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Bani explains the whole drama story to Nidhi and Vidhi that she got a cancer and her parents are in coma because of an accident. Vidhi appreciates Bani’s sense of planning. Tanuja enters the house, looking around while Guljeet set their bags. She watches Bani coughing, she tell the girls she is really ill so they must go to the relatives. Tanuja wish to stay with Bani. Bani says she will write a letter for her friend Rano, she is a bit angry but watching her last wish her heart will melt for sure. She sends Guljeet to get a pen and paper for her.
Rishi comes to Bani’s street, it was raining. He recalls teasing Tannu in the same streets.
Bani hands the letter to Tanuja, Nidhi was ready to take the letter but Bani warns her in eyes that Rano is really angry, she may possibly hit them too. She

hands the bags to girls advising them to step forward in their new life.
Rishi reaches the entrance of Bani’s house, his time with Tannu flash in his mind. Tanuja and girls were exiting the house while Rishi stood outside. There is a sudden thunderstorm, Rishi turns away facing the road. Tanuja walks outside, Rishi had left. Tannu was left staring Rishi, Vidhi and Nidhi urges Tannu to walk ahead. Suddenly there is heavy rain, the girls come to hiding under a stall. Nidhi sends Tanuja to get an auto. Tanuja couldn’t control the umbrella in heavy storm and runs to a shade where Rishi was also standing. A couple was flirting there, Rishi recalls Tannu’s love confessions in the same wordings. He recalls the rain they danced in, he had seen her smiling for the first time. Tanuja was enjoying the rain, thinking she loves getting wet during rain. Rishi recalls Tannu loved getting wet. Tanuja wish to dance in the rain, but was afraid of ruining her clothes and Bani would badly scold her if she return to change. The couple in the station leaves in spite of rain. Rishi calls them stupid, and slips in the mud. Tanuja holds his hand, asking if he was hurt. Rishi could see her face that was covered in umbrella. She stops an auto and runs inside it, handing the umbrella to Rishi. Rishi follows her, cursing that he didn’t need it. A man holds the umbrella on road and leaves it forcefully into Rishi’s car. Rishi drives away.
Tannu comes to get the girls, she explains to the girls she handed the umbrella to a man who was getting wet, and she had already got an auto so she didn’t need it anymore. They get into the auto. Rishi stops his car at the place where he filmed Tannu for last time, and walks out of the car with the help of Tanuja’s umbrella. With a sudden blow of wind, the umbrella flies off. Rishi gets wet in rain, recalling how Tannu enjoyed the rain. He says he can feel this rain today, it seems they are dancing together. He had promised to dance with her after marriage, today he is dancing with her. He poses to dance, throwing the umbrella off his hand. He kneels on the floor, saying he is enraged over himself as he couldn’t keep her memories compiled well. Still he has her memories, but she isn’t here. She promised but she didn’t return even after 20 years, she promised to return to him. He calls Tannu to return.
There, Tanuja and girls arrive at Rishi’s house. Tannu recognizes this place as well.

PRECAP: Raaj shouts at the girls how dare they came in front of him, they forgot to laugh only because of that Bani. He feels breathing problem while shouting.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Wow good epi.but shocked to see that rishi don’t feel anything about tanu inspire of rocking tanuja!

  2. We want kartika back. .

    I am big fan of kartika. .please rishi our tanu ko molavadu. Please

    1. Malini Sharma

      me 2 fan of kratika

  3. I cant believe that Bani actually thought that Raj and Rano will melt and help her family after what she did to them.

  4. Rishi smiled after so many ep.BTW sometimes Rishi says he hates Tanu and sometimes he says he loves Tanu, I’m confused.


      He hates her becoz she left him …and otherwise he love her

  5. Please make rishi to identify his tanu fast….

  6. Plz bring Kratika again after some episode.. Ly she suits the character well 🙂

  7. Its beautiful, cant wait to see how tanuja will recollect her past birth + how our hero will recognize his tanu is back…..

  8. Sabrina

    Surprise that he didn’t felt anything when he and Tanuja touch hmmm.
    Tanu should have appeared and say I am here find me lol

  9. Yes sabrina…why rishi didn’t felt anything as he had before???

  10. I wnt krathika back no need of Shivani..rishi and tann(kratika) is good …iam hate to see this serials nowadays because of new tannu

  11. I m big big big fan of kasam but Plz bring kratika back plzz we love her and also jodi off both plzz when she was there I watched kasam episode 2 times so plz bring her back

  12. Easy friends, because deep down , even the psycho writer , does not believe in: the new Tanu , as a suitable and acceptable replacement for OUR GRACEFUL, BRILLIANT IN ACT, AND EASY TO BELIEVE, THE REAL TANU.

    Please don’t get me wrong , as I like the new Tanu very much , as an actress and a human, BUT SADLY ,FILING THE PLACE OF SUCH A PERFECT AND DREAM TANU, OUR REAL TANU , IS AN IMPOSSIBLE TASK FOR HER.


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