana jerks her hand away warning to break her mouth really. She has always been silent because of Rano, but now she should mind she and her love are animals. She drags Malaika out of the house, Manpreet holds Shekhar by collar. Rishi comes to warn Shekhar to not leave him worth anything if he again place an eye over his family. Manpreet and Ahana take them away. Rishi comes to hug Raaj and thank him for being there. Rano asks Raaj if he knew about it. Raaj says Rishi came to him, he was sure Tanuja is right this time. Raaj already believed in Tanuja, and tells Rishi he had already seen Malaika with the guy when he took them all to hotel. Rishi shared his idea with him. Raaj insists Malaika was never a good choice for Rishi. Rano apologizes.

Rishi qualifies that Malaika used her. Raaj forbids her use her mind. She should only love Bedi family, and not everyone. Rishi remember Tanuja wasn’t there, and goes to make her up. Rano holds her ears to everyone. Raaj forgives, and everyone was happy.
Rishi comes to Tanuja in the room, and asks if she is crying. She wipes her tears at once, wondering why she would cry. She is only leaving this house, he should only go to the one he married and congratulates him. Rishi holds her hand to stop her. Tanuja asks what’s left to stay now. He holds her hand. Tanuja says if he stops her for a moment here, then…. She says they have no right over each other anymore. He snatched all her rights, he should go and hold hands with the one he has married. Rishi again stops her way. Tanuja says she wasn’t let to be close to him, he never gave her right over him; it’s his mom who is responsible. Rishi tries to explain. Tanuja says everything has ended, he finally did what his mother asked him to. He only understood his mom. She was never ready to forgive Rano and Rishi. She loved Rishi dearly, but this is meaningless; now she should leave. Rishi asks where he should go. Tanuja says he should go to the one he married. Rishi replies he came to her, whom he married. He has every right over Tanuja, and only Tanuja has every right over him. Tanuja asks if he married Malaika. Rishi says he didn’t marry Malaika. Tanuja was left speechless. Rishi holds her by shoulders saying he didn’t marry. She asks for an explanation. Rishi says Malaika wished to kick her out of the house, and he wished to do some drama to kick Malaika out. Malaika had also taken Rano into confidence, so he created a minor drama to save their marriage. Tanuja asks if he can do anything for his mom, even fake marriage. If his mother brings someone else tomorrow, and he would leave her. Rishi denies. Tanuja insists had he married Malaika today, he must have been Malaika’s husband today. Rishi explains he know his mom well, it was really important to disclose Malaika’s truth to her. Now, there won’t be anyone between them. Tanuja says there would be someone always, they won’t be able to walk with each other because he doesn’t love her. He loves for sure, but only the one…. Rishi stuffs her mouth with his hand, then wipes her tears and kiss her forehead. Tears roll over his own face. Suddenly the lights go off. Rishi says he always remembered Tannu and hated her, only because she was making him forget Tannu. She was taking him away from his Tannu. He even forgot why he was fighting with her, now he only envision her in the memories of Tannu. Now, only she is Tannu, and she is Tanuja; it’s like souls have united into a single face. He smiles they even make similar tea, they laugh and cry alike; even she talks to the moon in similar way as of Tannu. It seems as if his Tannu has returned, she made that Tannu alive. She brought him back to life, he wonders when he fall in love with her. Tanuja cries, as she hear Rishi wondering what he should name this relation. They hug each other.

PRECAP: Bedi was sent to lock up. Rano was determined to ruin Tanuja’s life. Tanuja had to face the testimony to get rid of the planning against her.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Dint understand the promo…what testimony???y was bedi sent to jail??

