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Rishi and Manpreet watch the video, Manpreet asks him to stop watching this video now. Their car stop by a block of traffic, Rishi looks ahead at a flower shop where Tannu had been buying flowers. He stops the car and comes out, Manpreet comes behind him as Rishi walks towards the flower shop. Tannu turns to Rishi, he kneels down with his arms wide open. Tannu laughs. Manpreet comes to call Rishi that Tanvi is waiting at home, Rishi says Tanvi is standing there in front. He looks again to find another girl there, apologizes to leave when the girl holds his hand from behind. He again turns to see Tannu smiling at him. He turns again, the girl asks if he loves her so much that he can only see her anywhere. She gifts him with a bouquet, and denies taking money. Rishi says sometimes these flowers can say what

words can’t. He insists on her to keep the money, for the sake of his love. They get to car, Manpreet boasts only he can understand Rishi’s love.
Pavan drives towards the airport. He calls Rishi, Rishi wonders why is Pavan calling him? Manpreet asks him to open the speaker. Rishi asks if he should gift these flowers before telling Tanvi his reality or afterwards. Pavan says may be the proofs he got are of no use. Manpreet calls Pavan a no-man. Pavan warns them if they take any step against him, it can cost them heavy. Rishi says he will tell everyone about his reality. Pavan hands up and says he would repent coming to Amritsar, this is the best place for what he wants to do.
Tannu was concerned about Rishi’s whereabouts. Rishi cheers watching her call, Manpreet turns on romantic songs. Rishi assures Tannu he is coming to her soon, he has a solid proof against Pavan. She must prepare some sweet dish for him. Pavan follows Rishi’s car and watches them take a turn, he smiles saying he know about each short cut of Amritsar, in the next 5 minutes their car will pass the bridge but he won’t let them pass, instead he will hit their car and Rishi won’t stay alive to tell anyone about anything.
Rishi assures Tannu that he is fine, she doesn’t need to worry. Tannu hears the temple bell ringing, she asks him to stop the car. Rishi says he can’t see a temple around, the cab driver tells them there is a temple nearby. Tannu insists on him to go there for a few minutes, just for her. Pavan viciously drives the car towards the bridge. Rishi agrees to go to the temple. Tannu wonders what is happening to her, why she sense something wrong is going to happen. Why it feels… then jerks her thoughts away. Rishi asks the cab driver to turn towards the temple.
Pavan finds Rishi and Manpreet walking down towards the temple. Rishi pushes Manpreet down the bridge and himself hit his head on a stone in front of the temple. Manpreet had been saved hanging from the bridge. The cab driver runs towards Pavan but he flee before anyone can see him. Manpreet jumps down the bridge. Pavan was curt neither he could take their lives, nor phone. This temple saved them at the last moment, he was determined to end the proof against them. Manpreet shouts for help and asks the cab driver to call ambulance. People gather around.
Tannu comes to Ahna and hugs her worried. Ahna was concerned. Tannu tells Ahna she feels really bad, she asked Rishi to go to temple as she could hear temple bells ring. She felt something wrong has happened, and confirms if Ahna is fine. Ahna says this is pre-wedding nervousness. Ahna assures Tannu that whoever is in her luck would come to her no matter what. Tannu wonders why she feels so strange.
Sandy wonders if Neha had gone to Bangalore why she didn’t tell him. He calls Neha but she ignores his call, she then decides to pick up the call and says she was thinking about him. Sandy asks why she wasn’t picking up his call. Neha says she went to Gurdwara to pray for their wedding. Sandy asks Neha if she ever went to Bangalore hostel with her sister. Neha asks why she would go there. Sandy tells her he met Rishi and Manpreet on Amritsar airport. Neha was skeptical, she hangs up saying Bani is calling. She was worried Rishi must have gone to break Pavan and Tannu’s wedding.
Manpreet takes Rishi to hospital and insists on doctor to begin the treatment. He fills in the form at reception when Pavan comes from behind. He carefully hides behind the mirror. The doctors were treating Rishi, the nurse brings Manpreet to a ward, asking him to calm down as he was concerned for Rishi. They provide Manpreet with first aid. A nurse watches Rishi coming to consciousness. The doctor says he gave him injection of dizziness so that he doesn’t feel any pain. The doctors tell Rishi not to try and speak, they have to diagnose if there is an internal injury or not. The doctors leave, while Rishi thinks he must get out of here as soon as possible, else Pavan would destroy Tannu’s life.
Pavan enters the changing room, covering his face with a mask. He smiles that his game is over, full and final.
Rishi wakes up murmuring he has not enough time. She goes calling the doctor, Pavan comes inside saying he was sent to check on Rishi and sends the nurse away. Cautiously, he checks around wondering where his phone has been, checks Rishi’s pockets and brings the phone out. Rishi’s vision gets clear and he recognize Pavan, demanding what he has been doing. He clutches Pavan’s collar.

