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The next morning, Raaj comes to wish Tanuja in the room. Raaj demands for tea, and asks her to call him as Bauji. She touches his feet, Raaj says their daughter’s don’t touch their feet. Tanuja says she was making Kheer, Raaj demands his portion. Tanuja runs to get some for him. On the breakfast table, Tanuja hurriedly pours Kheer for Raaj while John was serving. Raaj asks if she made this, for sure. Tanuja was concerned if it’s not delicious. Raaj says he hasn’t ever eaten such tasty Kheer. Tanuja happily watches Raaj getting upset, he says he was wrong in saying he never ate such delicious Kheer. He has eaten it many times, Sharda used to make such Kheer who was Tannu’s mother. It seems Tanuja learnt making Kheer from her, and says right now he has nothing to gift her even. Tanuja asks which

gift. Raaj says she must get a gift, for her first cooking. He then asks Tanuja if everyone else liked it. Tanuja says everyone, Bee ji demanded to eat such Kheer daily. Ahana took double serving and Rano blessed her. Raaj was in disbelief, as Rano can never bless her. He goes to speak to them, Tanuja stops him as their wedding was not in normal conditions; he must give them sometime. Raaj asks what Rishi said. Tanuja says he was getting ready for office, she didn’t give him the Kheer. Raaj was happy about her truth, and sends her to serve Rishi now.
On the breakfast table, John serves Rishi with the Kheer. Rishi was reading newspaper, and compliments the Kheer. Tanuja was passing by and fills another bowl for him. Rishi says it seems Ahana make Kheer. Tanuja says she made it, it’s her first day in cooking. Rishi asks if everyone had this. Tanuja says everyone is angry and didn’t taste. Rishi takes another bite, then says there are less dry fruits and milk wasn’t good as well; that’s why they didn’t take it. He turns to see Raaj coming, then tells Tanuja he really likes Kheer since childhood. Tanuja watches Raaj had arrived there, Rishi offers him a seat. Raaj says he doesn’t want anything since he had Kheer made by Tanuja. Rishi whispers to Tanuja that he is doing this for Raaj only, she doesn’t need to do something. Rishi takes a leave from Raaj. Raaj reminds him about Tanuja, Rishi comes to hug her a good bye. Raaj goes to greet Bee ji.
Rano comes to Tanuja and says this kitchen has a place for the family’s daughter in law only and she isn’t the one. She is here only because of Raaj, the day he gets better she won’t let Tanuja stay here. Divia comes to inform Rano that Malaika is nowhere to be found. Rano considers Tanuja responsible for Malaika, and asks her to find Malaika if she is ashamed of herself. Rano calls Rishi saying Malaika has left home, though her luggage is here. Rano says she was really worried and wanted to leave home last night. Rishi promises to do something. Rishi wonders if she disliked whatever he said to her last night.
Tanuja asks the driver about Malaika, she asks him to call the driver about his whereabouts. The driver says she is at the hotel. In the hotel room, Malaika tells Shekhar about Rishi’s denial last night. Shekhar says Rishi must not have found attractive. Malaika calls Rishi a true gentleman, Shekhar clutch her tightly warning her to go away from him. Malaika assures she is only Shekhar’s queen, and is after Rishi only for a purpose.
Tanuja comes to the driver standing near hotel reception, and asks about Malaika. Vinod was reluctant, then says she is in room 303.

PRECAP: Tanuja enters the room and was shocked to see Shekhar and Malaika together. Malaika was also shocked.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. OMG I hope this Malaika character doesnt ruin Kasam like she ruined Meri Aashiqui tum se hi, cos she was bad luck for that drama with that guy that joined Kavach now playing the character Jolly.

  2. Today rano tell tanuja to feel ashamed of herself, the day when rano come to know the truth about malaika rano feel ashame of herself that she can’t face anybody. Today raaj n tanuja came to know the truth about malaika n tomorrow rano n rishi n then the whole family come to know truth of malaika then how can rano face them all .

  3. Ankit


  4. Nice precap but koi faidha nehi hea…no one believe tanuja…ur plz writer ab tanuja ki innocent irritating lagta hea..plz change it or rishi ko malaika ki sachcai pata chale..because there is no special scenes..plz..

  5. [email protected] . i be very happy that see you here. i missed u alot . guys i think that character malika is like character pavan.

    1. Hency

      Exactly vafa. . .first rishi search evidence to prove pavan wrong for tanu and now tanuja will be searching evidence to prove malaika wrong. ..
      History repeats…

  6. Ankit

    Yup!! Correct! Well.. Their reception and The cheddar ke andar wala scene is gonna be awesome!! I’m waiting for it huh!