  2. To where the story is going

  3. Nailed it rishi….epi s gud..pls stay together nd love each other forever…hereaftr we can expct some romantic scene..

  4. Superbb episode

  5. But promo somuch confusing

  6. Bcoz of domestic voilence…bani gave case against bedi family….

    Bedi family is behind bars & blame tanuja for their arrest. tanuja gets 2 know that bani played this game & put wrong blames on bedi family 2 get them beaten up. tanuja gets angry knowing its her family’s mistake & says i will not bear anything wrong.
    Rishi meets his family in jail & is shocked seeing everyone behind bars. rano tells rishi that tanuja has done all this. she says tanuja has come with bani & put us behind bars by fake accusations. Rano dislikes tanuja & feels tanuja did this intentionally. tanuja argues with bani & neha . neha slaps tanuja 2 stop her at home. tanuja also slaps neha & asks her not 2 interfere in her life.Bani & Neha framed tanuja’s accident& domestic violence. tanuja meets the doctor who made the fake report.she meets him & asks him 2 make new report. Doctor manav helps tanuja in freeing bedis. ROHIT KHURRANA has entered the show as doctor . manav . there will be a LOVE TRIANGLE b/w Manav- Tanuja & Rishi

  8. I think Bani filed a complaint against the Bedi family to get revenge on Rano.

  9. How can tanuja slap Neha? Even though Neha is wrong, Tanuja used to call her mother so how can someone slap there mother???

  10. Sabrina

    Amazing Episode love love love it… but don’t quite understand precap

  11. Superb episode, you both nailed the episode, love you tanshi keep rocking

  12. Hi vafa, where are you?

  13. Yesterday in rishtey channel we got tanshi’s first rain dance and in colors we got tanshi’s love confession, I never forget this day in my life, I am so happy???

  14. Love u Rishi keep rocking nd plz don’ separate…
    Luv luv luv luv u Rishi.
    Plz always keep smile…

  15. Rishi -thanuja and the episode always super

  16. guys one superb news kasam trp is 2.7 overall position is 8th and weekdays position is 6th and slot leader also

    1. Trp is 2.7, oohoo iam so happy, I can’t explain that how much happy I am today, let’s nacho……….

  17. And according to saas bahu aur saazish it is on top3, so happy today

  18. farhana siddiqui

    ab kya love trangle dikhakar hamara khun jalaoge ? plz plz plz rushi aur tanu ko mila dijiye apko dua lagegi bas kijiye ab y drama kitna rulaoge bechari tanu ko aur rano ko mar dalo pyar ki dushman

  19. Please re -telecast at night 12.30

  20. What is mean by 2.7 over all position is 8th weekdays position? am not understand this? Episode is super but tanshi again don’t take unnesasary drama again. Now only rishi and tanuja propose they loving each other. There is no good moments together. Again making trouble for them.

  21. but rishi still didnt come to know that tanu is reborn as tanuja

  22. oh god let c if tanshi can have a normal married couple life 4 a few days then go so wild to pray d show, pple lyke Ann specially tanshi nayana n all very new names they writing n praying exactly like copy of that vafa plse stop these over rating d show wait 4 something normal then do this all we have up 2 now is crying crying n crying tanshi n drama n negative part like again roni cursing tanuja no happy or romance part

  23. Esther

    Tanshi momet was cute,,,
    atlast Rano reached jail…she deserves to be in jail,,,she should rewind the things she did to Tanuja and then she will understand that she deserves all these,,,she was treating Tanuja lyk a dog and now blaming Tanuja for putting her in jail…eventhough it’s a trap by Bani,Rano can’t deny all those aquisitions on her…she deserves to be in jail and her whole family is punished for her mistake…

  24. The story is getting more and more ridiculous by day.
    As soon as one stupid situation is resolved we have another one even more idiotic.
    And what has happened to the reincarnation story ?
    I hope the writers get back to the love story between Tanu and Rishi,While they still have some viewers and fans left ?

  25. upcoming great………kasam on 3rd position……this week…..osm

  26. Can I just say what a relief to find an individual who in fact knows what theyre talking about on the internet. You surely know how to bring an problem to light and make it critical. More individuals must read this and realize this side of the story. I cant think youre not additional well-known because you definitely have the gift.


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