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Scene 1
Samar gets organizer’s call, he says what? he ends call and says organizer told me whole city is on high alert, there is terrorist attack in Mumbai thats why he cancelled your lunch table, Abhi is tensed.

Terrorists come to Natasha and Tanya’s class, teacher tries to stop them but they have guns and threaten everyone, kids cry. Terrorist fire in air and ask them to shut up, Natasha asks what is terrorist? One terrorist says that we can kill anyone, he asks teacher to bring them in lobby. Natasha says to Tanya that if my mama knows that they scolded me then she wont spare them.

Tanuja is working in kitchen. Tanuja says why I feel restless, why do I feel that something very wrong is going to happen? she is cutting veggies and cuts her finger mistakenly, she turns to leave

but gets news alert on phone, she is shocked to read about terrorist attack in city, she says Natasha and runs..

Terrorists bring all kids of school in lounge. Teacher calms students. Terrorist looks at Natasha, Tanya sees it and stands infront of terrorist, terrorist says lets play game, he sings my name is lakhan.. he fires in air, all scream in fear. Principal says these are kids, terrorist says we have come here for kids only, they are stars of parents eye right? we have come to break stars. Natasha gets some idea, she brings out chalk from pocket and draws on floor, terrorist asks what are you doing? she says you asked me to play so I am playing, he says okay play, Tanya says have you gone mad Natasha? Natasha looks on. Principal asks terrorist what he wants? Terrorist says you cant give that.

Rishi asks his manager if Abhi know this? Manager says yes Abhi knows that you both have raised share value after rumor of your collaboration started, but he doesnt want to do collaboration for real, Rishi says I dont want either. Rishi gets call from private number, Rishi says I am busy, Terrorist says Lakhan wants to talk, if you cut call then I will cut someone else, Rishi asks who is it? Lakhan says I am terrorist, remember 8 years back in hotel royal, my father pointed gun at you but you wanted to be hero. Rishi recall Tanu taking gun shot for him 8 years back. Rishi says yes I remember, what you want? Terrorist says I was in jail for 8 years, I kept chanting that as soon as I get out, I will take revenge of my father’s death, I will bring such terror that kids will be scarred for life, I will finish kids and it will start with your daughter, Rishi says you have animosity with me so dont do anything to kids, I am coming, terrorist says run, first your daughter will die then you will die then this school will become graveyard, Rishi says I am coming, he ends call and runs.