PRECAP: Tannu prays for Rishi’s wellbeing. Rishi tells Manpreet he doesn’t want Pavan to stay around Tannu, they must go home to decide how to deal with him.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Manpreet acting was superb.

  2. I cant believe pavan’s story s still going on and is no where near to its end. I have to admitt ekta kapoor is queen of dragging d story..jus hope dis draggin wil end soon..

  3. Siddhi

    Poor Rishi just hate that pawan

  4. My favriout show kasam
    i love you rishi and tanve

  5. I wish tannu would say truth to raj and risi would say pawan’s truth to raj.and the main thing risi would marry each other.

  6. Why r they dragging da drama soo much my god tanu is living under one roof in one house n no one knows how’s there real father pls ok

  7. Rishi”s acting is awesome….

  8. The dragging is just unbelievable but i think if tanvi and rishi get married then tanvi will die as per the promo…… So they are just keep on dragging the story for trp!!!!

  9. Ya absolutely. I too think so…

  10. karthika(diehard fan of abhigya)

    congrats to sharad and kratika..they won award for best jodi in golden awards…guys u know what sharad dedicated his award to his fans which means for us…really happy for duo…keep going and bang in our performance win lots of awards lyk this…

  11. karthika(diehard fan of abhigya)

    nyc episode..bt can’t see the dragging..rishi and manpreet mindblowing..i missed ahana so much..eventually, our choco mousse ahana is back…bt ekta don’t drag this much..can’t bear it…..so plzz. unite tanshi..anyway u r going to kill her character in upcoming episodes..so plzz need some romance amid them be4 their seperation…

  12. Kasam, started out with great promise, then some where along the line the whole serial has been turned into a farce. Firstly, we got the scheming Bani, then we got Rano, not to mention the stupid Raj. Added to this we have the two clowns Rishi and his younger brother that are trying to collect evidence against Pawan, then we got stupid Tanvi (a.k.a as Tanu), who does not speak up and reveal her true identity and her feelings towards Rishi. Also, can you please tell me if all Indians suffer from tunnel vision, It would seem so, because no one seems to notice the eavesdropping of Bani and various members of the family’s conversation.

  13. Saima

    Can not wait till rish find out the true ??????

  14. i love this program and ilove rishi and tanu

  15. Guys I have a doubt..If Rishi does’t know about Neha…how his phone has the saved number as Neha..
    As I remember when rishi & manpreeth went to pavan’s home at 1st time to find some proof..rishi had missed calls from Neha..not as Thanu..
    These writters think that we are fools..
    They are own getting confuse durring try to dragging the story..even they cant remember what was happen…

  16. Hi Afren, I admired your your comments regarding Thapki and now I am really shocked as again your comments are the same as whatever I have felt and said in my very few comments about Kasam since beginning of last may.

    During last 7 or 8 months that I accidentally discovered Rishty Europe channel and started watching Indian soaps I found THE common contagious disease OF DRAGGING,CONTRADICTIONS AND MAKING THE HEROIN OF STORY , NAIVE, WITH NO CONFIDENT , DIGNITY , WITH A TICK BRAIN, AMONG INDIAN WRITERS.
    When Kasam begun , I was extremely happy and exited, it was a very tender, and beautiful love story and Rishi , Ahna,Tanu and Manpreet come a cross as a very sweet and adorable actors ans actresses , but my happiness was replaced with frustration and being annoyed very soon, as the common illness of writer got worse , and dra…………………………………………gging , taking the audiences as fool ….. was covering every other positive part of soap.Now I just am reading the updates of Kasam and Thapki , waiting for a miracle , and find some reasonable episodes via the updates and watch them.

  17. Killing Tanvi is not a good idea coz if this will happen many people are not going to watch upcoming episodes of kasam serial!!!!

  18. Taani

    manpreet is too good…i think it time for thee hro till now the villan is getting the whole lame light….atleast now it should end and rishi should get tannu(tanvi).

    1. i think they will die and reincarnate to fulfill their kasam
      as usual, every show must have a memory loss, a hate then love story, saas-bahu fights
      making the stars seem stupid and naive and the villains always winning etc, etc…

  19. Ive never read something like this before. So nice to locate somebody with some original thoughts on this topic, really thank you for beginning this up. this web page is one thing that’s needed on the web, somebody with a little originality. helpful job for bringing one thing new towards the world-wide-web!


  20. Love u rushi and tannu a loootttt

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