  7. hi @hency dear. iam fine. i be happy that see yourcomment . how are you? i hope that you be alwayz fine and be happy and silmly and also hope that alwayz give yourcomments.

    @Ankit dear.i AND Catherine were missing you alot . but now i donot know that where is catherine? hope that she also give hercomment.

    guys sharad said that this reception is a big twist. i saw this reception and i think that a new boy with first looking fall in love tanuja.becuse i saw that how he look at tanuja.

    1. U R RIGHT VAFA i also saw in U tube where reception party is going & suddenly tanuja comes downstairs in black dress (she is looking absolutely stunning in black) all r stunned especially Rishi EXCITED 2 SEE THIS RECEPTION PARTY BUT I THINK ON nxt week any new entry vafa?

  8. Ankit

    Super biji is coming by thwle way!!

  9. I’m missing Shivani as with her presence the storyline was awesome but after her exit from this show it lost the storyline n when my bro got to know that shivani is replaced by kratiika with a stupid kind of surgery he was just laughing very badly….

  10. You are right vafa, I also Saw that in you tube. Excited for their reception. And kratika was looking gorgeous in that black dressdress.

  11. You are right vafa, I also Saw that in you tube. Excited for their reception. And kratika was looking gorgeous in that black dress and rishi was looking too good.

  12. You are right vafa, I also Saw that in you tube. Excited for their reception.

  13. Sorry for same comments, by mistake it was came.

  14. u r right nayanna and that new man see in recpetion and that was tall and also rishi saw that he was that very madly (love)in looking at tanuja episoed was very good .lv u tanshi.lv u krasha. now be soooooo bettter before. lv u kratika . lv u sharad. befor kasam was bad but now is very good . thanks ekta thanks cv thanks colors for bring kratika.

  15. snow whit e i reply you on page 9th november update. and will was last mycomment to u .and i donot want talk u.

    1. Seriously Vafa do you think that I’m dying to talk with u….U know that what is ur problem??? You want everyone to obey u n lyk the thing which u lyk it….Firstly I replied to ur comment bcz of ur irritating repetive comments….n it’s gud to be active on this page(Kalam family) but don’t get obsessed with this n Siddhi, Anika n Sia will not be always there with u so try to solve ur problem by ur self…..

  16. guys we will see dance krasha in this reception yes guys krasha in this reception will dance..i cannot waite. i am very happy.

  17. Same story as Pawan in last series.

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  19. @kasam when you give yourcomments to kasam family .i donot say something to you so i also should say you that you want place siddhi . not me.
    and you aleardy when i was onthis page you wasnot here. next you com here on page. and i will be last mycomment to you. and i will ignor you .and do work that sia say me. sia dear hope see yourcommments and also see siddhiscommment.

    @nayan new man is new nakul that replace old nakul.

  20. Love u tanuja

  21. @ go have a life arab indian woman wit name of vafa … I never tortured people to vote ….I never welcome any new member becos it was job of siddih not me something you are doing frequently ….I never gave prestory of kasam especially the wrong and lie one like it is months you like a parrot repeating you and saying …tanuja’s friend and pawan are coming and make rishi mad…….I always comment on a very real and clever members and their valuable comments …saying they were right and thanks …. lik alister who seems a very deep and with a good acadamic background … or dave ………… who ignorant like you and those fake names you created making fun of them …..and comment on your fake and cheat comment to open your feast…. I am the one always addressed siddih as the head of family …..not like you user when you are in trouble then calling sia and siddeh…..you have not a smallest evidence to profe your psycho claim of ……I like the place of siddih which is invaded by ignorant arab like
    you ….. I am 19 years old who lost his love of just 17 years old …when she was and is my life so I watched kasam from the very first episode becos it was like a pain killer with the topic of
    reborn, and during that short time of episode I become someone full of hope of having back my dream girl and love……I started very recently commenting and it start and continued to this very date just…..warning you……… stop cheating and respect the head of family who while ago you made a dramatic scandal of ….being insulted by siddih and said good bye for ever for the first time ….something was repeated over and over and in any cases you came back after a few hours or max a day and started to send your endless comments again………I don’t need anyone’s support becos I support the truth……you can say as much as your end less free time let you to say nonsense towards me ….but those real..clever and honest members in which their number can be as ….number of one hand’s fingers will judge and understand the truth

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      fever but calm down and vafa is good and you are too good but i am not head of this family i am a family memebr of this sweet family

  22. omg..reallyl no one cares about you arguments! Please don’t argue on these pages…WE DONT CARE! this only a tv show!

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    1. Dear, Kasam is a 19 year old boy in short male not female then why u r addressing him she instead of he????

  24. i like you siddhi dear and very respect you. becuse when that kasam insult me but i donot insult her .

  25. snow white dear. i donot tthat kasasm is male and not female.

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