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Bani goes to pack Tannu and Ahna’s luggage so that she throws them out after mehndi. Swati comes there, Bani takes her out. Rano was curt that it doesn’t seem to be a Punjabi house. Bani and Guljeet asks a lady to beat the drum and dances. Everyone joins in. Bee ji takes Tannu to dance as well. Rishi and Tannu hit each other. Rishi cheers. Swati curtly says what he sees in that Tannu. Neha says he will be her groom. Tannu was upset because of Rishi’s dance and leaves. Ahna follows her. Raaj appreciates Rano’s henna and asks her if they should plan their honeymoon. Rano asks what is he saying in front of everyone. Raaj says he has the licence of teasing her. Bee ji holds Tannu and asks to put henna on her hand as well. Tannu didn’t open her hands, the henna lady says her hands are already colored.

Tannu leaves upset.
At night, Bani and Swati comes to Tannu’s room packing their bags. They curtly say they will throw the girls out. Swati drops a bag, she picks up some papers from the floor. Bani was shocked to see train tickets of Patiala that Tannu had booked. Bani says it seems she now have to tell them the lesson.
Rishi comes to Tannu in the kitchen and helps her keep the glasses. Tannu holds his hand to take the glass. He doesn’t leave it. Rishi asks her to promise she will keep his hand held for lifetime. Tannu asks him to stop teasing her, she has no feelings for him. Rishi keeps the glass, clutches her arm and asks her to say this looking in his eyes. She says so. He holds her closer and asks not even now. She says no, and pushes him away. He holds her back and asks not even now. She denies and turns away. Rishi holds her face and asks not even now. Her eyes fill in tears, she says no. He says this is a lie, her heart beat increased in touch, sweat bead on forehead and eyes shut in shame, who she is lying to. Tannu says nothing like this. He asks why she goes away watching him with someone else, she must tell him she isn’t effected at all. She won’t say this, because she also loves him. She says yes she loves him. She wants to go away from him, because there is nothing between them. He has to think about spending his life with her sister, she will go away from him a day after tomorrow. Bani comes there. Rishi says he will stalk her till every corner of the world. Tannu heads to leave. Rishi says this is his truth, he will never leave her; in none of the lives. Bani watches him hold her face again and says he won’t be able to leave her. Tannu jerks his hands away and leaves. Rishi says no matter how much she tries, she won’t be able to go away, his love won’t let her go.
Bani hits Tannu, Tannu says sorry. Bani scolds her to walk carefully else she will fall over face. She comes to the hall upset and asks Neha to come inside with her. Swati was worried and follows them. Bani says to Neha that Rishi is behind Tannu now. Did she tell her that he is using her for making Tannu jealous? Neha says he will fall in love with her soon. Bani says Rishi only loves Tannu. Guljeet comes and asks them to throw them out, send them to Patiala. Bani says this is what she wants, so that Rishi follows her there too. She gets an idea about marrying Rishi to someone else.
Rishi looked around, Ahna watch Rishi flirting with girls. She shows her hands to Rishi, scolds the girls to run away from here. Rishi thanks her, Ahna says she always wanted to tell him but today she will. He is the biggest flirt, he is behind her sister, marrying Neha and now these girls. Ahna says if he even tries to tease her sister she won’t leave him. Rishi leaves. Tannu comes there, Swati comes to call them to Bani.
In the room, Bani was crying. Tannu asks what happened. Bani holds Tannu’s hand and apologizes her. Tannu asks if everything is fine. Guljeet cries and asks Tannu to let Bani speak. Bani says she forgot to tell her a big news. Bani says she is angry at herself, she forgot to tell why she brought them to Mumbai. Guljeet says he will tell her, they brought Tannu to marry her. Tannu says she will do what they would say, but would never hurt them. But she can’t get married now. Bani says this was her father’s last wish, that this wedding takes place in Mumbai. Tannu says her father would never think so. Guljeet asks if she knew why they were in Patiala before their death, they wanted them to bring her to Mumbai and marry her to a boy of their choice. Ahna says their father would have told them so. Bani brings out a letter from the cupboard. She says she found this letter while selecting clothes, she must read it. Tannu reads, Guljeet! Rishi has denied marry Tannu, she will break and he can’t see her break. They must take her from here and marry her to the boy of their choice. Bani smiles at Guljeet as they both had written it just a few hours ago. Bani asks Tannu if she will fulfil the last wish of her father. Tannu says yes, if her father wanted this. She will marry anyone they select for her. Bani hugs her victoriously looking at Guljeet. Ahna was still in disbelief.
Bee ji asks Rishi why he put the henna to the girl he isnt marrying. Manpreet explains he had stolen the mehndi. Bee ji cheers. UV asks how he will marry Tannu now. Rishi say she will take her to date. Manpreet says Bani would never do so, Rishi yawns and doesn’t explain them about the plan.
The next morning, Rishi comes to the hall and shouts Tanvi’s name. Tannu was worried in the kitchen. Bani comes inside saying he might be calling Tannu, Rishi says no he called Tanvi. Tannu comes to the hall, Rishi says this is what he wanted. He takes the breakfast from her hand, smells Aalu k Parathay. Manpreet and UV also take the place. Tannu asks them to have seats. There is a door bell, it was Pandit ji. Rishi says it seems he is fixing the date of his and Tannu’s marriage. Bani says he has brought a proposal for Tanvi’s marriage. Rishi was left in shock.