Police and media arrives outside school. Tanu comes there too but policeman stops her. Driver says there is danger in school. Tanu says I will go from backside, she leaves car.
Lakhan calls commissioner and says send that hero inside otherwise I will blast everyone, he ends call. Terrorist Lakhan says to his team members that now commissioner will send him inside, if I was not in jail then I would have killed him but today is the day to kill him. Principal sees terrorists not looking in their direction, she silently makes some kids leave with one teacher. Teacher makes kids jump out of window, she leaves after them. Tanu comes to backside of school, she looks around inside through window. She opens it and goes inside. Tanu comes in lobby and looks around, she sees teacher bringing more kids, Tanu says that window is open, go from there. She asks one kid if she saw Natasha? she runs away. Tanya comes there crying. Tanu says I will take you out. Terrorist comes there and says you want to save a kid? I will kill you and this girl too, he points gun at her but she hits him with vase and runs away with Tanya.
Lakhan says to kids who made other kids runaway? Natasha says my papa will come and blast you all, terrorist sys before that I will break you, he is about to hit her with gun but Rishi comes there and holds his gun, he pushes him away and holds Natasha in arms. Terrorist says you are finally here, he asks for Natasha, Rishi says dont hurt her.
Tanu and Tanya hides in empty classroom, Tanya says dont leave, Tanu says I wont leave, I will take you out of here, I am here with you, terrorists wont do anything, you keep hiding here, I will search for my daughter Natasha. Tanya says I know Natasha. One terrorist is outside classroom and trying to break door, Tanu and Tanya are scared in classroom, Tanu hugs her Tanya.
Terrorist asks Rishi to give Natasha otherwise they would beat him, Natasha throws chalk powder at him, rishi takes advantage of that and beats terrorist, he asks principal to take all kids away, she runs away with all kids, Natasha is beating one terrorist, Rishi asks her to leave, she leaves, Rishi beats Lakhan.
Principal is leaving with kids. One terrorist stop them with gun and opens classroom door in which Tanya and Tanu are hiding. He comes inside but Tanu hits hit foot with compass. Peon, principal and kids gather around him and starts beating him. Tanu looks around and says Natasha is not with them, where is she?
Rishi comes in lobby, Lakhan comes behind him and kicks him, Rishi grunts in pain. Tanu is on otherside but feels Rishi’s presence. Lakhan beats Rishi. Tanu asks principal to take care of Tanya, she goes to search Natasha. Otherside Lakhan is beating Rishi but Rishi overpowers and beats him. Tanu comes in other lobby and finds Natasha there, Natasha runs to her and hugs her. Tanya comes there and sees terrorist coming there, she throws pebbles in his way, he slips. Tanu runs with Tanya and Natasha. Tanua hugs them and says police has come dont worry. They turn to leave but terrorist comes there and points gun at them, police comes there and fires at him, terrorist runs away. Teacher says what if police didnt come in time? Tanu says God always come to save us, Natasha says what about Mr. Handsome? he is fighting bad people in lounge, Tanu says Rishi is here? she asks teacher to take care of kids, she leaves.
Lakhan is beating Rishi. Tanu tries to go to lounge but policeman stops her and says you cant go inside. Tanu is worried and says my.. he is stuck inside. Tanu goes through another way.
Inspector in in lounge, Lakhan points gun at rishi and says to inspector that if you come forward then i will shoot Rishi. Rishi says let him shoot. Tanu comes there and sees him pointing gun at Rishi, she throws ball at terrorist’s gun, his gun falls away, inspector shoots at terrorist but he falls down and bullet passesby touching Tanu’s shoulder and inuring her, she grunts in pain. Rishi doesnt see Tanu there. Nurse makes Rishi stand up. rishi turns to leave but feels her presence. He says Tanuja? Tanu is leaving but nurses take her with them. Rishi comes in lobby and doesnt see Tanu there, he thinks that I know Tanu you are here but why dont you come infront of me? doctor comes to him and says come for first aid. Inspector is taking Lakhan from there, Lakhan stares at Rishi, inspector takes him away. Rishi sits on bench while doctor starts tending to his wounds. Rishi asks policeman if kids are safe? he says yes all kids are safe and we have sent them to houses, thank God nothing happened to any kid, Rishi says I am sorry, someone threw something at Lakhan and saved my life, policeman says it can be anything, he leaves. Rishi looks on and thinks I dont know how and why but she came there when I was in trouble.

PRECAP- Tanu says to Abhi that when I got to know about terrorist attack, I got scared for Natasha and ran to school, I thought I would handle everything on my own, Abhi corners her and says who am I am to you? what place and importance I have in your life? Tanu is stunned and says what?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. this is the 3rd time when tanu saved rishi’s life

  2. Episode is superb
    n yuhooo so happy for the precap abhi has feelings for tanu☺☺

  3. Just love it but want Rishi to see Tanu had save him from terrorist and loved the scene when tanu was asking police men about Rishi
    I hope the trp will increase of kasam
    Becoz the story had came back to its track
    Just luv u tanshi
    Luv u kasam nd keep going
    Luuuuvvvv uuuuu Ssshharrad

  4. not much nice today …this is my favorite serial ….. but it has only one problem always tanu comes in between gun and rishi .like in college attack ..and then in hotel… what’s the hell happening now ..
    I hope soon their misunderstanding get cleared and have a peaceful life.
    now it is enough of separation .. when will they get united till rishi gets 60 years… ????