PRECAP: Tannu says she isnt a western girl, she only has a single man she will spend her life with. Rishi kneels down in front of her and requests her to select him as that one man.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Loved rishi

  2. #???????????
    funny n emotional Precap
    funny n thrilling episode

  3. so interesting………..

  4. devishivakumat

    What a fast update! Thank you sona. Precap is super

  5. subhadra Mallick

    Plz tannu tum rishi KO accept karlo…Bani is a lier ….rishi kuch karo apni tannu KO pane k liye warna wo Kisi aur k ho jayegi…..All the best Rishi…..

  6. I loved tanshi scenes.Especially precap is very heart melting.Hoping to see them together soon.I hate bani’s family.

  7. patakha princess

    wow……..rishi is going to propose tannu…….hated guljeet family………taanu is so dumb…..her father would’ve told her………….ahna is in disbelief………may be she will uncover the truth……….loved rishi…….loved tanshi scenes today…….rajo scenes were funny…………

  8. Thanx sona lov u tanshi

  9. Rishi is so funny!
    I only watch it for the lead’s chemistry, brotherly love between rishi n manpreet and sisterly love between tanu and ahna.

  10. Wow! Sona so fast. Thank you so much for your lovely update . What ever bani do, tanu is for rishi. I love u tanshi. I like uv ,manpreet, beeji, & ahna.
    I hate guljeet, bani devil, neha , swati

  11. Tanshi rockz…

  12. I love kasam.

  13. Loved Rishi and Tannu scenes…But I don’t wish them to drag more..Enough is enough is enough is enough…Anyways,Thanku Sona fr fast updates..plz keep it up??

  14. I’m sticking with this serial, but come on!!!! Move the story along. Stop letting bani and her evil family have the upper hand. This new trick of the letter is evil. Seriously she hears rishi talking about how much he loves asli tanu, yet still carries on plotting to get her daughter neha married to him. I really dislike the chashmesh sister too. She’s a nasty piece of work.

    Come on Tanu, stop being such a doormat. Ahana, you need to say something to someone. You’re the only one with the courage.

    Rishi, stop flirting with neha and start acting like you mean you love asli Tanu. This game playing is getting a bit silly, no, I mean very silly.

  15. OMG It is so romantic. Waiting eagerly 4 tmrw’s epi. Tanshi rocks.

  16. OMG It is so romantic. Waiting eagerly 4 tmrw’s epi. Tanshi rocks. Best jodi after swasan

  17. I m in love with these two, tannu and Rishi just rocks? At the starting of the serial i never thought that it’ll be sooo good and romantic???

  18. Sharrad is so cute..his dimples are,..wow,,.no words to say..
    love him a lot

  19. Tanu and Rishi ?
    Ahna and manpreet ?

  20. Very lovely.. Tanshi going great day by day… Idiot bani.. Sad for rishi.. Precap seems tooooooooooo good…

  21. i hope rishi will marry tanu

  22. Thank u sona for the update

    Get the guljeet family out of here….

    Love tanshi love kasam
    Very nice episode…….

    Love every epi of kasam……..

    Very…….interesting & lovely precape……..

    Waiting eagerly for tomorrows episode…

    Kasam rockz……………….

  23. This serialis beautiful tanshi chemistry rocks RISHI SO HOT 😛 A v fun srrila love tanshi chemistry

  24. Rishi u r so cute

  25. Rishi u r so cute tomorrow cant bear tanu saying no to rishi

  26. Just Love tanshi! Hate bani’s family,rajo scenes were also good and funny,hope tanshi will unite soon,can’t wait for today’s episode.hope manphana (manpreet and ahana) will also fall in love with each other and will united and their love story will also begin:-)

  27. Love tanshi and rishi scenes. All the best rishi .I wish that tannu says yes to rishi. Love kasam.

  28. hey, new character to enter tannu ‘s life named pavan

  29. its given dat his character is positive,hope he’ll unite them

  30. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Tnx sonaji.
    why drag the lovrr story like others?
    Get moving wit Ris/ Tanu….love them n chemistry. .dnt waste talents….sick of aunt family..n dat.littel one strangle her wit her two chotiss lolll

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