  5. Nice episode like before

  6. 1 when they were children, 2 when colege was atacked, 3 when pawan attacked rish by goons, 4 when house was on fire at rishi mangni, 5 when sandy attacked rishi, 6 when tanuja ghost saved him, 7 when tanuja hit rishi car and rishi got late and building got blasted before he entered, 8 when house was on fire at ganpati day , 9 is when hotel royal attack , 10 is now!

  7. hai today episode is super preap is very good

  8. once again weeds comes here with their nonsense …boring …copy of eachother …writing
    what a nonsense .. desperate .not slightest relevant to the story line …part of goons was ..
    and ding …dong…..for tens of the time …brainless..ekta …put those useless tanhi in one place ….exaggerating the stamina and power of a 50+ man ….and boring part of:
    that stupid tanuja become champion and rescue his life ……but
    no face to face …with shine of love meeting..
    this show is showing and messaging the viewers…
    how you can be hateful….braking all the laws,,,rules……morality and decency without any consequences…lies……aggravation….. and crossing all boundaries of decent societies
    when darkness of wrong doing ..makes people ..unable to …see..and step in right path…then ..
    others must take light and take over of some of that fatal darkness……hope a part of weeds some one ….anybody ……who is not fake kasam ……come and give us a meaningful comments..
    .I am so jealous of thapki page ….because they didn’t have an abnormal fake kasam with tens of names …therefor when the show become garbage as kasam is ………all viewers with different aspect of expectation come together …against the nasty cvs ,,,,who trashed their beloved thapki…bihaan’s love like nastiest ekta has done it in here….really really good fo them…..

  9. Mehreen Shaikh

    How come it be possible that after a leap of twenty years that lakhan has come out of jail now(after eight years) so confusing serial this is

    1. Because the writers smoke a white of ganja while writing this script

  10. hello sanam, due to an emergency operation on my dad, I had take part of abroad meeting on behalf of my father, so I was away for a few days ,i had a quick looked at the past few day days comments,wow,wow,wow
    listen my friend …. a rare, beautiful,expensive flower ,with mind blowing aroma ,needs very intensive , accurate, with no mistake ,caring aroud the clock ,to survive. but,
    the most strong poison can get rid of weeds at most for 2 or three mouths , so,
    my point is , how come we can expected to get rid of all this weeds which is fake kasam ? once and for all?
    look at those comments,writing and even their sign , for example,
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    it has been proved to all past and now a few real members, fake kasam has abnormality and there is no cure to that , hence , until this page is here , those stubborn ,annoying weeds , created by fake kasam , will come back,
    i am very busy with this unexpected misfortune of my dad’s illness , but i wish you a great day,

  11. @mehreen
    This goon has come back after 8 years and after 7 years of leap.

    This terrorist father died in TANUJA-RISHI part ( not Tanu -rishi attack )

    And I feel this is the way they are connected. – Rishi’s life would be always saved by Tanuja but she will have the brunt of it.

    Every time whenever she saved him she got little burnt. And that was the original line said again and again in the show that she is his shield and that is how she lost her life 28 years back as aS TANU

    Ask me story line make perfect sense

  12. @tania @sanam
    Ladies – I hate to break fact and common sense to you – by increasing number of comment here on this page –
    1 you don’t get famous
    2 you don’t increase TRP

    hope you got it … but I won’t be shocked you don’t

    Hi Priyal , it was good to see your comment about me…. I use to comment but there is limit to negativity , few people like Tania sanam has some personal problem with the show – sometime I wounder what it could be – they probably like other competitor show – and to boost them and get away people from kasam ” this is the place they try hard …

    Like I said they don’t know commenting here really don’t effect anything … but I know it , many of you know it but sanam Tania don’t, so they are trying here very hard to repulse people from
    Watching it.

    I seriously don’t find their comment even readable,
    Though I don’t hate people who don’t love kasam.
    One of them is Dave. He is really good person who knows how to interact of public platform.

  13. And once and for all I want to clarify why I didn’t react to someone referring me gay …. BECAUSE IT REALLY DOENST MATTER TO ME. …

    What matters to me I react.
    So enjoy your day

  14. great episode i like it .

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